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you may be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen

Rylsky is simply one of the finest photographers.
I consistently love his choice of setting, background
and lighting in each gallery!
I'm also glad that hel makes time to shoot for MA!

Thank you, Rylsky for the dedication and expertise
you devote to your craft!!

This Kristel set is good, not quite as good as earlier ones but still nice. I lfind that I like some models untrimmed and some trimmed and some shaved. Kristel is great untrimmed, Semmi is better shaved, Lachia is good trimmed tight, Gemma has the best bush on MetArt. Would love to see Mia let it go natural. The great thing about this site is that virtually all the models are great to look at , and there is some variety for all tastes. Stop the hating, enjoy the beauty of this premium site.

Kristel, love the bush. More bush please. Ktistel you're yummy.

Kristel, love the bush. More bush please. Ktistel you're yummy.

i just look a few picture and my heart when crazy, i had to stop watch. I will fall in love if i take more. your are beautiful, and the way you look spoke directly to my heart. i wish , i could have the opportunity to have a coffee with you. But hey, this is internet. so after see you i decide to quit this site , till i found my Eve. take care (-;


I define a "perv" as somebody who would force their sexual tastes on another (or entertain fantasies of doing so)without regard to the other's feelings, age, or sexual development. If 2 consenting adults are attracted to each other and one of them has a particular fetish and wants to explore it, so long as the other adult agrees, its not perverted and so long as there's no physical or psychological harm.
As I've said before though, it's all a play on the mind by Mother Nature to get us to breed as a species. As for mmyself and my armpit stubble thing, (hypothethetically speaking)if I were to enact all my fantasies with a different girl every night including the ones about armpit stubble, I might get bored of it and then no longer have that fetish. Once again it's all a play on the mind by Nature on us males to get us to spread our seed.



For as few natural women that are on Met, it's really irritating that people complain when there is one! Women have pubic hair, little girls don't have pubic hair. You don't see those that like women posting too shaved, or pedophiles dream date, so why is there always that asshole that has to say a girl is too hairy just because she wants to look like a woman, not a little girl?

Probably because it is the same reason "some asshole" has to say that they are tired of someone saying "a girl is too hairy"

Kind of like the caplocks guy/gal, if they know it irritates the hell out of some "asshole" then why would they stop doing it?

Everyone jerks off to what they like to jerk off to so let's just let the world spin around and enjoy the ride while we are spinning along!



The main reason is because some asshole (to borrow their words) feels the need to thank the Gods that some girl is hairy -- in the hopes that Met will agree with him.

Since message boards are inherently "democratic", the loyal opposition feels it necessary to present the other side of the argument.

Just ask your MP.

And check the original post;
"Some hair is acceptable --" You want a freakin' jungle?

And yes -- iluvsex -- you, my friend, are quite logical and quite correct. We all fap to our own peculiar interest. So let us, indeed, enjoy the ride

Well, from one asshole to another, I think we should appreciate them as they choose to be, and not complain when they are not as we would choose--especially since most would never and have never seen women this gorgeous naked in real life and not getting paid to do so. ;-)

why not be shaved?

Click on her name, see her unshaven, shaved,then choose, enjoy.

Did you see the period blood on her thighs?

How does one determine if it is "period blood"?

Exactly what I want to look at. I get very tired of boring, shaved muffs. On the other hand, I don't want to see one that looks like she has a bear between her legs.
Although as we used to say in the Navy "no muff to tuff. We dive for five"

Thank you for the vote of moderation.

Spend a lot of time on "boomers"?

NOPE, NAVY EOD. Vietnam 68-69. I'm the only person who ever got an official set of orders to go MUFF DIVING.

Yo, guy --

Ex-Army -- Armor -- Nam -- 71 !!

Live long and prosper --

Thank you Rylsky. You're one of the very few Met-Art photographers who knows proper technique. And you're one of the very few honest ones too. You rarely retouch your shots and you let your lenses show the best features of a model's body. I love every single hair on this model's body.

Insofar as the "caveman" look is concerned the modern convention of women shaving every "extraneous" hair on their bodies started sometime between 1895 and 1915. If women bought into the belief that only a bald woman is a true, real woman than many grooming industries stood to profit. Next time you admire an unnaturally and completely bald woman ask yourself if she's even a mammal.

Rylsky, and proper technique in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Every photo is blurry and overexposed, as is probably every one he has ever posted here. Just because he photographs lots of beautiful women, does NOT make him a good photographer, because he shows NO skills. I bet he has not ever had his camera OFF AUTO. If you enlarge them, on a good monitor, every one is blurry, bleached out by overexposure, and often touched up. But you have to have a good high resolution monitor. If you want hiqh quality go to Hegre Art. It costs more, has fewer models, sets, movies, etc.. But it is high quality photographs.

bet? how much you ready to pay for a bet? And you can ask for any file to see exif and try to find any photo in auto mode.
Also please tell me what photo was overexposed, we can check any area of any photo, measure it with calibrated monitor + any pro-software.
Ready? or you wrote all this just to promote Peter Hegre's site? very good idea, I am sad he needs my sets + your comment to promote his "high quality photographs".

Are you really envy that so many models worked with me?

"Touche" !

The long, gorgeous dark hair down her white, feminine back and the light, fluffy tuft between her legs is so friggin' erotic.

Special girl.

There's plenty of that in the previous set.


Thank you Rylsky. Thank you metart, and Thank you especially Kristel for being your natural beautiful self.

