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I was away for a couple of days so this morning I open MetArt to find my favorite model Lauren shot by my favorite artist. What a great way to start the day!

It's great to have you back here. You know how I feel about your work and I think you understand the respect and appreciation that I have for you as an artist and a person.

Your thoughtful comments are one of my very favorite things about coming here to look at beautiful women. I have come to genuinely respect not only your art but your humanity. The encouragement that you have received from the community including other photographers is a testament to what a good man you are! Things will be better my friend! It may take a while but you will be stronger and more creative than ever. Bravissimo!

And by the way...Lauren is so lovely and you capture her beauty so well. How very fitting and appropriate.

Best to you always.

I know how you feel about my work and about how I have been feeling, your support messages are always welcome and it's great to know you are there to help if I need it. Although I am still having difficulties planning new shootings I am feeling lots of positive energies wherever I turn: models, agencies, website staff, other photographers, members, friends.. It's very challenging to be in such a circle of extraordinary people, all deserving respect and appreciation for their parts.
Whenever I hear appreciation for my work and for my comments, all coming both from my artistic and also from my human side, then everything feels so real.. Not just pictures of beautiful and perfect women, but the whole connection between all these little pieces creating together a unique world.
I will really treasure all these encouragements I have been getting and still get - comments, facebook messages, tweets, e-mails, chats - to transform this all into the foundation of my new start, which has been already with Nici Dee coming to shoot in Italy, although that had been already planned before the disaster, so now that I have just arranged a new shooting again in Prague - same place from where I was coming home that day one month ago - I really feel I am back on my own feet again, because it's the first "active" action since then. I have reasons to believe that the creativity and inspiration will be already close to what they used to be, with the help from all of you.
Thank you so much, I really appreciate and I am willing to give back what I have been getting lately from you and the other extraordinary people.

I will surely treasure this thread of great posts, I thank you all for keeping supporting me in such an incredible way. You all gave me new strenght and I am ready to shoot again in few days, probably Prague and Budapest. I will keep you updated and hope to be able to show you a good work.

P.S. "Thanks" also to the one who found the time to give me a "1" as a photographer (7.11 with 283 votes, 7.08 after 284 votes), luckily words are more important than numbers..

OK guys, you know what to do. Click on Deltagamma's name at the top of this set and give him the rating he deserves. You and I know what that is!

Too kind fer... If only I could get less 1's it would already be great... :)

Don't worry DG, that number will be back up over 7.12 really soon, I predict. ( :
Just keep your eye on the camera... your fans will do the rest for you. ( :

that's so nice to be heard.. thanks fer, I have confidence it will happen and I'll work hard to this goal

Whoops, I meant 106!

whoops I meant 106 too! ;)


Hello DG,

Photographing successfully under the sun is hard but you have done it wonderfully here. The set starts out with a bang in images 1-6 with a sense of spontaneity that makes you feel that you are there yourself. Images 53 and 59 dial in the light and the model's confidence in her beauty and the sequence 101-106 puts her into the background while separating her from it, totally dials in the light and reveals such spectacular curves that you can be confident you truly have an eye for the work which is something no one can steal from you. Image 104 is something your model can prize for a lifetime.

Hello Reflector,
it's nice to hear appreciation about the technical aspects of this set, I have been waiting for the right light some time before the sunset in order to be able to shoot in direct sunlight which was soft enough. The sense of spontaneity I guess is due to the very good connection with Lauren throughout the shooting, allowing her to express her confidence. The sequence you write about was obtained using a tele lens and having Lauren in front of of some darker trees a bit further, so that her pale skin would be highlighted, she was also in a position a bit higher than my POV, resulting in a "statuesque" effect and giving more visibility to her intimate parts. I asked her to show her body to the camera and she enjoyed it as you can see. I agree with image #104, the combination of the pose, the look, the lighting and the framing is really unique. I am glad you enjoyed this set, I'll be looking forward for more comments from you. Thank you.

Hi DG,
Been meaning to post my appreciation of your work for some time but I tend to view all the new sets a couple of weeks in arrears so it's usually too late. I decided to look out for your next set and view it on the day and I'm glad I did. Sorry for your terrible bad luck but as you say, it's at times like this we learn who our real friends are. Love all the sets of Lauren but Sunshine remains an all time favourite. Best wishes and I look forward to your future sets, especially of the stunningly beautiful Sunshine!

