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As the long days and nights of the siege of castle Headlopper continued the good Count Headlopper talked softly with the remaining Knights of the Dark Watch. He thank them for the bravery shown in battle and the unselfish sacrifice and forethought of give most of their meager rations to the princess from start of the siege. They knew has the masses of creatures gathered on the hills around castle Headlopper that their only chance of survival was the strength of the princess. The brave Knights of the Dark Watch tried to keep the princesses spirits high with tales of the good days of the past, the tales of green meadows and walks in the fields of flowers. After planting their garden of outstanding guards to help guard the road to castle Headlopper the princess kept a view and sharpen their skills with the arrow on the outstanding guards. Many times the shadow that walks would appear on the hill and the princesses tried in vain to reach him with their arrows, but alas the creature stayed out of range. The Knights were to weary to go on the night patrols and Count Headlopper also tired. The Bravest of the young and beautiful princesses came forward to the Count with a plan, she would lead the princesses on the night patrols alone without the knights.
She had a convincing way and weary Count stubbornly agreed with her.
The beautiful and cat like Princess Leana lead the first patrol and they staked the creatures of the night with their quivers of arrows. They had been seen and they were ambushed and suffered loss and injury. On the second nights patrol they again suffered lose and injury but the two nights of patrols of the darkness they had slain many of the creatures.
On the third night Count Headlopper lead the patrol of the darkness. They walked silently thru the woods without the torches. Count Headlopper
followed Princess Lena thru the woods, her young and beautiful eyes could see better then the weary Count could. They ambushed many of the creatures knights around a fire of warmth and slayed them all. The next morning the shadow that walks appeared on the hill again, and behind the creature was a giant catapult. They moved the catapult within range and begin to hurl diseased bodies over the walls of castle Headlopper. They had archers raining purple arrows over the walls. The Count told the Knights of the Dark Watch to man the catapult within the walls of castle Headlopper. It was too small to reach the larger catapult and the stones were few to launch. The Count ordered the knights to light the diseased bodies on fire with oil and launch them back over the walls. The Count also ordered the knight to light all the bodies of the dead of castle Headlopper on fire and launch them over the walls. The Knight of the Dark Watch protested this order, but the Count explained in a calm voice that the knights were to weary to dig graves and the ground of castle Headlopper was already drenched in blood and had dried to a stone like formation of dirt and blood. The brave knights agreed and begin to light the bodies on fire, even some of their fallen beloved princess were lighted on fire, after a gently good bye my dear princess kiss on the cheek. Count Headlopper personally kissed each and every fallen princess on the cheek and said good-bye. then with a stern voice ordered the torch be placed the body engulfed and the order to fire was given.
After all of the fallen princess had been fired over the walls the Count order the gate of castle Headlopper opened and stood outside the gate and looked up the hill at the shadow that walks. The Count threw his glove onto the ground and drew his sword. The sights and sounds of the battle of castle Headlopper had been too much for the shadow that walks.
The sight of the Count waiting alone and the glove on the ground was too much for him. That night the beautiful princess Leana lead a small patrol into the woods to search out the creatures, she could find none. The next day Count Healopper and the princess walked the hills.
They had left the land of the good shepherd, the creatures had gone and the days of darkness and the plague of blackness had ended.
Princess Leana is free to stroll in the meadows and fields of flowers again. But beware my dear princess, the creatures of darkness and gloom are watching your every move. Remember the long night patrols and keep a sharp watch on the shadows that walk amongst us every day.

Leana is amazing, as stated before, she has us all salivating! Pretty disappointing however, to see blurry and poorly-focused shots. Best to delete them, my friend.

If i had that girl beneath my bedsheets I´d be Superman! 10+

The seller

What a wonderful walk in the countryside, thank you beautiful Leana :)

This set is a good start being that it is a first for both model and photog at MA.
For Leana - I think you are wonderful and hope you come back to do more sets. You are a little shy here today, but I think that is expected. Don't be afraid to express yourself and I think you will do well here.
For Slava - Not bad, but need to be a little more adventurous. Get a little closer. The lighting is proper and Leana is not washed out, which is good for an outdoor set. Perhaps try an indoor set next time to get a better variety of poses.

Beautiful doesn't even come close to describing the beauty of this model !!! Perfection comes closer !!! Everything about her is perfect, from her shape to her eye colour, to her makeup, eyebrows, legs, you name it. My new favorite model, for sure. I only wish these photos were sharper. Please give me more!!!!! I love how she has just the right amount of matching pubic hair too. Very nice, thanks sweetheart!!

What a stunning beauty! Lean and athletic, but soft and seductive too. Wow.

What a stunning beauty! Lean and athletic, but soft and seductive too. Wow.

Gotta love a girl with some hair down there...

The last shot with the farmer in the background is an interesting change.


A lovely, sexy, beautiful woman. Those eyes are so intriguing!

Lovely cows.

Everything has a first, and yours is great start. I think you can only get better by doing more shoots for all to enjoy

Leana, another glossy pearl for the valuable necklace of MetArt.
The photos are far removed from the quality and style of MetArt.
They seem made for a farmers' cooperative.
A justification of Slava, say, that for all photographers is very difficult to govern, outdoor
the intensity of the light and White Balance (see # 32, # 33)
I do not understand why you continue to take pictures outdoors.
The beautiful pictures are made of very, very few things
that serve to highlight the main subject and not to suffocate it.
The orchestra accompanies quietly the singing of the soprano

I disagree entirely. The lighting was perfect for this perfect body. I greatly prefer light that reveals form, and doesn't obscure it. This is beautifully done. Thank you Slava!

Leana is a beautiful woman with shapely breasts, lovely eyes and a nice derriere. Nice debut for both Leana and Slava. I hope there are more collaborations in the near future.

Leana 9 , Slava 7 .

I agree because not all pictures are sharp... Pity.

Hi Leana. I suppose you think that just because you have gorgeous auburn hair, beautiful eyes, kissable lips and a delicious body that I'm going to rave on and on about you. Well, you're absolutely right. Can't wait to see more of you, in both senses of the term.

Leana you are a beautiful woman. A little shy for your first set here, but that leaves all the more to look forward to in the future. Hope to see you here again in the near future.

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