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  • Sush
  • 6 months ago:


I would love to smell and kiss Lauren's Bulging Veiny hands.

I had a chat with Lauren this morning and I asked her about the name change. After her last video on Sexart she discussed with the production and they noticed that she was more known as Lauren Crist instead of Luce A, so they agreed for a name change in both websites. That's also the policy that Jon explained some time ago about another name change (I think it was Lolly/Candy Wais).
Btw, although a bit late Lauren wrote me also that she wanted to thank you all for the flattering compliments, she also thinks that we are a good team together and she finally takes this chance to wish you all a wonderful 2014!

I am thankful to this beautiful Lady, sharing her lovely self with us.
Deltagamma is improving, my thanks to him also.
To return to Lauren C. , magnetic smile, reviting eyes, and a pleasure of presence which extends to all whom view her. She is a siren, I will follow her voice to any rocky shore, which may cause death and destruction, for she is deserving of such attention, supreme woman is she.

Hi 6.5x55SwM, I am glad you appreciate my work and you think it's improving, and it's nice that you enjoy so much the beauty of Laure, I will keep bringing more of her to you all.

I didn't click in every image but every image I clicked on was out of focus.


v-man_ger, you probably mistake the sharpness with the focus, it's not the same thing. Shooting with higher ISO (although I didn't go higher than 400) in certain lighting condition and with warmer temperatures (it was summer) provokes the sensor to produce a not totally sharp image due to some noise/graininess, with the JPEG compression on top of that, and that's what probably made you think of out-of-focus images for the ones you clicked on. Consider that I didn't shoot at maximum aperture in order to have a wider depth of field, since most viewers don't seem to like/understand thinner depth of field. There are also images where some parts of the model are voluntarily out of focus, like when the main subject is a body part and not her face. Does it make sense?

DG - I like the country feel of this set that you strove for. The fireplace, rocking chair, the natural daylight. All that is missing is the cat! You should throw in a picture of her posing with the cat in every set, could be a trademark of sorts. Sort of reminds me of a website many years ago that had all these young women posing nude with this same gray cat.

At first this morning, seeing the name Lauren Crist on the members opening page, I thought that "K" had done a last minute switch-a-roo in the line-up. I soon realized that it was still Luce, and still shot by yourself, and my blood pressure returned to normal. Subconsciously, the name Luce may always be there, at least for a while. I wondered if you knew anything about her name change that you could safely share. I'm just curious why she would do that (as a few others at MA have) after gaining a following under the "old" name.

Another great set of Luce err... Lauren. It seems you are her photographer of choice now, and how fitting because your sets of her seem to be the members' choice as well. I know that they are mine.

Hey kilroy! I guess that a warm fireplace and a comfortable rocking chair these cold winter days is what we all wish, especially if the "fire" comes from a model like our Lauren... ;) I have to check if I took snapshots of my cat during this set, but I am sure there are a few more in other sets shot those days (of course you remember him embraced by Lauren in Padavu). Actually he posed with all the models who came to Italy for shootings, that is why he is a really lucky cat IMO... (not that I don't feel lucky...;)).
About the name issue as I just wrote in my reply to swplf2 I don't know specifically about this case, but I can check. For sure Lauren Crist is more recognizable and sounds more as a performer than just Luce A, so maybe for models appearing in both MA and SA it's more convenient to opt for a more classic stagename for an erotic star.
I am really glad every time someone underlines the special relationship between me and some of my models, and it is clear that Lauren is definitely one of my favorites if not "the" favorite one by now, as you can see from the number of published sets here and on SA, so reading these words of appreciation from you is really pleasant and rewarding for me and I guess they are the same to Lauren. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it!

