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Life is goooooood!

Starting with frame 2, it would have been very hot to spend some more frames removing the bottoms and remaining in various poses on the sofa with the top on.

DOUG!!!!! What the hell are you on tonight? Not only is your list longer than I have ever seen but you are in almost every comment here sometimes multiple times. It'a obvious that you like Kristel with hair but how about giving us a break.

I love the stubbly armpits!

Perhaps Met-art should open up another site, just like ATK kingdom has ATK Hairy (no joking that's what it's called), call it Met-Fur. Personally I like shaved legs, pits and pussy but I can understand that some older gentlemen who where born in the 60s might feel nostalgic. I was born in 67 so I remember when hair was the rule not the exception. Love the bald beaver look of today but absolutely hate tattoos (another fetish for some), nothing looks cheaper on a woman, unfortunately you have to take the good with the bad with the modern woman

Look, MetArt updates with 4-6 sets/vids per day. It is the answer.

BTW, you remember "hair was the rule not the exception", but it was cultures where shaved girls was always, for centuries. It only says that you are not born in those countries/cultures. World was always different, somewhere ppl nstill don't know what is iPhone or Internet.

Kristel is one of the most beautiful of all models, anywhere, and her unshaven condition enhances her beyond measure! I love her hairy pussy, completely untrimmed, and her hairy arm pits and I'd love to lick them as well.

For goodness sake, please shave!

P.S. Excellent photography.

Pure joy!

I love Ktystal's sexy body, specislly when she takes her clothes off. I mean seeing a beautiful woman taking her pants off is one of the eternal verities of life,at least for all the boys and girls that swing that way.As usual, Rylsky has set this beauty against a perfect background.

Too hairy too hairy...

Kristel 10 ++
Hairstyle & make-up 10 +
Ambience 10
Eroticism 10 +
Beauty 10 + (#21, #23, #117)

Nothing more

Rysky, the quality of your photos was already very high, but now it has grown even more.
(Even for the ability to give everyone a little candy).

I am very sorry , this set is from "before 2013".

Sorry, I wanted to be an appreciation, not a criticism.
I meant to say that the works that you recently submitted, regardless of when they were produced, they found my complete liking.

my comment wasn't about criticism, it was clarifying about "last" set maybe was made 5 years ago "previous". it's not about Rylsky's, it's about any photographer here.

ago=before, sorry.

Short, but nice to see! Thanks. Ry

Kristel is the definition of pretty. Adorable. In images 91-105, She and Rylsky play a bit of a game with her reluctance to open her mouth (overbite?), and every shot is lovely—even the one where we almost see her teeth. Kristel is probably the only person on Earth who cares. The rest of us are terminally smitten by the entire woman. Beautiful.

For those that haven't yet guessed it the reason for the the reluctance to show her teeth is be cause she has braces now and like all young girls she is reluctant to let us see them.

Fear not Kristel, Braces are kind of cute and alluring to us dirty old men and you are so overall cute that braces are not going to make a difference. We promise to love you anyway! ;)

It's too bad she's ashamed of how she looks with them on, I'm sure she's just adorable.

Just like with the shave vs. no shave argument, I land on the side of, braces or no braces, a gorgeous woman is still gorgeous either way, and I'd like to see her either way.

It's OK Kristel, you can show us your braces, you are perfect either way. ( : ( : ( :

Kristel is as you say adorable. And just so, so playful. The face shots are just as adorale as her extremely natural but only groomed twat. With her armpits also being natural are we seeing a Ry's girl trend. Pits, and Puss natural but legs perfectly waxed/plucked/shaved? Wonderful contrast. The second to last photo was so cute I made it my wallpaper of the day. It is a good day when I get a shot that is "save" to use that way of one of our Met girls. Thanks Ry, and once again, forgive us, and come back to our comment community!

Great photo set Rylsky and Kristel. Now how do you expect me to get anything done today? Thank you very much. Kristel, you're a dream come true!

....what a gorgeous distraction.
( :

I'd like to check Kristel for ticks.

Kristel is always exquisite. With that stunningly beautiful face and great poses, I don't care whether she is hairy or not!

Great start to the month. Gorgeous hairy pussy. Beautiful woman all around.

Very sexy lady perfect body I would put on favorite but I prefer shaved or trimmed but she is still very sexy lovely woman

Armpits not shaved... always the worst shot! Disgusting!

Another fetishist at reverse.
I never imagined there were so many people that of a beautiful woman look just a postage stamp.
I apologize.

Kristel looks like an adorable furry kitten in this set.

I prefer them shaved. But that does not change the fact that she is a sweet little darling - that isn't as little as one might think. I mean... 175cm.. she is TALL and looks like you can carry her around in a pocket.

Gorgeous girl, in splendid form, and beautifully unshaven.

I think it also completely shaved, Kristel, would be equally beautiful.

I do not disagree with either of you.
Kristel would be gorgeous either way, and equally attractive to me.

I love u kristel A. please, never shave.

Uhm.... Not shaved, a real woman... more-more-more please

bore-bore-bore yes.

Yeah, right, more-more-more... But why stop with just pussy 'n' pits? How about some shaggy legs? Hairy arms? Maybe a little 'stache?

wheelerrr.... I have one word for you:


Excuse me, but are you sure you have any right to teach anybody what to love in HIS life?

Live your life, enjoy your choice and pray for nobody will teach you how and what for to love your girl.

perfectly said Rylsky! We all have different tastes. No reason to criticize a model for hers or her fans for enjoying her...

And NO reasons to say to anybody that he is stupid because he love the girl that you don't.

Such a lovely face! But she had her mouth firmely closed - I would like to see the tip of her tongue in the most intimate shots!

Beautiful. Very much the girl next door, or rather the hottie next door.

Oh lord if a girl that pretty lived next door to me....

don't shave, sexy body

I love all this girl's hair! a beautiful hairy pussy like this is a rare treasure these days. I would love to lick her hairy armpits too! really sexy.

Rylsky plays Santa two months late for Doug by giving him a set of his beloved Kristel... and to me, by giving me some delicious panty shots at the beginning of the set, as well as the rest of the set which is wonderful as well.
Incidentally, Doug, I totally understand your fixation on Kristel; she really is something special. Let's hope many of her sets remain in the MetArt vaults to be brought out in the future!

It may be too late for Santa and X-mas, but it is just in time for Valentine's Day and mischievous little Cupid.

True dat! He's waxing his bow, as we speak.
I just can't wait to see Doug's reaction to this set. ( :

Kristel, the divinely beautiful goddess from a land called Belarus. Kristel is so very sweet and precious, so poised and refined, so charming and enchanting. Rylsky gives us so many portraits of Kristel's face and everyone of them is perfectly wonderful. Kristel presents such a wonderfully pleasing smile. She is so very special indeed.

Those shots of her face are bewitching are they not.... ( :
Such a lovely girl.

They are suitable for framing.


Too much repetitions.

Too much negativity.

tooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccch attention

Rylsky, I miss your attention here. Hope all is well.

I am fine. Thank you.

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