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Mr,Helios certainly is a master at shooting redheads in beach locations, like Indiana in "Lavico "or APF in "Namisi " Actually,this looke like the village where he shot the mivie "Girlfriends "with Indiana, Lenora and APF (A.K.A. Veronika Vyshinski) My big problem is weather or not the Czech Republic has a coastline or is he taking the girls back to Italy. Will Shakespear said it did,but everyone says geography wasn't his strong suit.I gave Lauren nd Mr. Helios a 10++++

I have appreciated Lauren Crist/Luce for some time. For an outdoor set, this is decent (that's a compliment coming from me). What an amazingly colorful set and awesome scenic location. Technically excellent, and Lauren deserves no less than that. A keeper!

Looooong overdue!!!! I fell in love with "Luce", but by ANY name, this is one scrumptious creature!!!! Not a very good set of her, but I have plenty that ARE!!

rock, Perhaps not the best, but certainly acceptable, yes?

Well...the location IS quite striking, and Luce looks fantastic....so I guess it would qualify as "acceptable"...

Really beautiful model, great set of outdoor pictures, especially like 88-91 where she is showing off that amazing ass, and the guy on the boat is not watching where he is going or paying attention to his wife......

"the guy on the boat is not watching where he is going or paying attention to his wife..."

Do you blame him? Things like that can cause accidents!

Definitely my favorite set or Lauren Crist on this site. Gorgeous setting and the pretty yellow wrap provides a nice contrast with the background. Her lovely baby blue eyes and pretty smile remind me of Kyla Cole a little bit.

Lovely Lauren! Fantastic background. That crystal clear blue water looks so inviting. Wonder where this is? Anyway Lauren is wonderful as usual and the set is nicely done.

  • 2 years ago:

Hi Hipshot,

In my opinion, Luca Helios shoots in the best locations. At one time that was Erro with his lovely beach settings. I have no idea where this is but I am going to try to find out for you. I know Luca travels a lot to exotic places so I can never be sure of a specific place.

You are right with Your Opinion about the background. But I didn't notice it the First time I was watching the pictures ;-) . I was breathless about this amazing beauty in the front. One of her sexiest shoots I think. She has something what many other models don't have.

That something is what you see in her eyes. There is a spark there that says beware this lady knows your secrets and could be very habit forming! 8^)

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