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LOVE her sexy armpits!

So beautiful girl. Perfect pictures. Without Photoshop is better.
Love the pictures of her diry anus and her beautiful soles.

Rylsky you've created another incredibly artistic set with Kristel. I love the clothes hinting at the beautiful body beneath. The set was different enough from most on Metart to keep it exciting. Interesting all the comments about Kristel's natural approach to beauty, letting her hair grow. Obviously she has fans when she is natural. I feel her natural hair is second only to Gemma. Please work on some more photo sets with Gemma in her natural condition. Too few for me. imagine a set featuring both of these natural beauties. Both Kristel and Gemma may be my favorite models seen through your lens. Thanks for the great work


I see a long session with photoshop ahead.



Kristel is a very lovely model exercising a woman's right to change her mind without notice.She has been photographed beautifuly by Rylsky. I think that covers it.(I once asked K about grooming, K said it is normally the model's choice)

Kristel is a very lovely model exercising a woman's right to change her mind without notice.She has been photographed beautifuly by Rylsky. I think that covers it.)I once asked K about grooming, K said it is normally the model's choice)

Kristel by Rylsky (in contrast to Kristel by Sironi, with darker skin and hairless) has been the single best lady in MetArt for me from the very start. The hair is a very significant detail towards that position, but the hair alone would not have made it. It is the smiles (plural -- more than one kind), the smooth, clear skin, the long head hair, the skillful posing, the challenging, enigmatic look in her eye. Plus her body alone, with a perfect shape in perfect proportions, and her perfect face.

But I have a question for Rylsky, if I may, regarding deliberate choices: do you specifically ask her to let her hair grow? or is that a pre-made choice of hers?

But I have a question for Rylsky, if I may, regarding deliberate choices: do you specifically ask her to let her hair grow? or is that a pre-made choice of hers?


I've asked her if she knows that many men love natural hair on woman's body. She said she will do it for the first time to see what it is and she was not disagree. It was experiment for her.

Kristel is... warm, open, relaxed, honest.

I love it.

last five pice are the best.

and I don't write that because of some hair. I just like those kind of pics after a nudie set.

I just like those kind of pics after a nudie set.

Kristel is a muse who inspired two great artists of photography Alex Sironi and Rylsky (in alphabetical order).

Kristel lights up controversy among lovers of woman grizzly and lovers of woman doll.

Personally, of this model, I love the set "Pikno" where Kristel, with deliciously curly hair, has a powerful and sweet sexy charge and I love the set "Devoto" where I see a Kristel clear and meditative.
In this set "Athany", I think, that Rylsky has made an agreement the devil and holy water.
A beautiful Kristel au naturel but unmistakably female.
Very mischievous the pictures that offer glimpses of what lies beneath the shorts.

Two notes again, Rylsky.

1) I really appreciate the ambience in which a dark background and indistinct allows the subject illuminated so well calibrated to come out almost in relief, almost in 3D.

2) I really appreciate your ability to mediate different needs.
This is a set markedly for those who love the hair (split between pubic hair and armpit hair) and yet I, that I have not the slightest interest in the fur, I found it very, very pleasant.

picture # 11 is a winking mockery.

very pleasant comment.
thanks for detailed describing.

Kristel is perfect in every way. Her face alone is worth the price of admission. I love her with all her natural body hair. My only complaint about this set is it does not have enough pics of her underarms, in too many pics they are obscured by her head hair. That is a waste. Show those erotic underarms!

I hope you will find (what you missed here) everything in other sets. See full portfolio of sets, please.

Hairiness aside, it's easy to spot the difference between Rylsky & Sironi with this model. Sironi "tans" her with lighting while Rylsky prefers the natural skin tone. Me too!

If you see the difference between R and A.S. in hairs only - then you see nothing. Sorry.

My fault. Correct is: "If you see the difference between R and A.S. in skin and hairs only - then you see nothing. Sorry."

I simply meant that if you put the model in the exact same pose & setting it's easy to tell which photographer took which picture.

Kristel is very special. She is probably the only model who I enjoy looking at pictures of her fully clothed as much as the photos of her without clothes.

I also found the photos of her with some clothes on very arousing. Especially where she teases us with glimpses of her ass hair. very sexy. I love ALL this girl's beautiful hair! In fact everything about this girl is hot.... Kristel is a massive turn on!

The first time I saw Kristel, I called her a sweet-faced young thing with the body of Aphrodite. I was right. I'd prefer to see her with less hair in her nether regions, but I'll take her any way I can get her. She's still beautiful.

"Transcendently" so, indeed...

Finally some furry pits again. :))

I think that femininity is a slit not a triangle of fur.

