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I re-visited this shoot today, and I never fail to be amazed at what a sexy set of photos are presented here with Leila. She looks totally mesmerizing and the set, the dress, and the shoes are perfect. I like Leila with her hair in a braid or with it free and flowing........she looks great either way.......but I appreciate it more when it's flowing, as it is in this session. Leila's smile is warm and comfortable, and she continues to hold a top spot in my library. Gorgeous woman. Superb body and face. What's not to like?

A ten -- thank you!

Great set, beautiful model. Leila has awesome blue eyes and a great body.

Sooo sexy! Adorable sweet, tight, pretty starfish in # 63. Beautiful eyes, lovely smile, great set!

I agree good set, but I think Leila's earlier set with Rylsky, titled "Luxuria" is better, IMHO. Her true eye colors and better, more revealing poses, JMO.

Have her eyes not always been blue? looking back at previous sets I think they have.

Blue in some sets, brown in some sets, go figure? Pretty lady anyhow!

Leila your electric blue eyes are simply gorgeous.
I Love your mischievous smile....
Please come back soon!

Cute girl. Pretty eyes! But what I find interesting is that Leila's eyes are brown in the previous photo sets, yet now they are blue! Contacts, maybe, dosen't matter so much I guess. Still that's a very interesante coño! Algunas niza vistas de sus coño! ¡Único labios! Un montón de suaves, poco pliegues en esos grandes labios coño! Me encantaría ver más de cerca dentro eso bastante, poco, rosa cosa! Abra ello por completo, cariño, vamos! Me encantaría verlo abierto y jugoso, mojado. Gracias, Leila!

Leila is gorgeous and sexy, and I luv her uninhibited posing!!!

Leila is simply delicious and stunning but very ordinary set by Rylsky. Too bright light and insipid colours along with an odd fuzzy shot or two. It somehow fails to deliver for me.

I agree yojimbo , capitals mean shouting and as you say bad etiquette.


Too much noise in the back? A touch of wind, perhaps. Too many beans.

LMAO! Too much noise, eh! Touch of wind, perhaps. Full of beans, ¡Sí!

Sólo un idiota, lo ignoran.

I can not fathom why some people insist on constantly using Caps Lock any time they post something over the internet.The fact that you half ass attempt to use punctuation is even more baffling when capitalizing every letter is improper grammar not to mention the fact the typing in all CAPS is considered worldwide to be bad etiquette.

"Worldwide" is the grossest generalization I have EVER heard...
Habla Chinese?? IT'S ALL CAPS!! Look at how many "worldwide" languages have no u/lc...
What I can't fathom is why people have to be so petty, and critical of others over the most irrelevent bullshit!
And to repeat myself, looking for "etiquette" on a porn site, even a classy/artsy one like MetArt, is a bit delusional. So get over yourself and proofread your own comments before posting or risk appearing a fool for lecturing others about grammer...


OK, Point well taken, just havin' a little fun, already. Let's just enjoy the ladies!

I think a2m2 does it just to ruffle our feathers. Strange that 'a2m2' isn't capitalized...

Maybe capslock wasn't stuck when he created his memebership log-on, but has since gotten stuck by so sticky substance on his keyboard. I find the comments hilarious about all this though!

Correction; some sticky substance on keyboard after viewing too many photos!

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