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She has a great Arse, but why no shots of her Anus on this set?

Sorry if I didn't reply to all the nice comments (Dreadnought, Dutchman, kilroy & Baggy) but as I wrote I was busy shooting with Vanessa Angel yesterday and preferred to spend my day creating some more sets with her rather than writing.. I guess you understand..;)
I was pleasantly surprised to read such words of appreciation, i am starting to think I underestimate my own work.. but I guess it's mostly because of Lauren's beauty and charm.. Thank you all anyway!
Btw, the positive comments about the bustier made me opt today with Vanessa with a similar set, using the same bustier with a matching precious backdrop and my silver mirror and brush set. I think it came out quite well with a great varietyof poses and I will be glad to show you all soon. About Vanessa, I think that K is going to publish our second set very soon.

You just made me happy all over again with that last bit of news. ( : I anticipate Vanessa's next set eagerly!

And I promise the wait is worth fer_realz, Vanessa and I are very satisfied about our last job together ;)

No matter when this gallery was shot, I love it!

Lauren is an extremely attractive woman!

The first things I noticed working from the top down include: long hair with subtle highlights, significant eyebrows which frame and draw attention to her beautiful eyes, her winsome smile and dimples, shapely breasts and nice nipples, translucent skin, long slender legs with well-defined calves, and a delightful derriere.

Delta: your choice and use of the bustier is genius, it enhances / creates the transition of Lauren's waist to hips as well as being flattering to the bosom; every woman should own at least one, properly sized for her.

I looked at the other galleries you and Lauren have collaborated on when they were published; but did not look again as I was writing this comment ~ no doubt they feature glimpses of Lauren's delightful derriere. A derriere viewed from directly behind in a full length pose is special; the more the merrier.

Thank you Lauren, Delta, and Phi for this charming visit.

You're welcome ! ;-)


Thanks for writing Phi!

Your choice of very minimal makeup, just a light blush on cheekbones and (my ignorance showing now) a light application of lipstick or. . . on Lauren's lips was just right.

The pink is flattering and little to nothing on her nose allowed her freckles to show.

Just a silly little question please. How long did it take to lace Lauren into the bustier?

Hi Baggy,
I write with my own account on behalf of my wife... ;)
in the make up Phi's job was actually very easy because Lauren is a great self-make-up artist, so she basically just helped her and suggested her.
And about the bustier it's actually not so difficult to wear because the laced part on the back doesn't actually need to be opened/closed since it has a fastening on the front. The bustier perfectly fitted Lauren's slim body as you could see ;)

I can definitely see how your style has changed for the better, but don't discount this set as "nothing special." Although there is a shortage on rear angle poses, there are many standing poses, for which Lauren/Luce has the stature.

Lauren herself is always a welcome sight. I have an affinity for brown eyes, yet her blue eyes are captivating! Her beautiful face is displayed in most of the shots, adding personality and reinforcing that this is a lovely, sexy human being and not just an object of desire.

I didn't mind the corset as a temporary prop, nor the playful teasing (but not too much, thank you), Lauren has the personality to make this work well to her advantage. Indeed, this set has a lot of personality. This is often brought out by a good working relationship, allowing her to relax, a credit to yourself. There is one other photog here that excels at that, his name starts with R.

Okay, I don't want you to get a big head with all the praises. Just keep doing what you are doing! I am enjoying the frequency of your sets as of late.

Take care.

Very NICE kilroy!! Your eloquence and articulation are matched only by your generosity of spirit! ;o) DG may have just spilled HIS coffee this time...lol

And I have to add that the more I look at this set, the more I like it... But I attribute that in large part to Lauren....I mean Luce... lol It's hard not to like anything she appears in ;o)

I have to agree rachsback, if you like the set it hast to be mostly because of Lauren's performance, as I also wrote, she is so stunning anything she appears in.. The best model to shoot, almost no effort needed ;)

Yessir! You are a very fortunate man indeed! ;o)

Thank you rock! I give praise where it is due, but you are correct, Lauren is definitely shared in the success of this set - or any set she appears in.

'Nothing Special' oh deltagamma don't say that about my beautiful Lauren! I love her beautiful plump clitoris hood.

