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This girl has a very interesting look. I like how she's put together. Can't wait to see more. :-)

DG Thank you for your comments. Welcome Leila to the MA Network! I really like this new addition! Great smile with a fantastic body, a natural. Bravo! Looks like the furniture could match the mirror.

Hi MAPassion! thank you for your nice words of appreciation of both Leila and my work! You know? The other set with Leila was shot with the mirror ;) so you may see that set soon ;)

Deltagamma, thanks for the background info and thanks for introducing a new favorite and future star!!!

Hi Mondaysmanchild! I am happy every time my background info is appreciated and of course also happy you like this new model!

i personally thought this was about as good as any gallery i've seen on here, but, then it's what i like to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What wall colors, or shadows, or ………….. I guess my attention was focused else where, yum yum yum:))))) I just wish we had more models/photographers that would show it like this! thank you very much!!!!

Hi COmtnman1, glad to see you back commenting after so long. I could imagine you would appreciate this set, especially the close-ups which can compete to those of my first set with Lauren Crist in Virtuose ;) so no matter what colors, settings, costumes... ;)

Leila is a very pretty girl and a good model. However, I did not like the color of the wall behind her, I don't think it quite went with the costume. It did set off her skin tones, but I still would have changed it. I gave a 10+

Leila is a very pretty girl and a good model. However, I did not like the color of the wall behind her, I don't think it quite went with the costume. It did set off her skin tones, but I still would have changed it. I gave a 10+

Hi 5seadog, I found the wall good for a different kind of set, the color was not too strong and matched the pastel tones of the furniture, but of course the overall combination of colors (room-model-costume) is quite challenging, so I understand someone may not like something. But I am glad you liked the model and the set after all!

Welcome to Leila, red poppy with green eyes.
As time passes new flowers blooming in the garden of MetArt .

Beautiful Leila fair skin and caressing curves.
Beautiful Leila amused to appear naked.
Beautiful Leila happy to be a woman and eager to show it to everyone, naked and open.
Beautiful Leila surprised that her butterfly is so beautiful. (#44).

To complete the picture of an excellent set, a whimsical and sexy clothing which features a cheerful color and shrill, solar lighting and simple and pleasant ambience.
An excellent job.
Leila come back soon.

Hi gaetano maria,
you are right, the MA garden never stops blooming with new flowers.
It's great that you appreciated with your peculiar poetry the beauty and sexyness of Leila, the setting and the photography.
I will work hard on bringing Leila here again soon for you all

OK дг.
I am rooting for you.

  • Matt
  • 6 months ago:

Howdy DG!
I did not get to comment on your last set, was away for several weeks in China, really enjoyed that one.
Another great set here, love those redheads. :-)
Leila is a real beauty, thank you both for the great set!

Hi Matt! so how was China? could you connect to Metart from there?
I am glad you liked my last sets and my redheads ;)
Leila will be happy to hear another nice comment.
About redheads, I may shoot Sally A again in few days, I hope I will be able to bring her on MA again for you all!

  • Matt
  • 6 months ago:

China was great! Was my first trip there. My wife grew up there, we were visiting her folks in central China. Spent a few days in Shanghai, that was very, very cool. Ate a lot of the local food, stuck to bottled and well water, and never got sick. I was amazed at that. :-)
No Net connection except the few days I was in Shanghai.
Sally is a beauty, can't wait to see the next set!

thanks for the interesting window on such a big country like China.
I am in touch with Sally and she will come to Italy soon spending a few weeks, so I will have time to arrange a fruitful shooting

I vote an emphatic "YES!!" on the Sally shoot... but that won't surprise you! ( ;

fer_realz, it doesn't surprise me at all...;)

Great debut!

Warm and inviting, very sexy, and a gorgeous smile.

Thanks for sharing your beauty, Leila.

glad you liked Leila's debyt Birthday Cake, she is reading comments right now and she will be surely happy

Thanks very much she is beautiful and extremely sexy I can't wait til you and Leila gives us another beautifully sexy sets

Thank you dragon, I will be pleased to show you Leila in more sexy sets soon!

  • Gary
  • 6 months ago:

Leila is gorgeous with a great attitude and I hope to see much more from her.