Femininity is whatever is feminine, and it's usually the province of the woman. Back when I was still fucking my way through my 20s, I had a roll in the sand in Cagliari, Sardinia with one of the most powerfully feminine women I've ever known. She was the definition of zaftig, with hair everywhere—armpits, crotch and legs. I can't even remember her name, but I remember her intoxicating femininity, I'd still be boinking her if I could.

To me, femininity is very much a smell, a scent... even "average" girls who smell right turn that little key in my mind...

Moron = disused term for a person with a mental age between 8 and 12. Thus actually anyone who would make a comment about Kristel's grooming choices is disrespecting her, and may well fit the definition. We have been able to have respectful disagreement about the "Unshaved" status of several models without becoming "Moronic". nihil, your comment is preemptive so lets see if which happens today. If we get a "rude remark" without expressing that is strictly a IMO one, then I may join you. But remember if we do get a moronic post we are dealing with, by definition, a juvenile mind that probably wont understand our disdain.

Besides, Ry will probably be more blunt than we would in telling the person off. Unless he ignores it as unworthy of comment.

What a gorgeous girl! She knows how to please.

What a gorgeous girl. She knows how to please. Is that other straw for me?

Nope, I already claimed it. See my reply to swplf, above. ( : ( :

The regal Kristel definitively demonstrates just exactly why she deserves her throne, scepter, and coronet.
Then, she rests from her labor with her trusty teddybear chamberlain, and orders a refreshing drink, revealing herself to be an unassuming (but still uncommonly gorgeous) young lady much like the rest.
Brava to Kristel for a fine performance, another to Mother Nature for endowing her with such stunning beauty, and of course, bravo to Rylsky for capturing it "on film" for our enjoyment.

'Teddy bear chamberlain' - ha ha!

I wonder what that 'refreshing drink' is - it looks awfully green and lumpy to me, and that looks like a sprig of mint on top of it. Any ideas?

Fresh vegetarian cocktail of vegetables. Non-alcohol

Oh, VERY refreshing.
( : ( :

p.s. Rylsky, is there a minimum drinking age in Russia? Here in America one must be 21 to legally purchase or drink alcohol.

since in most of europe the legal drinking age for hard stuff is 18 I would put my money on that.

correct. 18

Well she is at least 21, so it may be a cocktail. Definitely ,mint sprigs. Creme de menthe with an ice cream base maybe a Frozen Grasshopper.

It's probably a mint julep. She's from southern Belarus.

I would not be above asking for a sip, were I there with her. I'm sure it's very refreshing and very restorative. ( :

I only needed to see Kristel's name to know I would download the zip file! Unless it is a typo, I see that Rylsky entered the megapixel race for at least this shoot. Perhaps he will tell us what factors influenced his decision?

I am very happy with nearly everything about lovely Kristel's appearance today and I will hazard a guess that Doug will be more so.

Thanks to Kristel and Rylsky for another delightful collaboration

no races of MPixs. Why 30? only for variety. Nothing hidden in this. See my page here or on RA it is 6-30 Mpixs. Mostly 12-17

The amazingly beautiful young lady from Belarus is back for another visit. Miss Kristel is so very pretty, so very sensual and so very very seductive. Such an enticing face, with enchanting blue eyes and that intriguing smile. As I have written before, Kristel's smile seems to hide a secret that only the most fortunate will ever know, like the famously mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa. And such a beautifully shaped figure. Just perfect. I for one love her beautiful hair, all of it. Yes, that hair too. But Kristel is perfect, with or without all her natural hair. It is always a wonderful pleasure to see this wonderfully beautiful young lady.

I love the comparison to the Mona Lisa, Neil. Very apt simile.

I am always happy to see the gorgeous Kristel. Her face is so sweet, and it seems somehow young and experienced at the same time. Her body is a delight, and she can even make gym shorts sexy. 10/10 from me for her and for Rylsky's work on this wonderful set.

Unfortunately, I would be willing to bet that some sad deluded moron will be along within the next 24 hours to express his opinion about her pubic hair.

Well, I consider my bet lost, and I am very glad that I lost. Nothing but polite(ish) remarks, and most of them in favour of Kristel's choice.

I love her hair, all of it. Deluded or not :)

You win! I wouldn't want your to be disappointed and it only took a few minutes but name calling isn't nice. It usually leads to other name calling and we try not to do that around here.

I have to say that her natural hair is not bad but hairy butts and underarm stubble are not my thing. On the other hand Kristel is a doll and she has an awesome body. So if we must have body hair Kristel is a good choice.

I don't consider the bet won yet - I certainly don't consider you a sad deluded moron if you voice your opinion in that way (ie: 'not my thing.') I only get upset when someone is offensive.

I know that name calling isn't nice, but if someone wants to claim that insult for himself by making rude and personal remarks about the models, then my preemptive name calling stands.

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