Hi jazzman, I am also glad you decided to see this set on the day for once, it's always good to hear members' opinions about my work and preferences about models. As you may know Sunshine is also one of my favorite models and shooting her is always challenging for me. I had planned a new shooting with her in august before the misfortune happened, but now i think I will have to postpone. But never mind, I still have a few sets to be published.
Thank you for your sympathy about my loss, as you say it turned into an opportunity to find some real friends and very nice people.
Looking forward to showing more work soon!

hi Delta!
hi all guys!
hi family MetArt!
I am glad that you all supported Delta!
my English is not as good as I would like.
nice to know that there is friendship, professional cooperation and humanity.
I work a lot in Russia and Ukraine, and I see a situation that is happening here.
There are a lot of misunderstanding among people.
So I'm glad that you, Delta all so supportive. Respect members, and K, and MetArt. I see that people can be kind to each other.
I am glad that we are all together create beauty, support, love is the opposite of war.

Please be assured that your lack of confidence in using English does not weaken your voice, your courage to "feel the fear and do it anyway" only makes it stronger, and the diversity of opinion from many cultures is most certainly a positive thing. Obviously most of the regular comentators are American. I'm not, and have a different view from the mainstream.

It is not surprising to me that Metart subscribers, being at least partially interested in the art end of the erotic spectrum, have a degree of empathay higher than what we normally see in online commentary.

"Nice to know that there is friendship, professional cooperation and humanity."

Couldn't say it any better.

Well said, Albert... in the end, it's the love that matters. ( :

Hi Albert!
your post is another positive thing originated by my personal disaster, I am very glad to hear from you in this occasion!
After Luca Helios' post you are another proof that this virtuous circle of beauty, eroticism, ideas, respect, support, friendship is really the opposite of war and all the negative things in life. All together - models, artists, metart staff, members - we create a shelter from the bad things outside, a place where we know we can all get positive feelings and values, a real treasure.
Thank you for your professional solidarity, it's really nice.

DG, I was shocked and saddened to hear of your July misfortune. The part where K and Jon stepped up to help out shows that there really is a sense of family at Met, to those that think it is just a website. I'm also grateful to 'sw' for his part and for sharing it with all of us. I'm sure you were the subject of many prayers. I only wish there was something I could do to help. I'm so happy that you are bouncing back into things. You still are 'the same photographer' you used to be, thieves can't steal that talent from you.

This is a good set of Lauren. I have never seen you fail at those common challenges of outdoor shooting that some other photogs here have. It is symbolic, yes both to shoot Lauren again and to post this set today. I think Lauren is one of the girls that really helped the membership take notice of you. Take care, my friend.

Hi kilroy, you brought another piece to this unexpected witness of how extraordinary this "not-just-a-website" is, a real family I found out. I have to thank many people, I have done it and will keep doing it, even when the effects of this misfortune will finally end.
Thank you for still believing in me as a photographer, it's important fro my self-confidence and gives me strenght to go on with my photography and keep improving.

Hi DG I'm sorry to hear of your loss, and glad you had this set of Lauren Christ. She is a perfect model outdoors, and this is a good take of the classic soft, curvy, girl vs. hard, sharp, rocksIt's a classic because when done right,as it is here,it shows off the model and the artist. I gave a 10++++

Hi 5sd, I am also glad to be back with Lauren, she is a perfect model anytime anywhere, a real pleasure to work with and the best conditions for expressing oneself, I am always looking forward to being inspired by such a young woman.

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Good to see you again!

The Seller

Good to be here again, the seller ;)

Those last ten shots are very endearing...:o) Lauren is just as sweet as she can be!! I would LOVE to ride with her, before or after "other fun activities". I fear that the fun and excitement of horseback riding may be a thing of the past in some parts of the "modern" world...