Hi Gary, I also hope to show more of her soon, I arranged new sets few weeks ago and was waiting to see how this set would be taken by you members to see if she can do a follow-up to this debut. Let's see.

Hi all dear loyal MA members taking your time to let me know what you think about Leila and the set. I really appreciate! I was busy this morning but

Deltagamma, it's nice to know that some of the photographers READ the comments, that's great- thank you. It means you care enough to want to improve with each set and with new models. These girls are so amazingly cute and sexy, it makes sense to want the photography to be the best it can be!

RedPilot, I not only READ the comments but I also ENJOY reading them, exchanging interesting views on the world of beauty and eroticism, so I have to thank you all ;)

Well she's up to 8.08 now, but the rating system is pretty worthless, IMHO. Granted, I've seen better lighting, so knock a few tenths off for that, but Leila is SO cute, OMG (throb, throb!) And then call me a gynecologist if you want, but how many times do we get treated to a model pulling her lips apart? It's not just the inside view I like, but the naughty invitation from such a gorgeous woman. I gave this a 10, the low ratings just don't make any sense. But I'm not here for the ratings...

Hi RedPilot, I can't but totally agree with everything you say (the fact that you write mostly positive things didn't influence me... too much..;)).
I think that the labia and the cute smile are the most inviting features in Leila, so no wonder you liked that ;)
And I believe you're not here for the ratings ;)

I'll play 'Doug's advocate' here ;o)and proclaim the absolute irrelevence of the rating system, seein's how this beautiful gallery (of course, MY opinion) has garnered a measly 8 with 160 votes tallied... WTF!? And with 140 votes, this beautiful girl has not even broken the 8 mark!! I think there's "big trouble in River City"!! "I protest captain!!"

This is comforting rachsback :) I am reassured also by the fact that in most cases the comments are more considered than the ratings by Metart's photoeditor and administrator, so every time you write something it's worth it and counts more than a rate ;)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I'll just jump in here to say I'm more concerned by the model ratings/rankings than the set ratings. The model ratings/rankings have quite a bit more potential to hurt models and viewers. They are more personal. They are also determined, from what I can gather, in a shallow, one-dimensional way. Take a look at the top models page and see how far you get before you start goin' WTF?!? like me.
That's why I advocate either getting rid of them completely, or at least adding another dimension to them, to make them deeper and more human. I have proposed the idea of giving members one vote for their very favorite model. Something like this was recently tried on RylskyArt, with very interesting and gratifying results. Only 6 of Rylsky's models got votes, showing that not everybody has a number one model. But what is very interesting is that of the girls who got the votes, only 2 are in RA's top 20. (And I suspect their ranking got boosted by this vote.) These 6 ladies were singled out as special in a way not reflected in the -- sorry to say -- stupid numerical ratings :-)
I am so glad they were; in every case I can see why.
MA ought to add this kind of category to their model ratings. It would add a welcome dimension and warmth to an otherwise cold, baffling and annoying "system" that is hard for me to believe helps MetArt's reputation :-) It would also be an excellent way to point out models that may have been overlooked.

Doug, I totally second your concerns. I see that Leila's rating has increased a little bit, but in general it's never a nice thing to have models who put effort in showing everything in the most intimate way treated like that, with very low scores who could really offend or depress them. With sets it's different, the photographer can always make mistakes or make bad choices, fail technically, and should not be offended but take into account what viewers expect to see from him, so very low ratings are most of the times justified. With models it's different because it touches - like you correctly say - are more personal and one-dimensioned, so they should be sensitive choices. Maybe limiting the range of votes for models (like from 5 to 10) could limit this potentially hurtful tool. After all, if Metart - which we all consider THE standard for beautiful erotic models (and of course photography) - features a model it makes no sense that a few "unsensitive" or provocative viewers rate the model lower than 5 to show they don't like the type of model. It could be an idea and you along with other smart and experience members can suggest something in this sense, but the main point is that these girls don't deserve such negative treatments, since in most cases for them becoming erotic models is a choice influenced by life conditions or expectations that everyone must respect.
Yesterday night Leila was at a party and I wrote her about her debut, but didn't speak about her ratings, I just reported the many nice comments about her and she was happy about that, she wished to appear again and get more nice comments, although if she gets to see very low ratings for herself she could feel a bit down, but the nice words from many of the members will surely help making her smile anyway.

