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Ten out of ten.

Perfect set.

Ten out of ten

For all the hair lovers out there this one is for us non hair loving types! You had your turn. Twice! I far prefer this look.

How about a video with beautiful Kristel?

Love u dear one............

I will let my barbaric nature shine, woman I want, yes I want, she is pristine. Let her develope the trate, which devors all men. So I go....

Say WHAT!!??

Kristel is absolutely gorgeous! Have been anxiously awaiting her new set, but was very dissapointed to see that the most beautiful bush on the web got shaved since last set! Would love to see a movie with the bush back!!!!!!

I much prefer her sets done with Sironi.

Now THIS is the Kristel that I know and love!! Such a lovely creature...
The set is a bit unimaginative, but very well shot with very provocative poses... 10/8/10!

What's the third number for, rock? model/photog/set?

Model/SET/photography... ;o)

She is beautiful, but but much more erotic unshaven. Hint, hint!

Its been 50-50 for her this year in that aspect, so if the pattern holds, you'll get what you want next time around. I like that we get that variety with Kristel, I think she looks great both ways.


What an amazingly beautiful young woman. Kristel is so very special. She has a perfectly captivating figure, such a beautiful face and an absolutely radiant personality. 159 wonderful photos of this incredible young lady, so many different and unique poses and expressions. She poses with such grace, poise and ease.

What a delicious little darling. So girl next door and I mean that to say she is very endearing and lovely and she makes you feel that she is someone you want to know, Someone who would actually engage in a friendly conversation and make you feel worth talking to. I have little doubt that for the right guy she can really turn on the charm and the mere thought of that makes my blood boil. She is pretty and physically fit, with a fantastic body and a pubic area that fairly begs for closeups. Her poses are completely relaxed and natural looking. Comfortable! That is what she is. Like a girl you knew from high school. It's hard to express but I guess just plain nice in all aspects.

Alex does a very nice job of letting Kristal enchant us in her own way. I love the blue dress the simple backdrop and the closeups are spectacular. You can tell that this is a true partnership and they are quite comfortable working together.

10/10 from me.

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