Cavemen rejoice!!! This look is so "1800's"... One of my favorite girls too...such a shame. I'm sure she'll come to her senses....;o)

Ahh, hmmm....There's a lotta hair-splittin' go'n on about Kristel's pelt! LMAO! :)

I have just 2 suggestions, that I'd like to offer Kristel; Smile more, honey! And a little clippin' and shaping into the "Venus triángulo" and some light trim around those "dulce, poco coño labios"! Kinda looks like the Bermuda Tiangle - something could get lost down there, ;)...I Can help you with both of these suggestions! Es el no trabajo duro, usted conoce y que puede ser divertido a mostrar tu coño y justo sonreír un poco. Sólo pensar en todos los chicos calientes sorprendido frente a usted con sus pollas en la mano deseando que podrían llevarte a cenar y al cine! See, I bet that I've got you smilin' already! So, #1; Down! #2; I'm ready and waiting! ;-)

My humbel opinion:

Kristel's best work with Rylsky occurred in her first two or three sets. She had a "classy" look -- hair, dress, heels -- a definite elegance with a hint of sophistication. But that sort of set seems to have disappeared from the repertoire. I am a child of the 60's -- "flower power", "free love",etc -- and the long, straight hair brings back fond memories. But I think just a bit of "classing-up" could go a long, long way with this beautiful woman.

As for hair -- some is acceptable, but an unruly "beard" simply distracts from what is truly Nature's work of art. Like a finger print, no two women are the same -- and that is part of the enjoyment.

For what it's worth --

Hey Dreadnought, being as how we both remember most of the love power era, would a pony tail pussy hair be out of question?

It would be hard to get a headband on down there, but lord knows someone has probably done it!


Who would have believed we would have lived past our 30s?

Tell you the truth, iluvsex -- I never thought I'd see my 21st birthday. I spent it in a big noisy tank in a rice paddy. The biggest target on the whole damned battlefield! :-}

I've still got the black-light poster: "Join the Army and see beautiful Southeast Asia" !!!

Prior to that I used to spend my weekends partying at the beach houses in Santa Monica or up in Laurel Canyon. Some of those gigs lasted 3 or 4 days. And I'll guarantee you -- somebody managed to get that headband on!!!

Yeah -- we used to say "Never trust anyone over 30" !!! I was supposed to live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse. (lol)

Now look at us ! :-/

Here we sit -- arguing over hairy women. Jeeez -- they were ALL hairy in those days!

PEACE -- dude.

So young, so beautiful, so lilting, so sexy, so desirable...SO HAIRY! Her mane from her ass to tea kettle is sooooo distracting. She is lovely but so hairy (gag)! I would love to enjoy her body, all of it, and be able to lick every square inch of her delicious, shaved nude body! Gillette is the word of the day for this beautiful model. Thank you Kristel!

I agree totally!

Kristel is an exceptional beauty with captivating eyes, perfect breasts, nice figure and a great attitude. I am very happy to see her unshaven again! Leave it on!


Nice to see a set that doesn't make me think I am looking at a bald 12 year old. Sexy girl. Greats shots, focus and composition. Good job!

You sound confused, my man. Sex-Ed classes might help.

If you enjoy jerking off looking at a "hair ball" why not do it on a site of cat pictures or other hair ball like animals? Would save a lot of money subscribing to a porn site? Just a suggestion...


I worry when someone makes a declaritive statement that: "all hairy pussy lovers are some how warped because they don't think like I do shit"


Agreed. The pedofile look of most women makes me want to drop met but they have just enough real women to string me along. :) Anything is better than nothing.

Though I agree with the pubic hair is better opinion.To call a completely shaved/waxed model a "pedophile look" is crossing the line and untrue in so many respects.

Some women willingly have the waxing/shaving done themselves of their own will so it is their choice if they want pubic hair or not and how much of it.It has nothing to do with pedophilia and more to do with individual preferences.Some people dislike having body hair on certain parts of their body.

Unless one is actually looking at an under age person nothing is wrong.

Well said, I worry when someone makes a declaritive statement that: "all shaved pussy lovers are some how warped because they don't think like I do shit"

The first red flag is that the person making a statement like that is most likely the "perv" and as we all learned in kindergarden, It takes one to know one, so enjoy what you like but don't try and blast someone else for stating their perferences.

Now where is the stubble fella/gal or the armpit fella/gal?? :)

It's always nice to see some "let it grow" sets once in awhile.Kristel looks very sexy.

Finally nice to see a hairy pussy. I know that most guys like the shaved look, but for me a little or in this case a lot of hair is great to see.

I am not a hairy pussy lover, and in this case, I would love to see Kristel shaved, but then she would loose her appeal to the hairy crowd. So she will remain hairy and have a niche audience. That is fine with me. There are so many shaved, smooth sexy pussy to look at that in Kristel's case she is forgiven! :)

Ok let the negative marks fly! :) I can take it... I am just a bald pussy sucking guy!

Exactly my point! the idea of going down on that is not exciting to me! I am here to SEE pussy not hair.

I never thought I would say this but there are just too many hairy closeups. I am not a lover of the shaggy look. To me having so many photos of that hairy thing just ruins what could have been spectacular photos. I know there are those that regard this as hot and I'm sure they will love this set but for me the hair just gets in the way of what I want to see.

What a treat to some non shaven stuff.

All the hirsute lovers will enjoy this set.

What a beautiful woman. The top seems a bit bright at first but the way she moves it doesn't really matter. And I always welcome the natural unshaved approach, just love Kristel.

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