Well, if Leila ever sees the ratings, you can always show her other beautiful models with similarly low ratings, and explain just exactly how inconsistent and illogical the ratings turn out to be much of the time.
For example, as I've pointed out before, it seems that with every single model, even the at one time "top" models ~ ratings go down over time as more and more people rate them.
I certainly hope that Leila's feelings aren't hurt, and that she will read all the positive comments that have been written about her spectacular debut. ( :
She is beautiful, and I hope she feels that way ever day!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

That is a very good point. I was just raising Cain about people giving a girl or a set a very low number just because she doesn't shave her body. It's like, so what's she doing on MetArt if she's a 1 or a 2? Yet MetArt dutifully publishes these sabotaged ratings.
They do it in the opposite direction too, though far less distastefully.
The point is the bogusness of these numbers, which should not be taken seriously, but, unfortunately, are. It's hard not to feel a slap in the face. Do we turn the other cheek, or slap back :-?

Great thoughts their Doug, and yeah, it always pains me to think that girls might get low ratings just because haters give them a zero or a one just because they aren't their cup of tea.

Myself I never give a girl or set a rating unless I adore them and then I give them a nine or a ten. I don't see the point in dissing a girl who has bravely shown me everything just because she doesn't happen to be my cup of tea.

I am sure the Met-Art staff view the ratings system as a useful tool in deciding which models (and photographers) to buy or comission more sets from, but it doesn't take too much thinking to see how poor conclusions can be drawn if a bunch of zero-voters down-vote a model just because she happened to overtake their favorite on the top-20.

I'd love to see a system where you just see the number of people who have subscribed to that model, or thumbs-upped it for those who don't want to be spammed by Met-Art ... me I love being spammed by Met-Art when my fave models have a new set :-D

well said Droog, and I like your philosphy in giving scores and you suggestions.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

If that's its main reason for being there, to help guide MA decisions, I just hope they use it wisely. A hammer is not the best tool for everything :-)
Yes, I sometimes take the time to rate individual pictures, and almost always give them either a thumbs-up -- i.e. a 10 -- or nothing.
At least they now have comments here which I understand are taken into account; they can be far more revealing, of the commentator if not the commented on -- than the anonymous, simpleminded numbers -- which I would hope they are aware have limitations.
And you're right about that -- a girl may stir strong feelings either way -- if MA just pays attention to the naysayers they are missing something important.
The model ratings/rankings are to me an eyesore. If they're vital to MA guidance they should use them but not publish them.

Doug, from what I have learnt working with Metart's family they do care a lot about comments given by members and they take them into account more than anonymous very low scores, but that's the issue that goes with "democracy", you can't deny the possibility of expressing your preference even if you do it in a very disputable way. I am sure that you members come out with a very good and applicable idea Metart would seriously take it into account, but from what I know they have already changed the rating system last year and it has been a long and hard work, so I have doubts they would change all over again in a short time, since they are supposed to be more concentrated on publishing the most beautiful girls in the world ;)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Right! A work in progress is never done :-)
They should worry less about preserving their flawed system and more about getting things right. If they're tired maybe they should hire some fresh blood :-)

First thing that caught by eye was the red hair, then the low rating. So I viewed the photo set and then after regaining my composure (getting my tongue back in my mouth) I had to read the comments to see why the low rating. I figured this set is what all the want a be gynecologists have been wanting on so what's the problem. The comments seem fairly positive. But I'm still wondering why the low rating (7.99). Personally I thought it was a pretty good set but wonder why if this was shot 1 1/2 yrs ago, to where has this lovely redhead disappeared. Hope I don't have to wait another 1 1/2 years for her next set (I love redheads).

I'll check back later for the answers. I know I can count on a few of you...

