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Lovely bush. What's the problem? 99% of the models look like plucked chickens down there, so let us Trogs and Neanderthals enjoy a bit of natural once in a while.

This woman needs more illistration!!!!

I did a Met-Art fantancy with in my head, changed the setting from shower stall to old log cabin; main room with hugh roaring fireplace(Latoya) ambient illumination provided by burning, warm light, from wood fire. The escapade, runs rampant, even I as I write.
She is a young woman, full of delight. Future investigation of she may provide even more. That is my hope.

Looks like sometimes people can't see the forest for the bushes

The seller

I think you're right.

Wonderful set of this beautiful, natural sexy girl - certainly got the red cells flowing!

The tiny white panties struggled to conceal Latoya's awesome assets & it was good to see the struggle continue for a good few frames.

More of this sexy girl please and more, lots more, of her in white panties

Oh my God! what a woman!That scrumptious crotch is a feast fo any bush lover.Those poses and angles make a mouthwatering,jawdropping drooling clown of me.

Hair is back!


The seller

Latoya set the house on fire yesterday in a movie that was posted on RylskyArt yesterday and BOOM! here she is looking to start another one. I love everything about this young woman; and there's something special about a furry pussy that makes my mouth water.

Latoya I didn't much like the movie yesterday but you sure made up for it with this photo set and your one dated 2011. I sure hope you and Rylsky are planning to give us more soon. Latoya you are beautiful and exude sexiness.

LaToya is very pretty, and has a lovely smile. She looks quite cute with her shrug on in the shower (I think they are called shrugs, being old I'm kind of out of touch with girl stuff) Shower sets are classics, and classics get to be classics because they are good. I gave Rylsky and LaToya both 10++++

Another lovely jungle to explore!

Beware... The "jungle" is full of dangerous critters!!

Giant snake swallowing clam?


Yep....lots of them! ;o)

And by that I mean there's lots of trolls in that jungle to...
(just so there's no misunderstandings...lol)

oops..."TOO"! :oP

WHAT I LOVED ABOUT THIS SET: Very sensual feel, lovely model, (reminds me of someone I know, which is always nice), plenty of attention to angles and views I enjoy, playful feel!


The beginning is the end!?? The end is the beginning?? Where's the continuity!? I'm beginning to think that the end is near... of my interest in MetArt if they are going to bow to the Neanderthal crowd...
Doug....you just may win this battle between hair and no hair.

Rock ~ really?!?
I haven't actually done a breakdown, but I would bet my lunch that the ratio of completely shaved to trimmed/unshaved is STILL 9/1 here on MA. Just because there are two unshaved models in one day doesn't mean that the overall numbers are tipping the other way. I really don't think that ratio is actually going to change substantially any time soon.

I know...lol That's "doug bait". You should know not to take me seriously all the time... ;o)

Whoops ~ my bad!!! LOL

Doug doesn't need to be baited ;o)

Sure he does! lol Look! He ain't here YET! ;o)

Rock, just look in the mirror and say his name three times, and he will be summoned!

LOL I never came back to see this until now... I seem to be falling in love with Latoya after her new set...lol That "little bush" doesn't seem so unsightly now...LOL But don't tell doug I said that...shhhhhhh

You've been a naughty, naughty, boy "rachsback" --

You know it's not nice to tease the Neanderthals...

And don't throw them any food, either !!!

LOL Hey Dread!! Yes! I know it's not nice, but it's so much fun!!

Don't let the door hit you in the you know what when you bow.

Bite me baggy...;o)

I am good with eihter a bush or shaved, makes no difference to me but picture #59 ROCKS!!!! something about the panties around her thighs...jeez...

Absolutely love that low looking up camera angle

One of my favorite angles as well. Sort of like upskirt without the skirt.

Yep, IMHO it's much better with the skirt, at least for a few good shots. But I'll take it either way!

I know, right? I'd like to see more photographers use this angle.


