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Will never get tired of looking at this girl, Hairy or shaved.


The model is so beautiful - the setting is not. please get her out of that sticky room

To each his own as the saying goes. Some food for thought though. Whether hair or stubble or smooth and"silky" is a turn on are all just opinions not objective scientific fact. First off consider if whether or not what you think is sexy, is it because you innermost sexual you really drives you to desire it? Are you wired that way? Or is it because you've been conditioned by peers and society around you to act and think that way. For me there's no peer pressure about my armpit fetish. I always kept it to myself up to now and the only reason I'm opening up here is in the hopes that the site responds with how the models are presented which of course is my right as a customer.
Secondly, whatever you think is sexy is all just a play on the mind by nature to get you to produce a child. That's what it all comes down to biologically.

I'm not really sure why, but in #35, Kristel just draws me right into the photo. Great photo set; love it, love the close shave and love Kristel.

I don't enjoy being judgmental but....

Girl, you're on Met-Art so bring your "A" game and polish your NAILS!

Actually, her nails are polished to a shine and they're well kept. Some of my favorite models, like Davina, have nails that are frequently ragged in closeup. No such problem here. They don't have to be painted to be beautiful.

I stand corrected.

Kristel tops my list, but this set falls a bit short of displaying her beauty in full measure. And I believe that body hair is as obsolete as some of the ideas we cling to about beauty...

A woman's body is a work of art but even fine art can be improved by removing distractions. Body hair is a distraction and, for me, creates an impression of lack of hygiene, not to mention blocking my view of her most fascinating part. Even in Greek and Roman art body hair was never shown. And this applies to stubble too.

Well thanks...it's not often that someone agrees with me, and 'sharpens my point'... But I noticed we agree on a lot of things.

well, I like it when a woman has no hair below her neck. Not a single one. Just smooth and soft. Like silk.

This girl? Cute. Not more not less. Cute.

Kristel is gorgeous and delicious, and this is a great photo set!!! Photo quality is superb!!!

My personal preference is that a woman have a few days growth. At least though shes not completely smooth to where she's a manaquien. Stubble to me as I've written before is also sexy. I also think girls with light armpit hair are a turn on. Girls that are too hairy start to make me think of a guy's armpits.

This I have trouble understanding but everyone to their own thing. A week or two's growth OK but that period between clean shave and new growth is very unpleasant both visually and for close contact sports.

Kristel is another model who looks much better with natural underarm and pubic hair. I am dismayed at all the hair removal going on. Great beauties should be natural and she is a great beauty. Otherwise the set is very nice.

I agree wholeheartedly! I also think she looked better before she started tanning herself so much. Still, a very pretty lady!

such a cutie

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