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Sounds like almost everybody wants to see more pubic hair and I am for it too, it is coming back in and tired of girls that look like they are too young, this girl is beautiful.

Welcome to Little Red Riding Hood.
You are simply wonderful.
In my opinion, immediately, in the top ten models of MetArt.
Wonderfully beautiful, totally uninhibited, smiling.
Laya and Egon I believe that taking pictures more beautiful than these would be very difficult.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Haven't looked at this set, except for comments. Just finally finished going through and commenting on Astrud's latest. A lot to praise, even if her bush is too small! :-)

But I see here a lot of people like and can like natural pubic hair. I'm assuming Laya's is?

Why doesn't that surprise me? Well, because as red-blooded men you should like a young woman's pubic hair! :-)))

And for that matter all the hair on her feminine body :-)

Nature put it there just for you :-)))

Later, Laya :-)

LOL No... I think she put it there just for YOU doug....;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Me and hair-lovers everywhere :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Should say me and girl-lovers everywhere :-)))

No... You had it right the first time...LOL

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I thought that if you loved something -- or somebody -- say a nice babe -- you'd love everything about her -- and that would include u-know-what :-)

Sure, if she chooses to grow it, like my ex did. Didn't have a single problem with it. But I'd have loved her equally as much had she chosen to shave. ( : She'd have been the same person either way.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well, I'm thinkin' about u-know-who. I don't love her any less; on the other hand I never would have "Met" :-) her if she hadn't been "hairy." At least I don't see how I would have.
And if I had, would it have been similar love-at-first-sight?
Hard to imagine. Who the hell knows?
Have fun with what-ifs :-)

One thing's for sure -- I know her better for seeing her both ways :-)

Doug --

Have you really set out to see just how many people you can offend?

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Depends on how many people are offendable :-)

A lot more than you think, slick....

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Then I apologize to all of 'em. I'm not trying to offend them, just make them think.
Guess that could amount to the same thing, huh :-?

The trouble is, I'm doing this on a site where the vast majority of people like or prefer 99 or whatever % shaved.

I like shaved to compare with hairy. But hairy would always be my first choice.

And I am against presenting nothing but shaved, which is what the vast majority of current girls do here.

I guess you know all that.

Also that I never would have joined if it weren't for one special beauty who has mixed it up.

Doug --

I appreciate the apology and the effort it took to make it, thank you. But I believe an explanation of my pique is in order.

I don't have a problem with a given amount of hair on a woman. As a matter of fact, I rather like this one.

I don't have a problem with YOU liking hair on a woman -- how much hair is your business.

I DO have a problem with all this proselytism.

Your daily rant on set after set of pictures has gone from humorous, to mildly irritating, to positively obnoxious, my friend.

I'm reasonably certain you have discussed this matter with "K", and I'm equally certain she has explained Met's business oriented policy.

I have a particular dislike for outdoor sets, lack of heels, etc, etc -- and you will see the occasional ill-humored remark from me about that.

But being an immanently practical man, I do not go overboard about it because I realize all the ranting in the world (yours or mine) will not change their policy. They have immense amounts of money at stake and will not risk the loss of one faction merely to please another faction when a "middle of the road" policy will get the most money. What's more -- I already know you are smart enough to know that.

What remains is the thought that this is a matter of principle with you. If it is -- then settle in and get a grip on reality. You can't fight City Hall.

If it's not a matter of principle, then it is simply to see how much controversy you can create -- a "tempest in a teapot". A complete waste of time and "totally illogical, Captain".

Finally, if you wish to "provoke thought" -- as you have said -- might I suggest, in a friendly, well-meant manner, that you choose your witty reparte carefully.

I'm quite sure every subscriber to this site knows what they like and what they dislike, and why. I am also reasonably certain that they are ALL red-blooded or they wouldn't be here.

I mean this epistle in the best possible manner, Doug. I'm not trying to make you mad, or to score points at your expense.

Having written enough for a magazine column, I will sign off --

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Outdoor sets and high heels do not equate in my book with 99-or-whatever % shaved, Dread.
Don't look for me to stop pointing out this lack of MOR-ness -- I'm pushing for more MOR-ness!
At least that's how I see it :-)

And that won't happen by giving up because I'm told City Hall won't budge.

