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very beautiful

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Thank you Sironi for not photoshopping Kristel. Your sharp technique and real appreciation for the female body is evident in every shot of Kristel, especially 121 to 125.

Kristel, every pore of your body oozes sexiness.

Sad to see Kristel has shaved - it is so ordinary. I like her much better with naturally hairy arm pits and pubic area.

There are some that don't feel this at all. There is nothing ordinary about Kristal hair or not.

I will admit though if you like hair in your teeth there are few nicer than Kristal's

Kristel is so much sexier unshaved.

beautiful model. gorgeous bodu

Delicious brunette tastiness.

That long, natural hair is GORGEOUS.

Sexy babe.

Those beautiful legs just go on and on, and they lead to such lovely places. Welcome back, Kristel.

those eyes!

but the feet situation could be improved.

Her feet are perfect!

I don't know why so many photographers think it's so cool to make photos vertical instead of horizontal. Horizontal is much better and easier to have on the screen - the view is so much better. Please make horizontal photos not vertical.

We can belabor this all we want but it will change nothing. The shots are presented the way the artist feels they should be and that's that. Landscape is nice for those shots that are in a horizontal format but when the model is upright landscape wastes to much bandwidth and requires the model to be to far from the camera to get good detail. Wasting all those megapixels on background at the expense of detail makes no sense.

Quite often you can crop the verticals to make them horizontal, while in effect 'zooming in' on whatever part of the photo that's important to you. Of course this all depends on your photo editing/viewing software. I'm constantly cropping photos and getting great results. But if you're simply viewing the sets 'on-site' without downloading, that isn't much help...

You want horizontal poses, not vertical? If so, you might want to request it that way.

But if you want vertical poses in landscape-oriented images, well, that just doesn't make any sense. Unless you're a fan of images where two-thirds is of the background. I'll take images where the orientation matches that of the model, thank you.

depends on the setting. Sometimes 2/3 of background makes a pic extra awesome.

Just not the same without the delicious bush. Please let it grow.

Love her armpits here

Wow! Kristel is gorgeous!!! Great set!!!

Kristel is one of my "Top 5 Favorites". Just an absolutely exquisite female! The set is....'artistically acceptable' ;o)

Kristel is a beautiful woman! Both Sironi and Rylsky capture elements of her beauty.

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