Nice comeback set.Maybe she can do a shave set in the future.

see the cover - it is shaven


I love everything about this gallery. Latoya is a beautiful woman. What a dream. I love her petite and delicate figure, her lovely brunette hair and her charming personality. I wonder why Latoya had such a long gap in her modeling career. I guess she was busy with other things. No matter, she is back and I love her. I hope we will see much more of this beautiful woman.

Although I agree that she is, indeed, lovely, I believe that her first set and this one were shot at the same time (identical grooming, nail polish etc.), and in the same location (check the marble staircase in the last shots of her first set leading up to what looks like the shower used in her second one). Most pro photographers will shoot enough material for several sets at a time with a particular model, it's just common sense. These sets can be published by MA years apart, sometimes even after a particular model has retired from modeling altogether. Look at it as a time capsule containing evidence of beauty from the past.

Yes, I know this set seems to be from the same session as the first set. However, Latoya was in a video published on RylskyArt just yesterday. In the video, she has herself shaved and waxed. The video was done in a very distinctive room which Rylsky has used many times before. I believe this is more than a time capsule from the past. It is evidence that a beautiful queen has returned.

I am ecstatic that Latoya has returned to the MA universe (she stars in an ~ amazingly ~ hot vid over on RA, posted yesterday) at least in part because she bears more than a passing resemblance to my "girl that got away." Save for the breast size, that is. The rest of her could be her twin... so seeing her again is especially nice for me. ( :

Did we date the same girl? Mine was shorter and bustier, but looked almost exactly the same, right down to her thick pubic hair. :)

It's a small world, after all! Who knows, right?

Perky nipples, wonderful mound, tickling hairs, nice lingerie - it tickles on my balls - and surely not only on mine. Good photography, nice shots, some shots to "cum" later -
A "10" with *** It Shows: The right "souroundings" of a beautiful slit are pubic hairs. Not only but a very important optical asset.

Lovely lady, nice eyebrows, pretty eyes, shapely breasts, glass cutters, white thong, pubes, superb bum; I am a happy man.

Quite nice. not sure why we are in the shower with clothes on? but what the heck they are still nice pix and her natural bush ain't bad either Latoya is nice and the poses and photography are nice as well. Would really liked to see that thong replaced by real panties. As you probably realize by now I am neither thrilled nor do I hate it. Latoya is lovely and had she done a bikini trim and wore cotton panties I would be far more enthusiastic.

Or, to paraphrase, "Come now, Rylsky, how could Mickey Mouse lift that big, big piano?"

Sorry, Hipshot, you've already taken enough grief for a fairly innocuous remark, but I couldn't resist. Anyway, it triggered some interesting responses.

another answer is "because girls just wanna have fun".
we wanna PLAY the game.
All the worst things in the World was made with most serious faces and because of very reasonable ideas. So let's play

And as a corollary, anyone who has to live with decisions that are made in a humorless way is going to need a sense of humor. ("What's the difference between an optimist and a pessimist? An optimist thinks things are as bad as they can possibly get, while a pessimist thinks things could always be worse.")

I ran into a Lithuanian friend of mine I hadn't seen for a long time, and he pounded me on the back and said "You can't escape me," and told the following joke. Years ago cosmonauts used to go up in pairs, a Russian with a cosmonaut from a "partner state." When they sent up a Russian and a Pole, the Poles said "That proves that you can escape gravity, but you can't escape the Russians."

many thanks for "cosmonaut story", we all forgot about 12th of April, it is celebration of 1st cosmonaut's flight around the planet.

I know 1 more story about Russian cosmonauts, it is about tradition (they call it "for a luck"): All Russian cosmonauts watch the same movie since 1980s before flight. this movie is "White Sun Of The Desert". It means that if you will watch it - you're wish them luck too and maybe you're on the way to make your flight:)


available with English subtitles

not sure why we are in the shower with clothes on?
Sad, very sad, you cannot enjoy any movie: you always know that it was not monster and a girl..it's always lighting assistants (3-5 persons), cameraman (1-3), director + 5-20 more staff people...

always remember about reality? no reality. we only can say we like it or not.

...sounds like you have a big team, Rylsky. Yeah, it was a joke! ( :


Welcome back . Where have you been ?? .missed ya. x

A very attractive and beautiful woman.

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