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Ten out of ten.

Perfect set.

Ten out of ten

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

1 -- sheathed in azure. Nice!
3 -- very sweet. Kristel's serenity.
6 -- it's like, "Do I have to do this?" :-)
Yes my dear, this is MetArt, not Cosmo :-)
7 -- the lines on that dress are really cool.
14 -- too stiff. People are not stick figures, Alex.
15 -- pure sexy :-) 16 -- sleepy Athoa redux? (sans the retouching.)
18 -- just slightly naughty :-)
19 -- she can't go wrong when she splays that pit. Good with previous.
20 -- blue belle :-) That's getting full use out of your dress :-)
21 -- whisker on her chin and all, she's a pleasure to look at. Still think Sironi should invest in a macro lens, since he loves to take these facial closeups that invariably have one eye out of focus.
It's a lovely composition, though.
22 -- full use... :-) This time the out-of-focus works -- she's looking through a monocle :-) Or maybe a viewfinder...
23 -- nice. Her eyes are smiling :-)
24 -- so that's what that hole was for! She's got a pretty nipple :-) Thanks for leaving the hairs!
26 -- Kristel, you are very inviting :-) Or, a blond Lustroso with a bigger smile :-) Very good with preceding.
27 -- kinda sexy :-) 30 -- the mystery of why you look so different here: your hair is goin' the other way. Per Neil, changes your whole look.
31 -- modest mermaid :-) 32 -- very good in combo. 33 -- just a slightly sad smile...
38 -- nice portrait would be better with fur... :-)
41 -- straight Kristel. 43 -- fun Kristel. 45 -- lovely clarity.
46 -- teeth almost! Very sweet. 47-48 -- beautiful lady.
51 -- no shave bumps and rash if you let it grow out nice soft & full, baby. The way it's supposed to be.
52 -- she's thinking about it :-) 53 -- if not that :-(
58 -- Kristel's pretty dirty feet! :-)
59 -- where things begin to go downhill? Poor Kristel trying to aim her rear end at the camera for a series of formula shots that I rarely find erotic, especially when things are shaved.
She has a nice butt, but....it does not do much for any woman's dignity. She's a "gamer babe" for putting up with it. (Thanks to Mike Krukow :-)
Honey, grow some hair to protect yourself! And be careful what you sign up for :-)
64 -- just a movie star waiting to happen :-)
66 -- wow, look how big that bottom lip is when you open your mouth!
It's sexy, girl. If you want to change things, do that.
Side-by-side with 64, unbelievable! You go from like a little girl to a glamorous woman -- very interesting.
68-69 -- so far this is a great set for portraits. Of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen :-)
74 -- shades of a beautiful woman... 76 -- keep those crystal eyes, baby :-)
78 -- very cute. I saw you in the restaurant with Rylsky! :-)
79 -- very sweet. 80 -- don't forget there's another thing: you can let your bush grow but keep shaving under your arms.
Dare to be different again, Kristel...
81 -- practicing her serenity :-) The fur would look good there; it matches :-)
82 = nice sequence. It's amazing how different her eyes look fixed on yours v when they're looking away.
84➔85 -- from Sperren to Athoa...
88 -- now what is the meaning of this meeting of the feet :-?
89 goes with 86.
93 -- nice focus -- best of the bunch.
94-95 -- good: no Photoshopping -- bad: rash. Honey, stop shaving that -- the redness should tell you so.
Ask your doctor :-) It's not meant to be shaved. No matter what Alex and MetArt tell you.
98 -- still making a connection -- good for you, girl. Somebody out here luvs you :-)
99, 100: real. 102 -- enjoys her job :-) 104 -- nice arm!
105-6 -- thoughtful. Great combo.
107-12 -- back to bein' the dirty girl :-) 107-8, 110-12 -- supremely erotic, especially 107 & 110.
113 -- poor girl! Bald rear entry doesn't make it (with me :-) With fur, much more inviting. Why? Maybe because there's already acres of bare skin back there. Another reason to let your pubic hair be.
Those are awkward poses, too. Your set is in danger of losing a 10...
And what does Alex do? Double down on 'em. Shows a lack of taste.
119 -- poor girl trying to recover from that...
122 -- Kristel, you've got a tough job :-)
124 -- I'm not blaming Kristel for this, but Athoa 25 is way better. Mostly Savell's portraits had been beating Athoa's, but that nonsense on the chair seemed to take it out of her.
The rest is formula done better before.
Why did you include 128?
131 -- a very nice, honest shot.
132 -- back to Sperren? Been there, done that.
135 -- try focusing on the front eye for a change, v2 :-)
137 -- thanks for the game smile, Kristel :-)
138 -- poor Kristel! 143 -- time for a new photographer. Because of Alex's rigid routines. They blind him.
It's gonna wreck ya.
I can't believe this set is continuing!
156 -- by an insensate cameraman. 157 -- done way better in Devoto. When it was fresh, or fresher.
158 -- Kristel hangin' in there, long past the point of Eros.

