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I liked it. Beautiful model and a delicious bottom. I thought the use of the SECOND mirror was interesting.

If all this site did was post sets of Lauren fully clothed, going about her day, I would never cancel my membership. Thanks for this one! She's just fabulously beautiful.

Love the girl, love the set! Never tire of that sweet face! Great room! LOVE that mirror frame!! May be an older set, but age has not taken away from it's appeal.
I wish people would stop telling me how great her work is on other sites that I cannot afford to join!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Let's get a mattress and have a ball!

Lauren Christ is totally beautiful, and Luca Helios has done a perfect job of photography. This is a perfect set, and I agree with bibblefuss, if you don't want art, don't join. I have been a member(Minus some months in the hospital) since 2000, when it was Most Erotic Teens, and they only could put up 2 pages at a time, and the girls had to chop wood for the steam powered server.

P.S. Don't miss her movie "Shower Quickie" on SA. She explains why girls have to sit in the shower sometimes.

What is up with all these out of focus pussy shots ?

Enough already !

Often times the photographers on this website take photos to show how clever and creative they are.

Do us all a favor : Take your "creative" shots and start your own website with your clever little photos that no one will subscribe to.

In the meantime, the owners of this website need to remember this is an erotic site and make sure that's where the focus remains.

If I want to look at photos of beautiful models faces, I'll check out Glamour Magazine.

You've done an admirable job of ignoring the "Art" part of the site's name while placing all emphasis on the "E".

Buying a membership in a web site and then complaining that it is what it's always been is an interesting phenomenon. Good luck with that.

fwiw, those "beautiful models faces" are what separate Met-Art from lesser sites - where you'd probably be happier.

Happens every day! Everyone has their list of "what I want" but expecting a site to change just for you is silly. Met is far and away the best "glamor nude" site on the net. They have hands down the most beautiful women anywhere and they do a damn good job of finding new talent and keeping things fresh and inviting. Some of the photographers have traits that I hate but on average this site shows far better taste than any other I have visited.

However, I must agree showing a half a dozen spread photos in a row without once focusing on what the model is presenting for us is NOT what I expect from Met and I will grade the set accordingly.

Strikes me it's a lot like the average female mind set.

They love you until they marry you -- then they spend the rest of the marriage trying to change you into something else !!

Pardon me if that sounds sexist -- merely an observation on life's irony. No offense intended.

My intent was never to belittle the beauty of the models on this website.

From what I have seen, MetArt hands down has the most beautiful models on any erotic website. No contest.

The point I was trying to make, which I obviously didn't do a very good job of, is sometimes these photo sessions becomes an ego trip for the photographer to show how creative they are instead of the emphasis being placed on the beautiful erotic model where it belongs.

  • 1 year ago:

Couldn't have said it better bibblefuss!

No, this is not a great set. There are very few of the photos where you can see her entire body. You get a piece here and a piece there in a mirror. You have this beautiful woman and you continuously cut part of her body off. That is not a good set to me.

These experiments with the made most of the photos unerotic.

If one Lauren is good the 2 is fantastic. We got our monies worth on this set! twice as much Lauren at no extra cost. Gotta go with swplf2 on this one. A really nice of a very special lady with all the details well covered and I must say the Lauren has a great set of details,top to bottom

Actually a rather surprising set by Luca IMO great use of the Mirrors and much more creative than he normally shows. Lauren is at her playful best and is in great shape and the mix of head shots featuring her beautiful eyes and expression with the detailed displace of her lower lips etc was well done. The cute little landing strip trim worked very well. Over all one of Lauren's best sets. Her use of mirror for Luca played very well. The front and back images together and in some shots a third image was very creative, and overall this setting was definitely something new. They both should be hapy and proud of this entry.

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