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Nice Set...

She does it for me every time.

oh my god! what Beauty!

Oh Kristel, my beautiful One, please shave.

Oh Kristel, my beautiful One, please shave.

Hairy pussy and asshole on tight young brunette girl=instant boner!

Kristel is lovely but I am not a pubic hair fan. Hair in the teeth is a pain.
Sorry guys I like to see what I am getting into. :) I can see hairy anytime smooth and clean is rare outside of these sites.

It occurs to me that this room is the same in which Rylsky photographed Gillian A in 'Korifeo.' Apparently this room lends itself well to young, beautiful, hirsute women. I must find this property, purchase it, and move there IMMEDIATELY!

You are welcome, but keep in mind that room's price contains: furniture, all other interior, but girls are not included.

I would gladly loan it to you, if I could transform myself into a 'fly-on-the-wall'. :)

please don't! this transformation could make model or me kill you with a newspaper immediately.

thank you for a good mood.

Mia was photographed there as well.

+ Janelle and many more

At long last. A natural women with hair. I get so sick of those gynecology models. Especially the ones who look like they have a sore vagina from shaving it. If you aren't getting hair in your teeth, then it's not worth doing.

Kristel is a beauty, hairy or shaved or whatever in between. I enjoy her with either hairstyle and love that I can see her here both ways.

What counts is that Rylsky shot her, that makes more of a difference to me than her damn pubic hair! Thank you Kristel and Rylsky.

Thank you kilroy! for saying what no one else would..."damn pubic hair"...;o)

It doesn't get any better than this.

I still say sets #3-4-5 were her BEST!

Yet another set ruined by never removing stocking.

Very nice set, Kristal is gorgeous. I hope nobody complains about her not being shaved, I like shaved but when I see a woman as compelling as Kristal, I realize it doesn't really matter. She is unique as we all are. Kudos to Kristal and Rylsky!


Very beautiful hairy pussy.Rylsky please more of natural Kristel.

Since this lousy comments log doesn't work, I will try to post again,specially since I made a horrible mistake in the first post. Flavia is not just a beautiful woman who is ranked too low at 9.0 she is an incredibly beautiful woman who is ranked too low.. Also she grooms the way I recommend,waxing the undercarriage and just trimming the rest.(undercarriage is American modelspeak for opening of anus and vagina)

Wrong set dawg!!! This is Kristel, not Flavia...;o)

And there's no "waxing" of ANYTHING in this one!


One of the apparent problems here is that apparently it is not possible to cancel or retract any posting. If there is I do not know how.

There apparently sure isn't....apparently everything that's posted here is apparently here forever!! lol ;o) So be careful what you say...

It's early....he's confused...;o)

What a beauty! Rylsky once again shows why he's
a master photographer. I love the naturalness of this
set. Bravo Kristel! 10+++!!!

Krystal is a pure beauty and she has Rylsky to show it to the world. I can't figure out why she is ranked so low, surely she is higher than a 9.0. I guess it's because I'm a sucker for a beautiful woman.

9 is actually pretty high on this site.... If you look at the top models, no one is ranked higher than 9.25

Kristel is one of my very favorite models, and it's not pleasant to see her in this "French" state of hygiene... Hippies rejoice!! It's your turn today!! ;o)

I did like her more with straight hair.

Kristal and Rylsky at their best! Kristal is one of the most beautiful of all models. Her face, eyes and hair are gorgeous. Her figure is firm and very shapely with fine slender waist and flat stomach. Her breasts are succulent and firm. And, what really makes this set is her hairy arm pits and pubic area. This is erotic art at its finest! Congratulations to model and photographer.

I'm in love with this girl either with or without the bush.

to each his own i guess , but for me hairy armpits is such a turn off on such a beautifull girl , not art at all

Ok 8/25/2013 fully developed bush. 7/18/2013 bare! Consistent with some posts over the last few days, we have no idea when these two sets were shot, unless we check if there is coding on them. Today's set bush was not grown overnight. And before you thumb down guys attack I am not bitching about its existence or her prior set with lack of bush. Kristel has been and is today simply beautiful. And Ry has again done a great job with her. We are supposedly given her "Age when shot" but for me it would make more sense to have the "Date shot" published. For one thing it would help on keeping up on if a model is still active. In the last several days I have seen posts comment about the "return" of their fav. etc. Is it really or just an okder unpublished prior set. Since I have been making these post too long anyway let me give an example. I haven't seen Dido/Lola recently here. But I ran across a full porn site named Massage Rooms where she is a apparently now a star. And guess what in one of their movies she is "doing" Suzi Carina whom we haven't seen here for a long while. While not here, Dido has been on Sexart in the recent past, and is still hot as hell. With the proliferation of sister sites Met has started list each models "also found on" info. Which I think came from a comment suggestion here. So I believe that someone upstairs is paying attention, which is why I am trowing out some new ideas.

I notice that when beautiful Kristal poses for Alex Sironi, she presents herself neatly shaved.
When she poses for Rylsky, she is all natural. Now I think that is as fair as she can be, pleasing as many MetArt members as possible. I don't know if that is actually planned, but it works out. Until Mother Nature comes up with a woman who is both shaved and unshaved at the same time, that is as good as it going to get.

Isn't it amusing, a 21 year old lady from a land called Belarus has a bunch of men debating about her pubic hair. This is the power of the pussy. Be afraid! Be very afraid! The pussy will conquer the world. That may be the secret which Kristal keeps behind that smile.

You remind me of the news Neil...the good news that god created pussy...and the bad news...that she put women in charge of it...;o)

I'm laughing my ass off over it, and your comment, too. Well stated, Neil. Put things in perspective!

And Kristal seems to be perfectly comfortable either way. She is preeminently confident of her beauty. She knows she is beatiful, with or without hair. I admire that.

What a wonderfully beautiful young lady. Krystal has a beautiful mane of luxurious brown hair and such mesmerizing brown eyes. She has a way of looking like she seems to know a secret that only the most fortunateamong us will ever hear. Krystal is so beautiful, so alluring, so seductive, so perfectly Krystal. Krystal has been featured in sets released on MetArt frequently this year. In this set she is wearing all the hair Mother Nature gave her, pleases me just fine.

This is a very pleasing set.

Now that's a real and beautiful woman.

Hurray! She's natural again!

Kristel is a genuine beauty, this time with a full bush where it counts. This turns out to be a momentary distraction; her pussy and anus are yummy. All it takes is a beautiful girl and a good photographer.

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