I meant the set itself was nothing special Dutchman... of course not Lauren! I meant that what is really worth appreciating is just her and not much else ;)

It is a very nice feature of hers. I would say something about seeing under under the hood, but I'll refrain so that Doug wont get the chance to poke at me like on Semmi's last set.

all of your pictures are very pretty but at the same time they all look dry there's no life.her face expressions all look the same. Her skin even looks dry.she looks nervous and all the pictures.

Hi Callmefrost, I don't disagree with your analysis, except for the fact that I don't think that Lauren's face expressions look dry or with no life.. she may look different from other sets where she looks more smiling or exciting, but I would say that here she appears more quiet and languid, I wouldn't say nervous, she has never been nervous with me and I guess also with none of the other photographers she worked with. But I agree she looks a bit different from other sets she appears in.

Cheers, DG -- !!

Beautiful girl --
Beautiful set --
Beautiful bustier --
Beautiful high heels --
Sinfully beautiful girl --


I don't dislike this double post AT ALL! ;)

Sorry --

Forgot I'd already posted here -- residual of a late night !


Thank you -- VERY much, DG --

This is, indeed, an elegant and "classy" (to use your word) set with Lauren. And "fer-realz" is dead-on with his praise.

The bustier lends the illusion of an old-fashioned, well-bred, but slightly naughty young lady. While the heels are the finishing touch to Lauren's stunning legs. Statuesque beauty like hers should always be accompanied by high heels.

I will be devastated for days !!

Hi Dreadnought,
here I am after taking Vanessa to the airport..
Thank you also VERY much DN... I am glad you cauthg that simple elegance I meant to show with that simple setting and outfit (I guess the shoes belong to my wife, she suggested Lauren to wear them for the set since they matched)
Hold on till the next set with Lauren, I may shoot her again this weekend ;)

Congratulations, you've had a wonderful run in June, DG!
IMO, this set approaches "Padavu" in terms of my favorite Lauren sets. I really like the ornate bustier on her, it was a classy touch. The only thing I would have done differently is I would have had her wearing a pair of off-white stockings to attach to those dangling garters.
The heels looked amazing on Lauren's legs and feet. I was sad when they came off, but then Lauren's poses afterwards soothed me. ( :
This was a very nice set.

here we are again after our chat on "Sensione" last weekend fer_realz. I am happy to see that you are not tired of commenting my work yet ;)
It's great to find out that you've put this set among your favorite ones with Lauren, I personally have other 3 or 4 but I am influenced by other factors. But I can say that Lauren's beauty and attitude with such outfit/setting results in a quite elegant/classy combination. I could have used the white stockings, you are right, but I only had a pair which was not fit for the garters, and I thought that the garters looked sexy even without the stockings (they are removable but I preferred to have them on). And of course the heels work magnificently on such a gorgeous woman. Pleased once again to have given you all a nice set.

This is the first time I have looked at Lauren Crist's photos. The first thing that captured my attention was her exquisite pale blue eyes. Although Lauren is supremely beautiful, I was repeatedly drawn back to those perfectly magnificent eyes. DG, you seem to have a talent for finding just the right location for each of your models. The chair, the painting, the flowers and the highly polished floor all suggest that this was the residence of an elegant and sophisticated lady. Lauren's luxurious corset and her refined beauty suggests she belongs in such a setting. So we have 121 wonderful photos of an extremely gorgeous woman. Very pleasing indeed.

Hi Neil, I can't believe you've waited so long to look at one of my Muses' photos! Better late than never ;) You are right about Lauren's eyes, they are magnificent, I find them sweet and hypnotic at the same time. I am glad you appreciated the setting, sometimes it's difficult to create a credible one when you have already shot many times with the same model so it doesn't always work. But Lauren's beauty makes everything look good, so the success is always because of her ;)

Another fine piece featuring the gorgeous Lauren, she looks amazing in that corset, the removal of the knickers first, whilst delightful alone for the unveiling of a beautiful vagina, really serves to highlight a models legs magnificently and Lauren has great legs!.

Nice work once more DG, as prolific as you are it's a real achievement to see the quality of your work remain so very high.