Hi Delta & Phi I'll start at the end. I love the "snapshots" at the end. Lauren/Luce must be comfortable around you and Phi, no grab for a robe, etc. just her i-phone & flip-flops. I would almost guess Phi snapped this during a break or right at the end. Please discuss with K, Jonathan, etc the "Name" game. On the one hand we are told that if the "model" request a new/real? name will be subed. And then changed across platforms. Ain't happening! Because not just with Lauren/Luce today but also w/ Lolly/Candy which appears. Updated on Sex same here. I normally would keep my moouth shut about something like this but poor Lolly. Rating now in a the 7's today. Your two sets had her up in the 8's. But to be honest maybe that was a fair score not for her but for the way the set was shot. The heels through me for a loop. In some cases a kinky heel can work with nudity and jewelry. IMO for her today it was just a distraction. And with yours and Alis movie she gets a 9.01 overall for her on Sex. Back to this set. Lauren/Luce did great work again for you and you balance of shots was very good. She can deliver on explicit but also has great poses. Finally I have been off for three days because the snow storm here knock out our power and we had stay in the basement office of one of my clients. Candi was not happy and I was having withdrwal symptoms. At least you had a posting today when I got back on. Thanks. Bring us more!!! F

Hi F! Good to hear you are safe and sound! I heard on the news about the blizzards in the US so I can figure out the hard time you had these last 3 days, I hope it’s much better now and I also hope I contributed to make you feel “warmer” with these photos of our beloved Lauren ;)
Yes the snapshots are really lovely because you can see how comfortable and at ease she was during the shooting and I am glad I didn’t drop the camera right after the set so I didn’t miss it. Phi normally is in charge of BTS shots but in that moment she was preparing lunch downstairs - pasta for everyone - so her absence was more than justified!
I am just restarting to submit new sets these days after the holidays so I will take advantage and ask Jon and K the reason of the name change, unless they want to join the thread themselves and explain, since many seem interested to the issue. The same about Lolly/Candy (I actually knew her as Holly at the beginning). I was also disappointed about the very low score of her set, she now even looks nicer in terms of hairstyle/make up if compared to my older sets (dated 2012) but it seems that something in the photography or the outfit was not liked unfortunately.
Back to Lauren, I agree with you about the balance of poses, that’s a good catch from you and I happy you noticed it, I really felt that every aspect of our photography together is fine-tuning every time we shoot together and I am already looking forward to the next occasion. I was chatting with Lauren during Xmas holidays and we are planning a longer time to spend together for more complex sessions and I may start shooting MA videos with her, we’ll see ;)

swplf, it's good to hear you're alive and well! My part of the midwest (Madison, WI) got a TON of cold, but very little snow. I can't say I missed it... I'm glad you made it back home to fix your jones. ( :
Welcome home!

F - as for the name game, It seems like a lot of trouble for MA to go through - all the photos and zip files are renamed in every set beginning to end. Profiles and web pages have to be updated, too, although some of that can be automated by referencing a database field.

On my end it screws up the way I organize my files. Sort of like John Cougar/Mellencamp and his many name changes. You have to go through all of the songs on your MP3 player and change the artist's name to be the same to play 'by artist' and get them all to come up.

kilroy -- I fully understand my favorite on trying to anally keep every thing straight was a model named Carmen Gemini. She appeared on a lot of sites not only Met Associated. But on ERRO's site she was Tubbea, and here Monica, and Carmen most other places she even got used by APF on Sex now and I can't even remember what name Sex used. It's ironic that you mention my fellow Hoosier JM, I have seen him numerous times over the ears and met him a couple of times while I was a Deputy Prosecutor here in Indy. Actually got a chance to spend time with KISS and several other rock & country stars primarily through my work at the INDY 500 mile race. Even worse keeping atrist straight during the Napster download days of MP3's. Damn showing my age, again. Began when I was tiny 1n May 1958 I was nine and got to sit on Shirley MacLaine lap. Yea real old now.

A very enchanting set. What a beauty she is!
Thanks DG, you rock, sir. :-)

Hi Matt! wow, I rock... on the rocking chair...? ;) Thanx!

Subtle. :) Can't get anything past you!

This is a beautiful photo set of Lauren. Thank you Lauren for those beautiful smiles. Hats off to Deltagamma, thanks.

Hi C6C791 (don't you have an easier nickname..? ;)). Thank you for the flattering compliment.. I am getting used to them :) Lauren will be glad to read all these nice words from you all.

For me, her best pics are the ones in which she smiles. Even if it's just a hint of one.

The hint of a smile is far sexier than a full bright cheery smile. Sultry, sexy smiles are arousing. Family photo smiles are not.

Lauren has a ferfect figure,and the nook by the fireplace is a very good background. The blouse/dress is a good idea as is the strip,since she has the figure for both.I do like her hair darker,looking througe her sets I find that darker hair sets off her features and her lovely eyes.