Hi C6C791, it's nice of you to wonder about the low rating, I was also wondering but then I preferred to focus on the nice comments, I have also found out that ratings are sometimes difficult to explain, I guess they go with the weather conditions or the day of the week.. I also noticed that my score as photographer is going slowly down (5 new votes and score from 7.03 to 6.96), but that's just stats since I learnt to consider more the written opinions, although they are a small part of the total viewers.
The fault of waiting so long for showing Leila after so long is only mine, I have been quite slow in submitting her set, but MA was very quick to publish it from the moment it was ready. So you will probably wait much shorter before the next time ;)

Can only help a little. Delta's was first accepted as a artist by the Met family
sometime early in 2012. His first set published was on TLE and not here, that was on March 22nd of 2012. (Mia Sollis & Edwige) then on April 19th 2012 he introduced Grace C here. Delta is an Italian artist but has specialized in Czech Models. With all but 3 of his Models here being from there. In total he has had 51 Sets published by the Met family. (Met = 26 Sex = 19 TLE = 6) Somewhat ironically Grace C remains his highest rated Model on Met. Mia Sollis is in the Top 20 on Sex and he has published Sets of four others in their Top 20. As far as here (And on Sex) in the comment sections he was one of the First Artist to share with us on a regular basis. Rylsky was the other one. We now have several which join us. Delta was, I think, the first that every, got one of the models to also, using his sign in, to share their thoughts with us on either site. Like Ry he has gave this comment community a true insight into what is behind what we see. For whatever reason, however, he has also been polarizing. I don't know of anyone who is neutral towards him. We either love his work, and commentary, or hate him to the point of punishing his models by giving them unrealistic low scores. (Like 1's) I have had since the comment section began both public and private discussions with the Met powers to be about the ratings. As a result I now understand their problem and have shut up about it. You are, of course, correct the ratings of the models when Delta shoots them has no real relationship to the quality of the set or the model. But it is what it is. As far as the time between when the sets are shot and published. That is out of the Artists hands. Once they submit a set it is up to K to decide if and when to post. In Delta and for that matter Catherine also, all of their work is shot on location and not in studios. Both of them make trips to where the girls are. For the last couple of years Delta has made trips to Prauge to shoot. When he does he shots many sets, of multiple models and multiple sets of the same model. It would be interesting, but none of our business, to know how many different DG, Catherine, or any Artists sets are already in the pipe to post or still sitting on K's desk, so to speak. Thus I would guess K already has several sets of the "new" girl which is now at her (K's) discretion if and when we will see them. As a final note, overall the Met Models DG has shot have an overall rating almost a half a point higher personally than the sets shot by DG. Go figure, I can't! While I have again been long winded I hope this gives you some insight into this whole situation.

Delta thanks for your response. But I'm a bit dumbfounded. I know Delta is Deltagamma, the photographer, and I think "K" is the site manager. But if I may so boldly ask, just who the "F" are you swplf2, the site historian or some just "long winded" cheesedik that likes to hear himself talk?
Don't mean to offend anyone, would only like to know who's who.

ps. You did,t give me any insight at all to the situation!

swplf2 ("F" how I call him since we are in reularly in touch) will probably answer himself to your questions, but I would like to quickly say that he is one influential loyal member of the MA community who is into the history-philosophy-stats of the MA network due to his passion for beauty, details, network dynamics and a few other issues that he analyzes and then synthesizes in a way which is mostly appreciated (sometimes hated by few). Surely he stands on positions which are not neutral (either in positive or in negative terms) and most of the times give other viewers, even photographers and website administrators, a very useful tool and an interesting point of view.
There are other members belonging to the same "community" within the wider MA community, but very few have the same "years of service" and analyzing and expressive skills.
I personnally appreciate very much swplf2's contribution to the network's growth process and take seriously into account comments from him and from all those who put the same efforts and passion he puts into the comments section.

Great points F, you made an excellent recap of my MA network work, thank you!
Just one minor remark, I think my first TLE set was published in 2013 and not 2012, therefore my first set was the one with Grace C on MA. I will add some more notes later, but so far I want to thank you for giving me this "stats" perspective on my own work and for highlighting my efforts in the comments section. I will write you an email later ;)

Sexy and welcome addition!

I am glad kanobione, and Leila will be glad too to read this!

Welcome Lovely Leila!
You are breathtaking!
Please visit again....Tomorrow!


Welcome Leila. I wish you a successful career and us many more visits.

Thank you deltagamma74 for introducing Leila to us and for your backgrounder to her and the gallery; both are appreciated.

I know it borders on profiling and is not always true, but sometimes it seems that ladies with tiny ta tas have magnificent labia.

Baggy, about your last statement, I have made the same conclusion, and not just from this site but in real life.