The status quo/PTB always think if not say that, as long as they possibly can :-)

I don't intend to be obnoxious, but when I keep seeing the same old same old I'm offended, and so take my shots. You may have noticed I'm not the only one.

You probably know what's coming when you see my name -- skip on by!

BTW, I'm glad to hear you think some hair is OK. I consider that progress! :-)))

I'm just telling the truth as I see it. My understanding is that that is what Comments are for.

And I haven't asked "them" what their content policy is. I think it's pretty clear what it is. Actions speak louder than words :-)

Things change :-)

Doug --

Evidently you missed the whole point.

It's NOT progress -- I still prefer the woman be shaved. I always have and I always will. What's more -- nobody else is ever going to change their mind, either.

I will only say one more thing --

You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result ?

While you are waiting for the rest of the world to come around to your way of thinking -- DON'T HOLD YOUR BLOODY BREATH !!!

Discussion over --

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I'm not holding my breath! Obviously! :-)))

BTW, I didn't say you *preferred* hairy :-)

Just reflecting on your previous words.

That must include me. If I see one more smiley face, I'm gonna puke

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

It's not what you say, but how you say it :-)

Avoid my comments like the plague, Red! :-)

Funny- everyone, like me, thought "oh this should make Doug happy" and several of you mentioned that. But nothing from Doug himself! So what's the deal, he only wants to complain?

I have to admit, I love shaved, but seeing her sweet pussy framed with soft golden hair is pretty darn nice!

You should have let sleeping Dougs lie.

"Beware of Doug"

"His bark is worse than his bite" LOL

Thing is, he never sleeps!

Doug is everywhere! :D

Yeah, "fer" --

Kinda like the Black Death.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

He tries to keep an eye on things :-)

Reminds me of a Peter Himmelman song called "Eyeball"... :-)

And thaz right fer_realz, -- his preferences are found
EVERY-where :-)

Little Red Riding Hood, I'm the wolf, and I'm coming to eat YOU!!!

The Maker blessed Laya with many of the physical features that please me.

Congratulations to Laya for what I hope is only the first of many more visits.

Kudos to Egon, you certainly are doing a great job of finding attractive young ladies!

love it...first beer is on me Doug

Would have been much better with a clean shave.

So many here are shaved, can't this one not be without it being a problem? It's not the only thing that matters is it? (Doug, don't answer that;-))

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

There's always one in a crowd! :-)))

@ Frankieboaby:

That's a very definitive and judgemental statement!

It is your opinion. Something to allow yourself and other members some wiggle room to agree with you if they do; along the line of " for me, Laya would look better with a clean shave" might be more appropriate.

Unless you are a TROLL and trying to wind up you know who?

LOL I'm not sure frankie is all that well acquainted with you know who...lol



OH GOD !!!


  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Frankie is the equal-time complainer :-))

We have no fairness doctrine here!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

True! We need to write one up! :-)

A kind of Bill of Rights for hair-lovers -- including for girls who would be inclined to let theirs be :-)))

Laya is a perfect example of a real blonde.( real blonds are blonde with their pants down.)This is how you handle met virgins,take it slow and easy,decide to throw away the first pages, and soon you will have a perfect set,like this one. Egon Schniders set of Laya cant be beaten, I gave them both a 10++

  • Gary
  • 4 months ago:

Lovely model and set. And Laya thank you for not shaving! Natural is so much more interesting and artistic. Including the arm pits if you're inclined.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well said! :-)

Well anticipated! ;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I really liked "artistic" :-)

"Art is in the eye of the observer"...;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

And beauty, and sexiness... :-)


The seller

Beautiful, supremely fit, playful, provocative, imaginative, and very deeply arousing. :) Kudos to all!

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Little Red Riding Hood ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪ You sure are lookin' good ♪♫•*¨*•.¸.•*¨*•♫

You're eveything a big bad wolf could want --

Good ol' Sam.

Beautiful set and bush. It looks so soft. And it's rare to see a natural blond bush. Even most blonds have darker hair down there.

And someone has to say it, I guess the carpet does match the drapes.

Wow! Very delicious girl! I love Schneider's sense of humor, posing her on a 'shag' throw! LOL I look forward to seeing more of this 'honey blond' if this happens to be a current offering, and not something pulled from 'the depths'... YumYum!

