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Loved the Arse shots of her in those white panties .... More Please!

HAHAHAHA! I loved this photoset. BUT I couldn't stop laughing over picture #42. She has a white sticker with a red H on it stuck on the inside of her buttcrack. Right next to her hole. I guess that just shows that no one can double check their own work well enough.

I must agree with all of the water/restroom set comments. This was very good for one of that type.

Since my comment disappeared I will repeat. Slastyonoff does not do water pictures welland this is no exception. I gave a 10,it was not Lauren's fault. If you want hotnicity,check out Deltegamma's shoot on SA,Loren is smokin'

dog, I really enjoy DG's work, and he did a great set of Lauren here at MA. Since I'm not on SA, I'll have to take your word for it. I know you are just trying to be informative, but damn, sometimes I wish you wouldn't tell me these things. I'm tryin' real hard not to spend any more money right now ;-)

If you attach that much importance to eating and sleeping indoors instead of under a bridge I guess you'll just have to listen to my descriptions.

When I bought this iPad, Apple associates failed to demonstrate the contribution of the Retina display to the aesthetic appreciation of the well presented wet butt.

Curses to double layers of fabric!

82: we will never be free from framing out and cropping off, will we?

85 vs 88: a perfect example to show why horizontal landscapes should outnumber vertical portraits. Maybe as an exercise and exposition of artistic talent, a photographer could experiment by giving us a whole photoset with a horizontal orientation. I don't know -maybe it just can't be done.

I wanna be Laurens's little H sticky tag....................

I absolutely love this bathroom set. Lauren is as gorgeous as ever, and I love to see her all wet and soapy - it is so much smoother and cleaner than sand.

The only thing that I didn't like was the little white square with a letter H on it stuck to her bum in pictures 39-42 (what the hell is that?)

Inspector H, obviously a new pair of panties and they didn't notice the inspection tag when she puled them on for the shoot. Kind of naughty for Slastyonoff to take several pix of it without telling her it was there.

I don't think "naughty" is the word I would have used...

I thought it was a tag off one of the articles of CLOTHING she has on IN THE TUB!!! Didn't notice the "H"...

I noticed it. I think it stands for Hot?

I Love Luce! ;o) But these bathtub and shower sets gotta go!! Clean them up and THEN shoot the set! He DID get some great shots of that sweet ass though... Back to DG sets please... He does so much better with 'Lauren'...




No doubt about what Lauren's finest asset is!

That woman has one fine ass.......what a pillow it would make!!

Pillow indeed!! And then I could have that "marshmallow dream"...lol

(You know..."I dreamt I ate a giant marshmallow and when I woke up, my pillow was gone"...) YUMYUM!!!

Can we make it a requirement that every MET model must have a bath and/or shower set, please? I love sudsy bubbles on wet bare skin.

No we can't. Most bathroom sets aren't anywhere near this good. It seems to me that bathrooms in general and the spaces within them are too confining for consistently good photographic work. Plus the surfaces are always hard.

Right on right on right onnn!! ;o)

Sudsy bubbles are good, not so fond of the sets where there's a lot of bubble foam which merely serves to obscure.

I suppose this is an economic method of laundering one's "delicates" if one does not yet have a full load to throw in the washer... ( :
Some more dry panty shots from front and back would have been nice. Lauren herself of course looks divine as ever.

I am usually not a fan of bath tub sets,especially soapy ones. I changed my opinion for this set at least.

I love what water does to areolae and nipples, and white cotton panties are great when presented like in # 35. For me, the suds drew my eyes to lovely Lauren's innie (# 59), camel toe (also # 59), and superb butt cheeks and generous outer labia (# 62).

I generally enjoy visits from Lauren, and Slastyonoff has certainly composed and presented her in a masterly fashion here.

Kudos and 10s for Lauren and Slastyonoff.

The only thing sexier than white panties is wet white panties! Oh my, I must have died and gone to heaven. Lauren is one lovely lady and it seems she does well with whoever she works with. Brilliant choice to do the wet panties segment. I think that is some of the most outstanding panty shots I've seen here!

Yeah.... Reminds ME of my kids peein' in their pants... Real sexy... :o|

Eeeeewwwww we did NOT want to think of THAT, thanks Rock!!!

Wonderful Lauren !! Just see and enjoy her.

I think Slastyonoff is more gifted than many others to make erotism exude from his models.

What sort of tags might accompany insemination?

Sticky ones...

Lauren is always gorgeous, but the soapy boobs and buttocks, damn that's so damn hot!, another nice piece from Slastyonoff, a master of erotica.

What's better than a wet see-thru t-shirt? Wet see-thru panties! Awesome set of a beautiful girl!

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