Hi Baggy36Pants, it's nice to read your wishes for Leila, I will try to bring her more times to please your eyes and warm up your hearts ;)
It's always gratifying when my additional comments are appreciated.
P.S. You theory is interesting.. I will check out more often ;)

DG, this theory definitely needs more research... much more. ( :

Lovely girl, great poses, overall great set.

Thank you lucky! it's nice to hear you like that!

Welcome to our happy dysfunctional MA family, Leila! ( :
DG, I enjoyed this set for several of the reasons you enumerated ~ Leila's natural smile, the wonderful light tones of her skin, and of course her gorgeous labia. She seems to have an easy and fun time posing ~ and, believe it or not ~ I was going to mention that boa! (Just how girls seem to love them)
I am eager to see more sets from Leila, thanks for bringing her to us!

Hi fer_realz, so you see I brought a new addition to our "disfunctional" (nice one) MA family ;)
I am very happy to hear you liked most of my favorite features about Leila, and I confirm your impression of her having spontaneous fun posing and of course believe you would mention the boa ;)
Be sure that I will soon submit to K new sets of Leila so that you and the other fans can see soon more of her!

Davi, so we have you introducing a brand new model. And a very pretty one at that. Prugue shoot probably from 2013 or 2012. She Czech which has been your norm, so get on here and give us the story about her. I will have one slighth, very slight, criticism. If you are going to have the model start in this type of shoes, then pander to the show fetish group with at least one isolation shot. Your almost gyno shots of her pink taco were very well done. And that part of her is actually very photogenic especially with the spread butterfly shots. A couple of more head/portrait type shots would have elevated the whole set. Maybe even a b/w one. You are a master at that type of shot so when you do YOUR thing with them they are the icing the cake. So in summary good job again as is becoming your normal.... Listen to PHI... I bet she told you the same thing I just did...

Hi F, happy as usual to read your worthy opinion.
I am happy you like the Czech Leila, I will add something more about her and hopefully get a comment from her (although she is not fluent at all with English). She actually was happy about these photos, I showed her the previews and some extra pics after the shooting, she is happy to have nice pics of her.
Your criticism is welcome as usual and makes sense. I can say that being the set shot long before the comment section was implemented I did not think deliberately about all the features that could be appreciated by members (I just guessed that the gyno/butterfly shots could be liked in general), so if I shot this set now I would probably include more portraits and also focus on the shoes/feet. It's funny how I have plenty of this kind of shots with my last shooting with Sunshine I just had last week. One more proof that exchanging comments helps increasing the overall quality and meeting those viewers' expectations matching the photographers' style.
Phi actually criticized the choice of the red dress/boa...

Ha! That last is funny, because it really looks like Leila loved the boa! (:
(My opinion is that when the models are happy, is when they are the most beautiful)

I second that fer_realz ;)

Joy of joy in the presence of Leila !!!

She will be happy to hear such enthusiastic comments!

Here is my 26th set, with my 11th model featured, my 3rd new model debut (after Grace C and Nicole J).
Some background information:
Leila is a sparkling sweet girl, a life enthusiast and a model who is very easy to work with, bringing fun to the shooting.
I shot this set ione year and a half ago, on a sunny late spring in Prague, in a liberty-style hotel downtown (the same I used to shoot Lolly A/Candy Wais), actually the one where a scene of the movie Mission: Impossible was shot.
Given the colors of the room (light pink walls and yellow furniture) and Leila’s white skin and dark red hair I decided to increase the chromaticism of the set by taking out of my wardrobe some red accessories (I will tell you about the feather boa later).
When I saw Leila the first time I liked several things in her: the blue eyes, the natural smile, the pale smooth skin, the firm small breasts and the huge sexy labia.
She spoke just a little English, but we could communicate easily with a few words and some “conventional” signs, even with facial expressions. The mood was right so everything was quite easy.
I wanted this set to show Leila’s joyful smile and her ability to assume flexible erotic poses.
The shooting was fun and went quite smoothly, resulting very pleasant at the end.
I hope that you will warmly welcome Leila by showing your appreciation to her debut set, so that you will soon get the chance to see the new sets I have just shot with her for MA (and SA) a few weeks ago.