Hi bobblehat, I am particularly happy to read you enjoyed the strip tease leading to the view of Lauren's most delightful parts.
It's great to have my work published more often, it's a good reason to keep working hard and hopefully increasing the quality and variety.

I won't be long winded today after the thread of more than 100 posts on my last set with Sally.. Just few words as usual on this set with Lauren. It's one from the first shootings with her, the early spring 2013 and I can see the difference with our latest ones, which I consider better under several aspects. I would say that this set is nothing special and has no actual peculiarities except maybe the corset, the setting is very simple so the whole stage is for Lauren to show her beauty/bellezza in front of the camera. Since these photos are from over one year ago and I can notice myself that during this time my style has evolved and the fact that I am using different lenses influences my most recent work. Although this is probably not one of my best works with Lauren I hope there are a few good things for you to enjoy.

Thank you for your insights. Always appreciate your comments. I respect how you feel about the set and your own work. For me this is a wonderful combination of two things...my favorite MA photographer and the model that I most adore and revere. I hope there will be further collaborations between you and Lauren.

Hey JinNJ! Thank you for liking/respecting the set and for letting me know once more the consideration you have about me and Lauren... You can bet we will keep collaborating to please you ;)

Great set all around!...it would have been fun to see a few shots of Lauren mimicking the painting on the wall.

Thank you for presenting Lauren at her best!

Hi RJinCO thank you for appreciating! Your idea about the painting is really interesting, I actually had Vanessa Angel mimicking another painting the other day during our shooting.. you will see ;)

I tend to agree with your assessment of this set DG. And I was very disappointed that there was not one single shot of her bare backside. 33 was close, but limited in it's scope...;o) The corset I saw as just another "prop", but played it's part well. The girl is magnificent but you've done so much better with her as time has gone by. Thanks for all your input here, and I always look forward to your work. And btw, the color and setting of this piece were very easy on the eyes... Overall very pleasureable set, but then "Lauren" IS a very beautiful subject!

Hi DG.

With respect, I think this is one of your best works with Lauren. Just occasionally, a MA set demands to be viewed frame by frame, and this is one of them. It is down to the eyes and facial expression, and it is what sets a human being apart from a sex object. I note that only 13 out of 121 shots do not feature the face or head - is this a record?

Hi Wanderer! I am pleasantly surprised by your comment and I am starting to see this set under a different perspective. Maybe I am too used to see Lauren since we have been collaborating several times together but I probably haven't realized how "real" and magnetic she looks in these picture, almost without self-defences, totally true and direct. Probably her facial expressions are so real that appear so normal to me but you viewers can notice the difference. It must be like that. I don't know if it's a record but I think that I was unconsciously caught by Lauren's magnetic eyes so they are in almost every picture... Thannk you for opening my... eyes ;)

Lucky you! When can we see more of her?

She has become a regular here, at least every month, sometimes less. For my part I stil have a few sets with her and I have planned to shoot again by the end of the month.

I am not a corset type guy but Luce is a whole nuther thing! and I can hang in long enough for her to dump it. Especially if your showing shot of those awesome female parts while I'm waitin. ;) (^>^)/

Hi hipshot, it seems you are changing your mind on a few things lately...;) In effect this old fashioned corset looks so classy on Lauren. Very glad to know you appreciate the set.

Changing my mind? I wouldn't exactly go that far. More like becoming a bit more flexible due to your skilled touch and the models involved. It is easy to make exceptions where Lauren is concerned. Lauren is already a classy model thus it is more the feeling of the set and Laurens classic beauty that makes the corset acceptable. To me a simple transparent singlet and a set of simple unadorned highrise panties would have been a lot more sexy on her and much more classy. IMO it is better to dress down a gorgeous woman than to try to "guild the lily". A beautiful woman in her own undies that she might wear at home to lounge in when she is just relaxing with a good cup of tea or glass of wine is to me as sexy as it gets.

I know I know hipshot, I didn't mean you would actually change your mind but it's good when you make exceptions due to my work and to the models I shoot with. And I have in mind your preferences about outfits so be sure that I will keep taking them into account during my shootings, you are not the only one to like it that way ;)

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