@ Rock:

I nearly chipped a tooth on my keyboard until I realized what I was seeing was that shag / throw rug.


I should have referenced 72 and 74!

Very attractive model. Not sure what's going on with that wardrobe, however. Posing is a little boring and contrived. I'd put her on a more natural indoor location and get her to feel at home and take the pressure off to "perform" for the camera.

Put her in a bedroom between the sheets and you'd have a 10!

What a good debut set from the lovely Laya, even had a underlying Red Riding Hood theme to it, that thankfully was not too overbearing. A pretty good mix of poses, and solid photography.

She's about as natural as you get with her soft bush that turns light brown to blonde, showing us she is indeed a natural blonde. Who could complain about such a gentle covering? Not I, as one who usually prefers some degree of personal grooming. Bush lovers, and that irritating Doug guy ;-), rejoice, for today Laya is for you.

  • Rich
  • 4 months ago:

This is a great concept Egon, and beautifully portrayed. You created an adorable Little Red Riding Hood Laya, soft and vulnerable, yet confident at the same time. A gorgeous debut and I'm enthusiastic about opening your next set:-)

Very, very nice. I love the red riding hood outfit.

I love her cute little bubble butt.

  • H WU
  • 4 months ago:

Very nice Little Red Riding Hood debut.Laya got that sexy natural look with that bush and beautiful body.

A beautiful young woman. Lovely figure; great ass. My only suggestion would be next time she see a hair stylist or use a brush.

Love the soft, natural bush! We have a winner! Keep em coming Laya..

A real blonde...! Soft pubic hairs...! Love it...!

As someone who prefers his women shaved, paticularly if they colour their hair, I have to admit Laya is the exception that proves the rule. Her lovely soft natural pubic hair blends beautifully with her skin tone and dark blonde mane. On this girl it works!

I'm with yah, Billy. Who could object to such softness? It does work for her and it is not an unruly mess.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

See you guys, the wildness of pubic and other sexual hair goes with the animal nature of sex. Plus it's usually quite self-limiting -- that's why it doesn't have to be "groomed"; i.e., cut. Understandable that a lady wouldn't want it peeking out of her clothes -- otherwise, see my first comment above :-)
Just so you know an alternative POV :-)

Oh, we know your POV by now, Doug ;-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I guess you would :-)))

It just occurred to me that you are probably one of those disgusting old bastards that refuses to trim the fur from their ears and nostrils because it is "unnatural." That said: I have nothing against pubic hair, it looks good here. I consider it a grooming choice. I also agree with your opinions regarding excessive photo-shopping.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Nope, trim my nostrils, pluck my ears when the spirit moves me.

But those don't seem quite on the level with a babe's bush -- or underarm hair...


Glad to know you accept the pubic fur shown here. Wish more like you would speak up, so we could see more of it -- that is, more diversity :-)

Pubic hair is a important sensual and vital part of showing nudity... It makes a Girl look both adult and it set's a personal "touch" ... Where a Shaved girl misses a bit of her "personality" below...

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Yes I quite agree, obviously :-)

She removes part of who she is, part of her distinctiveness, when she gets rid of her bush.

Could say the same about all of her hair.

It hadn't occurred to me this may be one of the reasons for removing it -- to increase one's sense of anonymity.
Not just here -- throughout the whole industry.

I've put it this way -- in today's hi-rez world, models need something to hide. Pubic hair, et al, is the perfect candidate.

I like this young lady. ( : She has such a pretty face and is unashamed to share her treasures with us.
I'd like to think of her not only as the Little Red Riding Hood showing herself to the Big Bad Wolf, but also as an early Christmas present. ( :

  • Neil
  • 4 months ago:

What an adorable little sweetheart. Laya has a precious cute face and a darling feminine figure. I love her beautiful naturally honey blonde hair. Yes all of it. I hope we will see Laya often.

I like Laya. She's pretty that's for sure and has great body, I particularly like laya's boobs.

Great breasts, though I think her being classified as "small" is an injustice to Laya. Those are not small in my book.

An interesting newcomer and a natural blond too. The red riding-hood outfit was not a good start but once it was gone things got a lot better.

Doug, This one should fill the bill for you. :o)

Not just Doug! She's adorable. Good enough for the Big Bad Wolf to eat! Would you say she's a strawberry blonde?

She's a strawberry blonde.

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