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boring catharine

I love her fair and delicate looks . Lenny exudes a soft and sensual erotism.

loved the cover shot

too much lighting for a fair skinned model. poor control of lighting.

I would have never guessed this was a Catherine set. The colors are much different, but the poses and the warmth of the model's personality are characteristic of a Catherine set. Lenny Mae looks like an angel of light, or maybe the "Ghost of Christmas Past." (I always thought that Christmas movies needed more nudity, and especially more female genitalia). It's great to see new things coming out of you Catherine! Keep them coming!

  • 1 year ago:

What a gorgeous pink pussy and lickable asshole.

Hmmm. Could Dave1GTO be the source of the "lickable asshole" tags? I wish I had a claim to fame.

The comments don't seem to represent the rating on this set of Lenny Mae.

I think, in the "grand scheme" of things, it is easier/simpler to anonymously rate a set than it is to gather one's thoughts and put them down in a comment. Therefore, the comments represent a very distinct subset of the members overall, and are not necessarily representative at all of the raters.

I am not sure what to make of this. I have noticed that the ratings on most sets is lower than the overall rating of the model. As an example it seems that very few sets have a rating above 9.00, but there are currently 120 models who have an overall rating of 9.00 or higher. Does this mean that members like the models more than the photographs & photographers? I ask this because photographers are nowhere near as highly rated (currently Tony Murano is #1 with a rating of 8.13) as the models are.

Good observations, Ceska.
My suspicion is that most members rate models according to their attraction to the model, hence the high ratings.
The members seem to be hard on the individual sets because they compare the set to an ideal standard of how "their" favorite model ought to be shot, this ideal existing in their mind.
Finally, they tend to be very hard on the photographers because many photographers don't live up to the standard they set for their favorite model in their mind. Every time a photographer succeeds in living up to that standard, he/she doesn't necessarily get the actual recognition: but let him/her fail just once, and the member will not ever forget.
These are my ideas on the subject, but I could be wrong.

"Does this mean that members like the models more than the photographs & photographers?"

A resounding YES to this ceska! As arkie says, look at the model's home page to see her rating, and don't put too much stock in the rating you see on the individual sets. Plenty of members will give any set of a particular "artist" a low mark just because they don't like that artist...intending no negativity toward the model herself. It's a pretty screwed-up affair and at it's best when ignored...;o) I just come to look at the pretty pictures and engage the locals for entertainment since I told Dish to take a hike...;o)

You hit that one right. To vote for the MODEL, rate her on her model's page. To rate the set/photographer, vote on the particular set's page.

Catherine, you always seem to find the most beautiful girls, and Lenny is certainly one of them. This is a great set of photos. Keep up the good work.

Nice to see more Lenny, very nice indeed, more please!.

PP member for sure!

I concur! The club just keeps getting more and more scenic every day, lucky us... ( :

Such a really pretty girl. Beautiful cute face.

Loveliness and charm all the way.
I was worried about light and color from the thumbnails, but I think the look worked, for the most part.
I really liked the way the short hair stands out against the grey headboard, in #13, for example.

Lenny Mae, Lenny Might, your Met-Art set is outta sight!

Sweet!! Very lovely model, and well photographed considering the setting.
Very nice Katya!

Pics 46-49......I love that sitting pose.

I love it when a woman sits on her haunches...............

My wife sits like that when working on projects around the house, and it.....drives.....me.....crazy. "My husband is always willing to help me with large sewing projects or working in the garden," she might be telling her friends. Heheheh.....


Catherine, I enjoy your galleries very much. However, I have a question.

Why do 80% of your photos show the subject either sitting or lying down? These are nice poses, but to me, they don't always show the full value of a woman's beauty.

Or, maybe it's just me.

Sitting or lying down,
Alas none upside down.

Hi Tomcat8229) Thank you very much. I am pleased that you like my work. Your remark is correct. I just did a sufficient number of new sets, where the model is in full growth.

Lenny Mae is so very pretty. Such a charming face, with her beautiful blue eyes and enticing smile. And such lovely delicate feminine figure. A beautiful little doll.

Hi Neil) Yes, Lenny similar to doll. Very good comparison)

Lenny Mae is stunning. Beautiful pale skin, blonde hair, lovely eyes and such a friendly expression and pretty smile.
Catherine, I love the set but I can't help thinking that ~ because she is so pale ~ Lenny would have been more visible in the pictures had the main source of light been behind you rather than behind Lenny. As it is, she tends to blend in with the background, which is also pale.
I cannot wait to see your further work with this gorgeous lady!

I think the "high-key" effect is quite nice with Lenny. She is light, the pictures are light. I think it's fine!

The ratings baffle me, only 8.16 for this sexy doll? I can't imagine why not higher. I consider it a privilege to see a woman this gorgeous completely undressed.

Hi _fer_realz_) Thanks) lenny very bright, I wanted to create a lot of sun and feel the flow of light. In my perception lenny was to become part of the flow of light. You are right, it had to be severed from the background technically.

Hi Catherine! Lenny is certainly luminous. ( : ( : ( :

She is bright, like a ray of sun)

Exactly. ( :

You're right - she IS cute. But putting some main lighting behind Catherine wouldn't work - it'd only further "blow out" Lenny's already pale skin and make her look like Casper the friendly ghost against the window backlight.

These kinds of setups are always tough to photograph. Expose for the background and the foreground (Lenny) is underexposed and dark. Expose for Lenny and the background is "blown out" to a featureless white wall/window/drapes. Whether using film or digital equipment, it's always been tough.

I like how Catherine compromised in the portrait and other frontal shots to afford Lenny's body shadows on the left-hand side to give some contrast and definition with the right-hand lit side of her. Nice balance in a tough situation.

Overall, a quite nice treatment of a very cute, pale-skinned beauty. Can't wait to see if Catherine tries to photographer her against a black background.

I hear ya, Arkie. As I've said before, I know nothing about photography technique or theory... hence my comment. ( :
As far as I'm concerned, one ought always to expose for the model primarily. Let the background be background ~ let the experts carp about that if they wish, you'll never go wrong as far as the majority of the members ~ who like me know little about the finer points of photography ~ are concerned.
I agree, it would be nice to see Catherine shoot Lenny Mae against a dark (or at very least darker) background. ( :

Hi arkie2) I was very interested to read your comment. Next photoset with Lenny will necessarily on a dark background.

THAT will be eagerly anticipated. I don't think I've ever seen you do a really darkened set with any of your models.

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