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Grow your beautiful bush back please.

I'm glad I'm not alone. I really love and miss a beautiful triangular bush. For some reason the industry believes that people like myself don't exist.

Thank you for Latoya, Rylsky. Thank you, Latoya, for being so beautiful.

yw, sir

This is a nice set of a beautiful girl, but some of the comments, and responses, are straight out of the Twilight Zone!! Good day to turm 'em off!

Best comment of the day rachsbach!

Sure. It is 100 times easier and faster vs. reading and typing.

LOL Yes it is!!


Uber cute, sweet, innocent face and perfect round ass...the rest doesn't matter.

So pretty..............

LaToya is a beautiful. beautiful girl . why she had to ruin it,(for me anyway) with razor stubble as in shot 79 is beiond me.(I can't even spell.)Rylsky gets a 10++++.LaToya gets 0

Your comments get worse every day!!

Super sexy, absolute hotness, damn!

She just tried to please our members with unshaven + shaved look, but looks like you prefer only 1 of these 2 styles. good when we have choice, bad when 2nd choice is bad for our taste. We are sorry, but we at least tried.

How anyone could give this a thumbs up is beyond me!! Brown nosers I suspect!!

"Brown nosers" ?
I hope no racism here

LOL No racism... )) ))

The expression is not racist. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the term as coming from "the implication that servility is equivalent to having one's nose in the anus of the person from whom advancement is sought."

But to make sure that there's no confusion about usage, it doesn't make a lot of sense to say that someone giving an anonymous thumbs up is brown-nosing.

Well if ya wanna get technical Poindexter, The New Oxford American says: "A person that acts in a grossly obsequious manner"... Synonymous with "suck-up"...And that's what I meant... Some people it seems, give a thumb to Rylsky regardless of what he says...it's funny to me. And nothing I say here, HAS to "make sense"...

Thank you

You're quite welcome! ;o)

Is there more than one Rylsky? One of his models is given a zero and we get an apology? I think I'll go back asleep to find out if I can wake back up in a familiar world.

You sure got THAT right!!

Maybe he hadn't had his coffee yet?

Poor excuse if that's what it is...

Yes, there are millioms of Rylskies flying around and eating your flesh and drinking blood, coming in noghtmares + 1 BIG Br...ylsky watching you, so ...you better no sleep anymore.

Excellent! There's the real one! I will sleep better! (....sorry if that tick I just put in the microwave was a friend)

hi rylsky I don't dislike grooming as such(its the model's call)I dislike shaving,as in razor stubble.


Rylsky, don't be discouraged! I very much appreciate the choice she gave us. Please convey my thanks to Latoya. She is very pretty.

Beautiful Latoya. Gorgeous lady in my favorite of Rylsky's locations. I have lost count how many sets Rylsky has done in this regal white and gold room. I believe the total is over 25. Rylsky's very best, most beautiful models have been photographed here.

Latoya has an angelic face, alabaster skin, nice eyebrows, intriguing eyes, puffies complete with rigid nipples, shapely breasts, sweet inner labia, and a nice bum.

10s for 3.

Mr Baggy, your RA Blog page is online.


Thank you sir!

Beautiful sexy girl, nice lingerie, elegant setting, great poses...all in all, a great set!

Latoya looks fantastic, I've always been a big fan of stockings and suspenders with no knickers, a real treat!.

Beautiful model! Vary nice body Very unusual and interesting breasts and a PP+. I love it when she smiles which isn't as much as I would like but it sure lights up her face when she does. A little shy but maybe this was because of the furnishings available. A very pleasant set overall.

Thank you Rylsky and Latoya A for a sensual pictorial. This is quite a comeback. Her smooth P decorated with the white shoes, white thigh highs and white garter is very erotic. Wow.

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