Yes rachsback, very sweet moments I couldn't help to catch.. A horseback ride? I think Lauren is one of those who still enjoys its fun and excitement, she is a sweet old fashioned girl ;)

Dear ΔГ,
I read your narrative and empathize. ~9 years ago I lost my home and 99.99% of its' contents (I salvaged a portrait of myself + my 2 Persian cats, "Thelma & Louise" and a crucifix which were hanging high enough on the wall that they escaped the storm surge waters)in hurricane "Katrina". I do not relate this for sympathy, I DON'T want ANY. I relate this so that you will understand where I am coming from. A great lesson in life was learned very quickly post "The Storm" (which it is referred to locally, not "Katrina"). What I learned is that the possessions lost were just "stuff" and can be replaced. What I salvaged from the ordeal was my life, my family, my friends, my community, my health and my future. The "stuff" I was replaceable. The things I salvaged are many orders of magnitude more important. Think, if you will, for a moment about the billionaire who is dying of cancer and would give his entire fortune for your health. It is this thought and experience which guides me to thank God for what I DO have, instead of dwelling on what I do NOT have.
You WILL recover from your loss, trust me on this. And do not despair, it will not take long. Attitude is 95% of the recovery process. If I knew how to contribute to your recovery process, I would.
Take care and God bless!

Congratulations for moving on so well, Link, you have my respect.

Dear Link Hogthrob,
your post really touched me and made me realize that my "disaster" was a "small" one, which can be overcome. Of course it was a shock, the feeling of a part of your world which has disappeared, and a strong rage for the violence by those people who don't care about other people's worlds contained in personal belongings. I really admire you, you now must see the world from the truest perspective, and many things that we normally consider important or valuable must appear very small to you. So your words are another lesson for me, I have lost "stuff", I have lost money, time, work, self-confidence for a while, but I have kept everything else in life - which was already a lot - and found a whole world made of great people, like you and all the others who surprised me with their caring words, which is much more valuable than what I have lost, because it is turning into energy, will, strenght, wishes, and new inspiration forr getting back the weight of what has been taken away. I am recovering quickly and all this helps to speed up the process. I already have ideas, not only work harder but maybe a crowdfunding/kickstarter project, in order to give back something concrete for those who are going to help, but you all are already doing something to help me.
Thank you for this great perspective on life after "THE STORM", it's a toguh lesson that reminds me what is really important in life.

@ ΔГ...
OK then. Let's pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and take on today like it's the first day of the rest of our life...which it is!

LH.. I totally agree on this, and today really seems the perfect day because it's been exactly one month ago that my stuff was stolen (7/19-8/19), right this morning I got a new laptop to start working seriously again and a friend offered to ship me the new gear offered by Jon.. Let's start over again, there's a whole new life out there to be lived!

@ Link Hogthrob:

I admire your attitude, this post, and that you saved Thelma and Louise.

I'd ❤ to "horse around" with Lauren!

Dear DG --

Thank you for the long post -- nice of you to share with us. Sometimes it's nice just to talk -- and nice just to listen.

VEEERY glad to see you are back with us. And VERY, VERY glad your talent has returned.

Of all the waste in today's world -- talent may well be the most grievous.

Welcome back -- and all the BEST, my friend.

Dear Dreadnought,
I always believed talking and sharing thoughts could represent something nice on its own. Now more than ever I know I was right, because exchanging ideas creates a power that grows stronger and stronger, and in this case helped me go through a very bad moment.
Hearing people, like you, feeling glad for my return gives me a lot of positive energy and makes me aware that "talent", if ever I have some, has a magical power and can never be stolen. Obscured for a while maybe, but not stolen. And it will be my commitment not to waste it.

Lauren's beautiful body shines with nature.

Great to have DG back safe and sound.Justice will prevail.

Thank you HWU, I also think that justice one day will prevail somehow, in one way or another

I am so glad to see this set. Not just because I like Lauren so much but also because it marks a new start and that is so good to see. I agree K could not have picked a better model for this occasion. It is a very lovely set and I am sure there are many more coming in the future. They may have stolen your work and equipment but I feel confident that they did not steal your talent or your gift for working with the girls. I am very much looking forward to your new work.

I am also glad hipshot, Lauren is the right model as a link between the "before" and the "after", a great wish for the near future.
Yes they have solen my latest work and my equipment but I can replace them somehow, what I am still lucky to cherish is the talent as you say, I am really looking forward to showing you the new work and hearing your honest feedback.

Now, if this kind of sight were more common out in the country, I'd probably take more "nature walks." ( :
A nice collaboration between you and Lauren, DG... I esp. like the shots at the end with the horse. It seems I am not the only one to succumb to Lauren's charms.

