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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

Slastyonoff perfect !!! like always !!!!

10 points again for slastyonoff very exciting photoshoots !!!

What a pretty pussy!


Photographer creditted on the cover is Deltagamma while Slastyonoff on the caption. Which is correct?

Wow! That's a whopper of a typo! Good catch, Tokyo!

Deltagamma does Lauren much better but any set with Lauren is ok by me 8^)

Thanks you hipshot :) Too kind of you

Wonderful photoset, wonderful Lauren and great photoghapher!

Nice set, but I wish they'd stop confusing me with these name changes that are running amuck! I think Luce was a fine name for this beautiful girl! One might think that some of the girls are running from the law!! LOL Really....what's with the name changes!??

Sometimes name changes are simple because the girls request it. Other times it can be a conflict with another models name and yes sometimes it can be because they are trying to hide their real name but not from the law but simply because they changed agencies or because of online bulling. Sadly nude modeling is considered part of the sex trade to many old school types in eastern Europe and these people can make life hell for a girl if they get her personal info. Seems there is always someone who wants to ruin what they don't approve of.

Great sets! But I look forward to tomorrow for the sets featuring Emily and Milena. Expecting 2 downloads!

Fabulous! It must be high-tech fabric.

Why those shoes? :(

As ZZ Top once said, "every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man." Well, the obverse is also true - every man's crazy about a sharp dressed girl - especially when she's showing off the good stuff.

Since you inquired, and as one who appreciates such accoutrements, and since no one else has explained it, I guess I will take on that chore. There are several reasons for "why the shoes."

1. They make a model look sexier, sluttier, and hotter because they make her look like she just got home from a hot date with you and couldn't wait to get totally undressed before showing off her wares. And they make her look sexier, sluttier, and hotter whether she's standing up, sitting down, lying on her back, lying on her stomach, or standing on her head.

2. They offset redundancy. Looking at the same models over and over again totally nude becomes boring and makes all the sets of that model look the same. Changintg the scenery does nothing to compensate for looking at the same person many, many times the same way. When a couple comes to the point in their relationship where their sex life has lost its spark, what do they do? The woman goes to Victoria's Secret and buys some nice things to dress up with; this reignites the spark the couple once had and renews sexual interest. Dressing the models up here adds variety and makes it more interesting, more distinguishable, more memorable, and more appealing. As has often been said, but bears repeating, variety is the spice of life, and MET ART is best served by offering spice over redundancy.

3. Some people think feet are ugly. Just because 2 or 3 prefer feet to heels doesn't mean everyone does. There are many who join MET ART who think women's feet look much better in heels than without them.

4. This website is not just for foot lovers. MET ART caters to a wide variety of clientele. By not offering models that wear heels, and/or other accoutrements, they are cutting out the interests of those who like that kind of thing. The day that this website becomes exclusively for those who have a foot fetish is the day I stop handing over my credit card number to them and go somewhere else instead. They would be shooting themselves in the foot by going that route.

So you see there are many good reasons to offer galleries like this one where the model wears some portion of clothing, whether that be heels, stockings, or whatever. In the final analysis, it's just good business practice for the owners of this website because it adds a dimension to MET ART that a lot of people want and will pay for.

Lauren is one of my favorite MA models. I agree with you that the shoes are out of place and spoil the set! There are women on this site that have beautiful, sensual, lovable feet and Lauren is definitely one of those. I'm with you!

I guess some people like to see nude women wearing shoes. Not me. To me, women's bare feet are so much more expressive than shoes can ever be. But, "sexy" shoes and stockings have been an important part of erotica for many years. I believe they are supposed to emphasize the model's nudity, like jewelry. Or, perhaps there is much I am not experiencing regarding footwear because of my opinions. Oh, well.

I am not a fan of mesh clothing or lingerie, however, everything else about this shoot is stunning. The fancy lingerie contrast nicely with Lauren's very light makeup look, which Slatyonoff seems to prefer. Slastyonoff catches every aspect in unhurried, loving detail.

Yum Yum fabulous model. Fabulous fanny.

Whether you are referring to the British or the American terminology I agree with both, an absolutely magnificent fanny in either regard.

Whether you are referring to the British or the American terminology I agree with both, an absolutely magnificent fanny in either regard.

Simply amazing !

You are simply right! 8^)

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