Well, Alex did his best to wreck this set, grimly determined to put quantity over quality. It's a shame, because it has some of the best portraits of Kristel you're gonna see.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Hey, but she gets a new name, anyway, after all the grief:
Kristel Lynne Savell.
Sounds good to me, anyway :-)

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

One more piece of advice from your wizened mentor, my dear Kristel:
I hope you are being very careful with how you are getting your tan. It looks good, but it has dawned on me that those red "tender bits" are red or reddish because they are sunburned, or at least reacting to all the UV rays.
You may be literally playing with fire if you overdo this, and I would say the warning signs are there. They could lead to accelerated aging of your skin, and to skin cancer. And you're not exactly a "heavily-melanined" person.
So please don't irreparably harm yourself in the tanning bed or whatever. You looked great with your white skin in the Rylsky sets without all the unnaturally-produced, I'm assuming, color.
Take it from an older person -- these kind of things will catch up with you if you live long enough :-)

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Should add: image 85's got soul. A combination of longing and hope...
Kristel, I would say you've been through a lot in your young life.
There's a lovely sadness in this picture.
And a promise of happiness.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

89 -- just so far away from the glam erotica of, say, your very first set. Is this the real Kristel? The aw-shucks kinda shy girl, the one who is unconscious of her beauty, her sexiness?
I don't want to make you self-conscious! But there's room for you to breathe, Kristel. To be yourself in all the ways you can...

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Another look at 89: so happy, too. Somebody out here loves you, and you know it.
For all the criticism I've leveled at Alex, I give him credit for capturing the delicate, tentative, exuberant girl... :-)

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

124 -- quit, Kristel. Do something else with your life.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

129-131 -- but yes, Kristel, somebody out here loves you :-)
So don't fret too much! :-)

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

But see Stoa/Cignus -- you're more beautiful natural, sweetheart.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

123 -- a scratched-up, but very lovable, girl :-)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

The tanned & white

shaved & unshaved

work together.

Don't forget that

going forward.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

93 -- if you want to look less like a little girl, don't shave those parts.
You're fine here, baby, but incomplete.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

146 -- touching, now. Overlooked, the expression. Precious!
Easy to miss if not rotated right.
You're my girl, Kristel :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

154 -- Kristel, you know it's ridiculous, and I appreciate it :-)

Sorry for coming down so hard on you and your photographer in this set -- it's just that it was so good that it disappointed me at the end.

What I really enjoy about it is your happiness...

Don't know why you were happy, but I suspect it's because you knew you were being appreciated.

I hope you can always be that way -- at least most of the time :-)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

119 -- as Buck said to Clyde,
"She's a peach." ☺

For all the hair lovers out there this one is for us non hair loving types! You had your turn. Twice! I far prefer this look.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

How could you not love Kristel's "hair"?
Answer -- by not really loving her.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Twice times 4.5 :-)
If you want hair, think Rylsky.
Otherwise, with Sironi, her body is shaven.

  • H WU
  • 9 months ago:

How about a video with beautiful Kristel?

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Not until she's willing to open her mouth. I have my theories about why she's not, but I'm not gonna bug her about it any more.
The little hints of teeth are nice, anyway :-)

Love u dear one............

I will let my barbaric nature shine, woman I want, yes I want, she is pristine. Let her develope the trate, which devors all men. So I go....

Say WHAT!!??

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

I get the pristine part, anyway. And the want part :-)

Kristel is absolutely gorgeous! Have been anxiously awaiting her new set, but was very dissapointed to see that the most beautiful bush on the web got shaved since last set! Would love to see a movie with the bush back!!!!!!

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Unlikely. And I'm afraid to say the bush has been gone for years -- since she last worked with Rylsky.
Don't let the publishing dates fool you.

I much prefer her sets done with Sironi.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Gee, now why would that be :-? :-)))

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Bulletin from the back
Kristel darling
Review to follow
In brief
Time for a new photographer
Key word
Love 64
Doug :-)

Now THIS is the Kristel that I know and love!! Such a lovely creature...
The set is a bit unimaginative, but very well shot with very provocative poses... 10/8/10!

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Who's the Kristel in the Rylsky sets then?
I guess the Kristel you don't love :-)

What's the third number for, rock? model/photog/set?

Model/SET/photography... ;o)

  • Gary
  • 9 months ago:

She is beautiful, but but much more erotic unshaven. Hint, hint!

Its been 50-50 for her this year in that aspect, so if the pattern holds, you'll get what you want next time around. I like that we get that variety with Kristel, I think she looks great both ways.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

That is if Rylsky has anything of her left in the can...


  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Wow, she must really be great if you like her unshaven too! :-)

I have no problem seeing why you might :-)

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

What an amazingly beautiful young woman. Kristel is so very special. She has a perfectly captivating figure, such a beautiful face and an absolutely radiant personality. 159 wonderful photos of this incredible young lady, so many different and unique poses and expressions. She poses with such grace, poise and ease.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

If Alex will let her.
Think Rylsky got the best shots of her. As he tends to do with other models.

What a delicious little darling. So girl next door and I mean that to say she is very endearing and lovely and she makes you feel that she is someone you want to know, Someone who would actually engage in a friendly conversation and make you feel worth talking to. I have little doubt that for the right guy she can really turn on the charm and the mere thought of that makes my blood boil. She is pretty and physically fit, with a fantastic body and a pubic area that fairly begs for closeups. Her poses are completely relaxed and natural looking. Comfortable! That is what she is. Like a girl you knew from high school. It's hard to express but I guess just plain nice in all aspects.

Alex does a very nice job of letting Kristal enchant us in her own way. I love the blue dress the simple backdrop and the closeups are spectacular. You can tell that this is a true partnership and they are quite comfortable working together.

10/10 from me.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Not exactly the heartless cheerleader type from high school :-?
It seems she could be that way, because she's so good-looking, but she never is the ice-princess -- she's always too warm, intending to please. When she begins to lose touch with that part of herself, I think it makes her unhappy -- yet even that unhappiness seems accessible to us.
She's got a transparency that makes it easy to feel a connection -- a constituent of beauty...

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Kristel/Kristelina is very well-named... :-)

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