5seadog, it seems I made good choices in this set.. I'm glad you liked both the setting and the clothing/accessories. I have shot many sets with Lauren so every time I try to be original avoiding repetitions, and she is very helpful because she really enjoys playing with make up and look.

I'd grown fond of the name "Luce," as it brings to mind light... but, as Lauren (another beautiful name) she is every bit as lovely, and so is her gorgeous smile.
Lauren has an easy, warm, girl-next-door eroticism to her posing that is such a joy to behold.
And ending the set with the candids from (I assume) a break in shooting where she's checking her phone was a nice touch, too... I like the juxtaposition of real life with the shoot.
This is a really nice set, DG!

Hi fer_realz, thank you for joining the thread as usual :) I was also used to the name "Luce", and being an Italian name I liked even more. Actually my wife and I also used this stage name since her real name is quite common in her country and I know about a dozen of models with this name.
You listed some of Lauren's best features and "joy" is the natural consequence of the unique combination of her qualities.
The candids were taken right after the end of the shooting and what you also mentioned is what I liked, too, so I took the chance to offer you that spontaneous moment to everybody.
Thank you!

( :

Well deltagamma you cheered up my day again with this sensational set, Lauren is unbelievably beautiful on these photos. I like her dress and I see the location is the same, like in Padavu, which is good, because it's a very nice place. The poses are exceptional and the closeups are fantastic too, her pussy is mouthwatering. And just like in Padavu she was in a great mood and we can easily see that on the pictures. Another wonderful colletion from this magnificent angel and big thanks for the BTS photos at the end of set, she's so cute on them. :)
Congratulations Lauren and deltagamma, you're an excellent couple and all I can say is please keep working together, so we can enjoy these amazing images for a long time.
Oh and one more thing. Could you tell me what is the reason of her name change please???
I know she uses the Lauren Collins and Crist aliases on other websites, so it wasn't a big surprise for me, when I saw her new name here.

Hi Arthur II, cheering up your day is becoming a habit and I am very happy about it :) The location, the overall atmosphere and everybody's great mood helped making the shooting very pleasant, as you already have noticed. When all these positive factors show in the photos it's something that really contributes to create a pleasant, harmonic mood in the viewer too. Of course with a model like Lauren also the erotic part is "mouthwatering" like you write. I knew that the BTS shoots would have been appreciated, it is one of the things I did because of the requests by some of you in the comments to one of my sets last summer.
Working with Lauren is already very nice and rewarding, so if you also wish we go on for a long time I couldn't agree more ;)
About her name change I already wrote in my reply to hipshot131 below, but I don't know the real reason.
Thanks for showing such a nice appreciation to the set Arthur!

"Lauren has a superb bum"

Good on ya!

Ass men: repeat after me; "Lauren has a superb bum".

Lauren is simply gorgeous with a super sweet kissable butt and one hell-of-a body/figure!


Lauren, Luce, a rose by any other name… And this rose continues to enchant me. The sense of intimacy is perhaps a bit less in this set than in the past, but only because of the setting. The woman remains wonderful—her body beautifully toned and perfect, her face gorgeous. I'm still hooked.

Yes Sailor, a rose is a rose... and whatever we call Lauren/Luce will always enchant all of us.
You are probably right about the sense of intimacy in this set being a bit less and I agree that maybe the setting influenced this feeling (surely a comfortable bed in a nice bedroom is more intimate) and made the overall feeling coherent.
I am really pleased you like one of my favorite models.

Hi DG, You nailed it. In Padavu, my favorite set, she was on a couch. That made it easy to imaging being right next to her (in my overwrought imagination at least). The single rocker in this set meant that there was room for only one. I (we) could only watch from a distance. That is not a complaint, merely a statement of subjective fact. It's a lovely view. Cheers.

Nice thing about a rocker... a girl like Lauren could plant her deliciously shaped derierre on your lap while you nuzzle the back of her neck, and ear, and... ( : ( : ( :
Now you have a hint at how overwrought MY imagination gets, Sailor! ( ;

I never doubted you for a minute, fer_realz. Certifiable. (Someone my size would probably just break the rocker.) : )

I never doubted you for a minute, fer_realz. Certifiable. (Someone my size would probably just break the rocker.) : )

Sailor, I think your point of view about the "distance" makes sense, it's a subtle catch.

