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I fell in love with this lady.. her beautiful breasts and her face make me trembling...
what a girl to dream of...
would like to see her stripping of her daily clothes and in motion please...

my rating for Koenart was 1. it is now a very big 0

gorgeous model and exceedingly bad set. i rate the model 10 and the set 4

Nothing more beautiful than a fair-skinned redhead. Welcome, Ksenija. Pay no attention to the complainers. Come back soon ...

super pretty model, I can't wait to see more! Some really nice photos in the set.

Another set of over exposed, back lit, washed out pix. Why do these photographers insist on putting a girl in a window where all of the shots will be washed out?

This model is cute and when she turns on that radiant smile it is a treat.

Another set with a pretty girl that has too many unappealing, even boring shots, and is missing a lot of "standard poses". V-man, they don't all need to be pussy close-ups, but I think most of us would like at least a few.

so.. if it isn't a constant stream of close up vag shots, a set is bad?

IMHO the set is good. A bright, relaxed set for a bright, relaxed girl.

Too bad her feet are.. well.. just ugh...

Not a constant stream but there should be several well focused shots. This is a sexually orientated site that is supposed to have more open and exposed content. This was more appropriate for Metart than Sexart.

ugh... yellow toenails...

Sadly this set of photographs is very lame. Reminds me of the Playboy magazines from the 60's.

Sexy in pink!! I could have watched her take that nightie off all through the set but I do agree the shoot was way too conservative. I want more!

Very pretty model who has now gone into my favourites. As for the shoot, well it was poor. Had it not been for picture 66 I would have rated it as bad. As the model was willing to show it all in pictures 61, 66 and 68 then there was no reason not to show everything in all the other pictures either. Whilst not being greedy, a good third of the shots minimum in the set should have shown the model fully revealed. A mere three pictures in whole set just does not cut it for me.

Lovely new model, but the set was bad. Please do this lovely lady justice next time.

Seriously, if you're going to get all your clothes off and stand naked in front the camera for all the world to see, wouldn't it be a good idea to make an impact and show us what you've got?

I don't know if's the model's call or the photographer's to be so conservative, but going 90% of the way there and stopping really doesn't cut it in my view.

She's a pretty girl with some nice assets. Lets see them. Maybe a different photographer would be the difference. I never liked Koenart's work and this is another shining example of poor imaging, composition and imagination.

Or maybe you are questioning your decision when push comes to shove, and you later decide it was a mistake and you never, ever pose naked again!

I've noticed that most of the new girls are a bit shy in their first set and slowly 'loosen up' with each succeeding set (sometimes!). This girl looks like she may be worth waiting on.... Pretty face and very nice body. I've never been a fan of this photographer either, but he seems to be very good at scouting out talent.

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