I put the shots with the horse because it was a very nice and spontaneous moment. After the ending of the set we took a walk around to enjoy the place before sunset in the golden hour and met these horses, they were very sweet to Lauren and they came close, she loves animals and they must have felt it. A very nice "nature walk" indeed.

Another great set of Lauren, beautifully uninhibited, she's always a delight.

a true delight bobblehat, this set makes me look forward to shooting again with Lauren one of these days

After more than one month from the disaster that hit me one of my sets is published on Metart again, and it is with one of my all time favorite, Lauren Crist.
For those who are not aware I will recap here.

In the middle of July I had planned a shooting in Prague with Sapphira, Nici Dee, Vanessa Angel, Paula Shy, Dido A a newcomer for Metart and a couple of other models for other projects.
The shootings went smoothly and I was very satisfied about them, I would say very happy but this word sound strange to me now. I had shot about 25 sets, mostly for Metart and a few for Sexart and TLE. IT had been 3 days and a half of hard work, starting in the morning and ending at sunset, hardly the time to do the backup in the evening, eat something and then get rest. I know there are harder jobs.. This is actually my second job, I have a "real" one during the week, so I know that I should feel lucky about shooting for Metart, and I do feel very lucky.
So, back to the end of the shooting. The morning after I woke up early to catch my flight, got back to Rome, a very hot day, I was tired from the days before and the early awakening, was waiting for the local train to take me home, I was looking forward to have some rest in order to prepare the submissions in the evening to send to K. The train was arriving, when a foreign man suddenly approached me and distracted me for few seconds, I turned my head while the fellow thief arrived swiftly from behind, grabbed my backpack with all my photographic gear, computer and hard disk, which was sitting next to my foot between me and my trolley. He ran across the tracks few spells before that the train passed by, so that in case I saw him and to run after him I would seriously risk to be hit by the train. But I didn't realize it on the spot, I saw everything on the CCTV of the railway station the day after.
So, this is the disaster that several of you already knew from my comments on Sexart and on my facebook profile: I lost all my photographic equipment and all the work in one damned moment. I know I made a mistake, but still the feeling of such injustice has been hurting so much since then. They took away a part of my world, right when things were turning great and I had a lot of enthusiasm and big plans for the summer. Instead all the plans and ideas were blown into a black hole which didn't leave me anything.
At least this is what I thought right after the theft, because after a couple of days some friends got to know about the fact, also thanks to my wife who wrote to K, and also thanks to some MA members (one in particular) who let Jon know about what happened. Everybody offered help in many different forms, and took me out of the shock in a short time, making me really feel that I was not alone. The Metart network became a real family to me, I had concrete support from the administration and from the members, a real circle of friends who helped me to be back on my feet very quickly. I had offers of hardware from the U.S. by some of you, an Italian friend lent me his gear (the same I was using), and then the "Allies" of Metart came up with a real plan: I had all the approved sets payed in advance, before even uploading the pictures, and Jon offered to ship a great gear to be paied in a few installments shooting for the network. I was so surprised of such a great support, I could never imagine that only for the fact of being a Metart photographer who went through a very bad moment I would deserve so much. It felt like giving some art and imagination through my work and getting back something very concrete, which really helped me to be out of the worst time of my professional life in a very short time.
Few days after I had already scheduled a shooting with Nici Dee, and I wanted to cancel it at first, but thanks to the support I got and the gear lent by my friend I could afford the shooting, and it has been the best therapy to fight a sort of depression I was risking to fall into. With Nici it has been a very nice time together, enjoying summer in Rome and shooting the first "post-disaster" sets, and the last ones in the apartment where I have shot Sunshine, Lauren Crist, Vanessa Angel, Sally.. There are a few special sets we shot, I will let you know about them in detail when they will be published, just keep it in mind for now.
As Nici left I moved to a new apartment, it was another stressful period, and after completing it I fell into a short depression-like time, which was mainly due to the hard month I lived, non-stop from the "lost shooting" to the moving, with the theft, the work during weekdays, the shooting, the moving, the plans for recovering and buy back my gear.
But after a few days of rest things are getting better again, and I am even feeling like planning a new shooting in Prague soon (with priority to security measures this time, at any level)
This long winded post was to make you all part of what happened to me in this last month, I thought I would not be back for a long time, but thanks to many people including most of you members I feel I can be back with new work soon, I am just waiting for the new fast internet connection in few days so that I'll be able to upload the last sets with Nici Dee and for the next shooting which I would like to repeat with the same models I worked with one month ago to try ease the pain for loosing the work from the previous shooting.

