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amazingly hot!

Such a pretty girl. And those huge meaty labia r such a turn on. :OP

Best shoot and model I have seen for a long time.

Welcome to the gorgeous girl rich in red temptations.

Raw sexuality not seen since the days of Roy Stewart . Wow !!


This girl is fabulous. More please and SOON.

Finally, we get bedding with great color and texture, with luxurious folds to envelop the lovely subject of this presentation. Far superior to Hotel White. Too bad it clashes so badly with the hair. Our model's eyes and hair call for more blue.
The headboard far more interesting than most, model and artist do well with it.
29 is a marvel of a pose, one of the best I have seen. The eyes have it, as well as hands, feet, and every curve in between.
An impressive design for a bathroom. Far too cramped for posing.


I really like her. I hope she shows up more.

Some great poses. Come back soon - but without the stockings. Let,s have a look at her legs and feet. Unshaven pussy would be great too.

Lenat is a totally beautiful girl, and a skilled model. I didn't care for the setting,but hay,we all start somewhere.Voronin did classics like " Domina"and Anteres""in his livingroom,and improvised lighting by throwing sheets over lamps. Not to mention Met had so little bandwidth,or whatever, that they could only put out two pages at a time,and many sets like Andrea and Sharon E had in 'Field of dreams "had to be put out as serials.Fabrice and Lenai have done a great job considering,and I gave it a 10++++

After this gem, and the very fine set of Sofi the other day, I believe this Fabrice has earned a seat at the table!! This girl is absolutely adorable!! I could think of many better locations, but the photos and posing are very good, and I'm not here for the "scenery" anyway. I like everything about this girl, and hope to see a LOT more of her, and real soon... A very warm Welcome to both Lenai and Fabrice! Very nice work!
I like the leg warmers, but am anxious to see Lenai's bare legs...maybe next set...??

Were the bush to grow, I'm pretty sure it would NOT be red, Viking. There are a few great shots, but overall this could be better. Her labia are quite generous, that's a nice treat to see. In a few shots it looked like she was getting wet, and then suddenly it's all dry. Strange, would have preferred the trend to go the other way!

Wow, what a lovely sexy woman! This is a lucky do on MetArt!

Pretty girl. Would'a been a great shoot if it weren't for the ugly freekin' hip boots!

Sexy girl except for the alleged hairdo. Did somebody lose a bet?

Stocking through entire set. Why. :(

'cos they look SEXY on her. ( :

Right 0n the money Azrael

Love the contrast of red hair, light skin, and blue eyes. I can hardly think ofa less erotic place than a toilet, and wish the set would have started and remained on the bed. I would love to see more of Lanai in a better Location and without the stockings.

At the first shot I thought, 'oh, this is gonna be good.' Well, was I ever wrong.....Lenai's first set is incredible! Can't wait to see more of this sexy, petite nymph.

I love Lenai's significant eyebrows, beautiful eyes, smile with dimples, innie, ribs, alabaster skin, fantastic inner labia (an instant membership in MY perfect pussy club), perky breasts, glass cutters, delightful derriere, and puffy outer labia. She also has a ton of moles which must be monitored forever!

Lenai is another example of how sometimes women with small breasts are compensated by being blessed with generous labia.

Thanks very much to Lenai for posing, and Fabrice for finding, staging, and photographing Lenai.

Baggy, I know you were speaking of your personal PP Club, but I am going to take that nevertheless as a nomination into "the" PP Club, and second it. Any other fellow old farts want to chime in?
( : ( : ( :

(That applies whether you are actually old, like myself, or just an "honorary" old fart.)

Baggy, You're not the only one that has noticed that about smaller breasts often means generous labia. Dominika (today) is another fine example. When I was younger, I dated mostly smaller women. I found this theory to be true more often than not in my personal experience.

Lenai has a lot else going for her, too as you mention. She is a nice addition to Met's lovely ladies.

What a beautiful girl... what beautiful labia!
The black and white decor made a great counterpoint for Lenai's red hair, as did the gray/silver stockings. This is an excellent introductory set ~ I am hoping only the first of many to come!

Welcome, lovely! Gorgeous eyes, lush labia, and exciting poses. Come back often!

A nice trimmed bush will complement. She is not a true redhead though

Yep. Just check the hair color against color of eyebrows. Some women will go through the trouble and expense of getting their eyebrows dyed to match their dyed hair, but most don't take the trouble.


Grow a bit of bush...? Perhaps a perfect red one..??

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