I guess the question now is how did Luce suddenly become Lauren Crist? Lauren is a nice name that fits her well but why the change? Thankfully she has just gotten better as the sets progress and nothing has changed in her awesome persona. This set is very relaxed and homey and does indeed give the feel of country. I love #10 and 12, so friendly and endearing. I really like the way she slowly revealed her lovely body while playing with the dress and making it so tantalizing. Luce/Lauren is indeed the DG queen and well deserved. When you guys teamed up it was a perfect fit and I hope it last long and is very fruitful.

hipshot131, whenever someone so demanding like you expresses appreciation for one of my sets it means I really hit the goal and that makes me happy twice.
"DG queen" sounds nice, I like it and you are right teaming up was really a perfect fit.
About the name change I think Jon wrote about models' name change some time ago here or on SA, it could be the model herself to ask for a name change (although I don't think this is the case for Luce/Lauren, but I also knew her as Lauren Crist at the beginning) I noticed that when MA models appear on SA (especially movies) where they normally have some more "typical" stage names (name+surname in English) then they might get this latter stage name instead of the [name+letter]. Anyway, with any name Lauren is beautiful!

+1 on that. Lauren is one of my favorites. Maybe this set wasn't as sexy??? I really liked the relaxed feel. More like a lazy afternoon with a friend developing into a bit teasing and maybe a bit of fun.

We don't always have to have the seduction scene. Lauren is seductive anyway you look at her. Just the sparkle in her eyes is enough to seduce me.

I totally agree hipshot131, and this was exactly the goal of the set: not too sexy (the "country "setting would have produced an awkward match) but a lazy, relaxed, pleasant representation of the model's beauty and implied sexyness. This can be one of the reasons why the set hasn't got a high score, although I am very satisfied about it because it came out exactly how I wished. It's great how you caught it.

Excellent work DG, just excellent! Lauren is gorgeous and you capture her beauty perfectly. Very warm regards and best wishes to Miss Lauren. She is magnificent.

Thank you Neil! it's a good start of the day with such very welcome compliments and regards :) I am glad you liked the set and appreciate so much Lauren, she will be very glad too :)

PS, I had just finished viewing one of my all time favorites, Lily C and had said to myself so much for the other girls tonight. Then I went back and saw Lauren and all thought of her said wow, Two bests in one night!

Great set guys. The rental for the villa was very well justified.

My sixth set with Luce: by now she is the most featured model in my MA portfolio and I am very proud of having the privilege of showing her fresh beauty so often, so often that so far half of her published sets were shot by me.
This set is one of the latest, shot in the late summer last year in the same days and location of “Padavu”: those sessions were very pleasant and fruitful, it almost seemed like a holiday, enjoying the countryside out of Rome near the lakes in a nice villa with Luce, my wife, our cat and an amateur photographer from Australia who joined us during a long trip across Europe. The light was perfect those days, it was sunny all day and warm but not too hot, so that shooting in and outdoor was pleasant. The location offered a lot of possibilities, with several rooms and spaces that could be used for a nice set: for this one I used the old fireplace and the rocking chair, picked up a white dress looking a bit country and asked Luce (who is a very good self-make up artist and hairstylist) to have her hair straight down (she had the idea of an old-fashioned fringe that I liked) and to think of a natural make up highlighting a bit her blue eyes. The daylight coming from a big window next to the fireplace and some reflecting disks provided the perfect lighting for the shooting, allowing to shoot with not too big apertures and therefore letting the details of Luce’s beautiful face and body come out while still having a soft ambience surrounding her.
As I have already repeated several times in my previous comments about Luce, these later sets really show how much she felt at ease and happy to shoot together: her smiles are so natural and spontaneous, her eyes bright and her face and body radiating beauty and even pleasure. Working like that didn’t even feel like work, being so pleasant and fun (as you can see from some backstage shoots I included at the end of the set), with every break from the shooting exploited to sunbathe on the big terrace or in the garden, having a cold drink while listening to a relaxing music.
I hope that this ideal, inspiring environment and positive mood of everyone involved in the shoot really shows in the photos and provides pleasure to all you viewers. Enjoy.