About this set now, shortly.
It was shot last year in the late spring, my second shooting with Lauren. It's the last set shot outdoor during a day spent in the nature (we shot there also the set Espaziora and Gronne, same places of set Sonen with Edwige A and Luka B, Berasa with Mia Sollis and Maranthe with Edwige A). You may notice that although it was a warm day Lauren started feeling a bit cold when a cooler breeze was blowing, probably more tired than cold because it had been a long day, so after this set we packed and went home for a good dinner. Despite all I remember the very good connection with her throughout this set and the others too, we all spent a very nice day in a special place in the nature, we even had a picnic during a break with the cherries and strawberries that my wife brought (they were also used for one of the sets, not published yet).
BTW, I have just arranged a new shooting with Lauren, it was a symbolic decision to shoot again with her because she is the first model I started having a special feeling with, so she would be perfect for my new start.

I want to thank once again all those who gave me their unexpected support, Metart and their extraordinary members. I really appreciated all that and it really helped me to be back on track in a short time. I hope I will be soon the same photographer I used to be, and I am looking forward to showing you my new work.

After reading all of the posts here it is truly a amazing family. DG i am very happy for you staying strong during your hard times, i know it can be tough to keep your cool. Staying positive, and remembering your passions for photography will always win through your hard times. Cheers, my friend!

Hi MAP, you are right, amazing is an appropriate word for this family, with so many members following their common passion, like you do especially on the social network and I will keep doing with my own photography, trying to make female beauty everlasting in my photos for you all. Cheers, my friend! ;)

Hi DG,
your story sound to me like the more big nightmare of every photographer...
and u are in right telling that MetArt is really like a big Family for all the employees...
My best wishes for the future

Ciao Luca,
your message of solidarity is unexpected and very welcome. As photographers we should have the right to have our heads in the clouds in order to look for inspiration and create erotic visions for the viewers, but unfortunately we can't pretend we aren't living in this world, with its good and also its bad things. But as you say, one of the good things is the fact that Metart is like a family made of very nice persons who are ready to help.
Your wishes are very welcome and they will help me rise again to contribute to the story of this extraordinary family.

Thanks to those who assisted and supported our good fellow.

Right said Magwich, I will never thank them enough, they have been of great support and they keep supporting me still now.

DG - very sorry to hear about what happened, but also really inspiring to hear how the community pulled together to help you out. Please keep shooting - your photos combined with your willingness to share the "behind the scenes" stories about each shoot make you a real asset to MA.

Hi Zakk, this incredible community is one of the reason why I am more than willing to keep shooting, and your very nice words of appreciation for me is one more reason. Thank you!

"In our darkest hours we see the light of those who love us".
The most important things in life cannot be stolen.
A truly heartwrenching story DG, but it sounds like a happy ending and a new and exciting beginning! ;o) We await further brilliance from one of our favorite artists, and finest talents in the "network"!
Happy that you are safely back with us...

Hi rachsback, you are right about the important things in life, they can't be stolen and I learnt that also on this occasion.
As you also say now that the worst is gone the ending is turning into the start of a happier story which will hopefully bring some "brilliance" to this unique network. I am very proud to belong to it.

Excellent post and s very good set. Proud of you, my friend...

Hi my friend.. I could never imagine that starting to take part into Metart's comment section I would find so many great people who would help me in such a dark moment. I could add a thousand words more, but you already know what I mean.. Thank you again.

Thanks for sharing your story for those who hadn't yet heard, DG. Losing all your equipment would be devastating in itself, but losing all that work at once is such a tremendous loss. I honestly can't blame you for feeling depressed, but I am glad that you were able to finish moving anyway and work through your depression. I have every confidence that the artistic "vision" that inspired you before your loss will continue to inspire you as you move forward. I hope that as time passes the sting of this injury will grow less painful.

Hi fer, sharing my story helps ease the pain and find motivation to go on with more strenght than before, and the words from you and the others surely helps a lot. Thank you for having confidence in my inspiration, I will do everything to get it back and I will need feedback from you all to be sure I have found it again.

Great to see you're straight back into the saddle, looking forward to the new stuff immensely.

Hi bobblehat, thank you, I will be pleased to bring new stuff soon.

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