A little story: the red feather boa came from a set of 4 I had purchased on internet a few years before, now I only have 3 of them because when I shot with Ariel in 2008 I gave her a pink feather boa as a gift after our shooting since she loved it (but it was destroyed by her dog not long ago, she told me at the dinner we had last year).

Deltagamma-it is so cool that you add comments when your sets are posted. Another lovely Czech model :)...love your work!

Thank you JinNJ, nice to see you here again and to hear your nice words of appreciation ;)

what you wrote a comment, does not make your set good. bad photo, lots of shadows and all work on the 3 points! comments do not help to make a set better!

Arnib, where does DeltaGama or anyone else say that his comments make the set better? I, as many of the viewership apparently does, appreciate the background information of the shoot. I agree, it does not make the photos themselves better, but I have never had issue with any of DG's work.

You are entitled to your opinion, good or bad, but I don't understand where you are coming from.

Thanks kilroy, I started having doubts I wrote something in a way I wanted to influence the perception of the set in an acritically positive way, so your comment is not only welcome as usual but also reassuring in this sense.
Maybe it's Arnib's first impact with Metart's photography and he expects it to be all the same, but those who already belong to the family like you and many others know that every model, every photographer, every set have their own story, and all these differences make MA a special place for beauty lovers.

Hi Arnib, and welcome to Metart. I have the honor of getting your very first comment, although it's not a positive one, but I always appreciate the effort of expressing opinions and critiques, they help me improve and make my photography better for the viewers (even if you consider my photography bad).
I just would like to point out that in my background comment I don't write that my set should be considered a good one, help me understand where I wrote something in this sense please.
Also it's not clear where you see lots of shadows, although it's quite normal that lights create shadows, moreover I think they create nice volumes and enhance the perception of the roundness and the volumes of a body, especially in natural lighting conditions like in this set. I didn't catch what you mean for the 3 points, sorry, could you explain so I can understand and maybe reply?
Thank you for contributing to the comments section anyway!

Arnib, relax, let this be as it is, any effort put forth is of merit. No effort put forth lacks merit. Critique decides the personnel merit. Believe we will all have our say, in a polite way.

I like your point of view 6.5x55SwM

I completely agree with 6.5x55SwM regarding his view of Arnib's "comments". Photography is an ART, and therefore governed by one's aesthetics. No place here to decide the technical merits of how one appreciates the beauty of a "RED BOA" framing the folds of Leila's luscious labia?

Hi Bleukat9, it's funny how it is the first and only comment by Arnib and totally negative.

Well, it sounds like you have the perfect gift for Ariel's next birthday... ( ;

hehehe, good idea fer_realz.. but I'd better think also of a gift for her dog so he hopefully has mercy for the new boa.. ;)

Ha! Good call, DG. ( : Maybe one of those rawhide bone chewy toys? ( :
You could maybe drape it with a sacrificial boa. ( :

Thanks you very much for the writeup and the set of this lovely girl DG, I would love to see writeups become a regular feature for new models on their first set.

Hi Droog! nice to hear that, I also wish that more of us could find the time to amplify every set with some additional information, especially for new models like you write. For my part I will keep on doing it as long as it's apprecitated by people like you.

Great background info delta! I think we're going to fall big for this beauty! At least I am...;o) She's very beautiful and looks quite comfortable with herself and the process. I look forward to seeing everything you've done with her. Amusing story about the boa, and I love hearing anything about Ariel, who I'm crazy about. Assuming your talking about APF (as we now know her). Thanks again for bringing us this gorgeous Leila!

Hey rachsback! I am always very glad when my background info is appreciated, thanks! I really hope that Leila is appreciated by many, like you do, because she is a really sweet nice girl who enjoys giving visual pleasure, so you can be sure that I will give you more opportunities to enjoy her soon ;) I am also glad you and others liked to know about the boa, I thought it could be fun to know it, and surely I was talking about our beloved APF ;)

And did I mention Leila's absolutely gorgeous body!!? WOW!!

Obviously were both on line now, should have waited a couple more minutes before my posting

Leila, welcome! You look amazing and what wonderful legs you have. I hope you return soon.

I also noticed how perfect her legs are...just perfect!!

Hi monkeryma, glad you like Leila and want to see more of her, I am ready to submit new sets with her soon ;)

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