A truely wonderful set! Slightly more close-ups would be appreciated.

next time I will include more closeups Plainsman ;)

deltagamma-thanks again for another beautiful set of Lauren/Luce. She is my dream woman. When you shoot her she seems so real and approachable...thank you for this. She is undoubtedly beautiful...her eyes, her skin, her breasts, her legs, her pussy...even her bare feet just arouse me more than virtually any other model I have seen. It seems that in your work she down plays glamour in favor of truth. I love this. I have sets she has done for other sites where she has more make up or a more glamorous look and while I like that side of her too, your shoots with her are just amazingly authentic.
Hope to see more of her with you behind the lens.

Hi JakeinNJ! I am always happy when someone shows to like my work and models I shoot and your sincere appreciation is a very nice surprise for me. The things you have underlined are actually what I am proud of, when a model shows herself in a spontaneous/credible way because she feels at ease and likes what she is doing, and that's exactly the case of Lauren. You are right about the make up, she can be sexy and erotic in an authentic way even with a lighter one.
I also hope to offer you more photosets for you to enjoy and to hear from you!

A truly beautiful set DG it reminds me of some of the small cottages left over from the english explorers who passed through my small outback Australian town in the 1880's.As for Lauren/Luce she is strikingly beautiful both with Met-Art as well as Sex Art if i may so as a female member and Thank You for the heads up about the background of this magnificent model/woman you have made my cool desert morning a lot warmer that i can tell you :) Regards to you and yours From Outback Australia :)

Hi rags25! I am really pleased you liked the setting and it reminded you something close to your area of the world, actually at the opposite end of where the set was shot, that's interesting. And speaking about Australia, as I wrote in the description of the set, I have to say thanks to an Australian (with Italian roots) semi-professional photographer who assisted me during this photosession. He has been very helpful and brought some more international touch to the team (Italy-France-Czech Rep.-Australia). That was a really great time and we were even invited to spend a week or two in Sydney whenever we want. I think My wife and I will take advantage of the invitation!

Thank you very much for telling us the backgrounder to this gallery and others. I appreciate the time you take to tell us about the model, your team (is the team really only you, your wife, and the cat?), even the amateur photographer. Those touches are not vital, but are very interesting and humanizing.

Hi Baggy36Pants, thank you! I take the time to add something because people like you take the time to show that they appreciate it ;) It's an effort every time to try to enrich the images with a (hopefully) original/valuable written contribution, and when I read from viewers that my insights actually added something to their view I am more than happy with that.
Actually the whole team (the cat, my wife and I) is happy and grateful ;)

I love that you were able to brin g the cat along, at least on this trip. ( :
When they were still alive and vital, my grandparents always brought along their little pug Suzy on their visits to us, and when we'd travel together. ( :

we decided to bring our cat because we didn't want to leave him alone for 2 days and we knew that Lauren loves him too, so we made sure all doors and windows of the villa were closed to avoid him sneaking out and get lost in the countryside. Actually while I was concentrated on the shooting of this or another set he found a window open and went on the terrace at the first floor then jumped down in the garden and we lost him for some time, so we went looking for him and Lauren, thanks to her sweet voice, succeeded in catching him after calling him. It was such a nice scene! I wish I took a photo of the rescue!

Ha ha! I just moved to a new apartment this last summer... in all the excitement, forgot to check window screens. Within a week my cat had discovered that the screen in the living room was not attached at the bottom, and slipped out overnight and was gone for 2 days...
I was quite anxious until my roommie pulled a Lauren one day and managed to coax her back inside. I got pretty lucky finding this roommate... ( :

I had a similar situation with one of my all time favorite cats (in 70 years of loving cats there have been lots, hence "one of"). He was black and must have sneaked out when I opened the door one evening. PANIC! Where's my little black cat?

I was sure he would come back so I locked the outside door, raised the glass sliding panel, and left the inside door open; thinking that I would hear him at the door and let him in.

Four days later he hopped up on the bed and said purrow in my ear. He had pushed on a tiny tear in the screen until it was large enough to squeeze through and was glad to be home.

I was scolded by everybody: the Humane Society because he was not neutered and now there would be all these extra kittens for them to place, my former wife said I had to fix the cat and the screen.

I was just happy to have my cat back.

( :
Ha ha!
My cat used a hole in the screen to get out... yours used a hole in the screen to get back in!!
Cats are AWESOME.

Eye lash goodness

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