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Nice debut , beautiful set , thanks Catherine , what I like about this set is lighting , not that aggressive like in some other set. Thanks Lenore and Catherine . Waiting for more in this combination .

Plus 10 for the amazing girl, minus 10 for the obnoxious backdrop.

Dear Catherine

a gorgeous girl with a wonderful hot body. Katya as usual produced an excellent set. the lighting is good and the focus is good again. photo 49 shows a good shot for Lenore's boobs and nipple. shot 95 shows Lenore's wonderful ass with her two love shot, a lovely shot.

however it was usual for Katya to produce a closeup detail for the model's pussy. i missed that with Leonore. please add such a closeup in next set.

Katya, i love you both.

Hi kkronful) We love you too) I will fulfill your wishes. Thank you for your comment)

thank you my love. thank you for your promice to produce very detailed closeups of the model's pussy as you used to do before.

i love you


These are wonderfully composed photos. A woman's beauty starts with the eyes and you showcased them brilliantly with many lovely close-up shots. Lenore is a beautiful young woman, but your photos elevate her into a class that can only be described as "breathtaking" -- a blend of natural feminine beauty and masterful photography.

Thank you so much and keep up the AMAZING work!

Thank you very much cindy cdtv) Very nice) I try to get my work you like. I am glad to read such a warm and kind comment.

One of the best debuts in a while. And oh, how I love those "sitting on her haunches" shots! Thank you Lenore.....thank you, Catherine.

Hi mincer) I am very glad you liked my work)

Catherine, your last two sets, first with Xena and now with Lenore, have both been very good, both beautiful blondes. I think part of my appeal of them and of their sets is because they are different from others, not only in that they are blonde models, but the look and feel of the set and other things. Keep doing what you are doing, it is working!

Hi kilroy) Both models are very good and easy to use. It was very easy to work with them. I think these qualities are reflected in the sets. I am glad that my work is liked you)

Did not like this set.

Any reasons why? i.e. constructive criticism so Catherine can do better next time?

Well thanks for lettin' us know... We'll keep that in mind...;o)

Again, an extremely wonderful first posting from the fair-skinned Lenore. I really like your continued experimentation with bright-colored backgrounds with your models Catherine. In this set, counterposed with Lenore's fair skin, the difference makes Lenore really stand out from the background. And, while the blonde hair goes extremely well with her fair skin, one can't help but wonder what she'd look like with her more "natural" hair color ...

Hi arkie2) I think that Lenore will be good with any natural hair color. Thank you very much for the nice comment)

Wow...Catherine does it again! What a beautiful and sexy woman you have brought to Met Art. My opinion of your work is the same as all the others. Keep up the great work.

Hi Moxman) Thanks, I'll try)

"This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, 'Lenore!'-
Merely this, and nothing more."

Very romantic)))

Catherine's blonde blitzkrieg continues at full momentum, Lenore is a real cute treasure and looks fantastic displaying herself fully today. Catherine has always had a great selection of brunettes with which to charm the eyes and engorge the loins, but with recent additions of Lenore, Dalia, Lenny Mae and Xena she has brought some exquisite blonde beauty to our screens, I can't wait for her red and raven periods!.

Hi bobblehat) I was waiting for the publication of a photoset with participation Lenore. I liked it while you work. I am very glad that to you liked the model. I think you will soon see a girl with red hair. She is very bright, lovely dancer. It has a taut athletic body. Thank you)

Sweet, keep 'em coming!.

Lenore is exquisite. This set is elegant. Another masterpiece from Catherine!

Thank you very much Gary) I am very pleased that you have called my work a masterpiece. I am happy to work for you)

An amazing beauty you have brought to us Katya! Lenore is immediately on my favorite list, and very high on the list. Very good photos, for the most part. I still don't care for the girl's heads being cropped out of the photos that are not close-ups of a particular part of the body. But Lenore is very beautiful and this is a very nice debut for her. Many thanks to both you and your exquisite new "friend" Lenore... XOXOXOX ;o)
Hope to see much more of her...and you! :o)

Hi rachsback) I will try in the future not so strongly to trim the frame. I am very glad to get acquainted with Lenore. She is a very nice person. I hope that ahead will be a lot of interesting work with participation this model. Rachsback, thank you for your comment. Very nice to read it)

Katya... I am very impressed with how many very beautiful women you have in your country!....including yourself! Would you please ask Mr.Putin if I may move there?? ;o) lol I have lots of warm clothes to bring...;o)

It is a good idea) But the winter can be very a cold. But in Russia, people usually do not notice the cold. Of course, you need a good winter clothes, the winter without it will be a test. I think that Putin will be glad to your arrival. As experience shows, Mr. Snowden came to Russia and does not want to leave) Apparently, he liked it)

I agree with rachsback, ask Mr. Putin if I can come, too! Russia is the land of limitless beauty. I live in a cold climate, so winters are no problem for me. Besides, your photos will keep me warm enough! :)

Hi cindy cdtv) I'm sure that Putin will be glad to your arrival) 80% of the territory of Russia is not populated and almost all the time covered with snow. It is a land waiting for their fans. I think that Russian girls will be delighted too.

Great debut , lots more sets please !!!

Thanks bchrisex) I certainly will do a lot of sets with Lenore.

Welcome to the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore.

(Edgar Allan Poe was about 170 years too early.)

Thank you) Lenore will be pleased to hear it.

Lenore look very comfortable on her poses.Very stunning body to show for.She's going to be a great one.Thanks ladies.

Thanks H WU) I also hope that Lenore will have a good modeling career. I am glad that you liked her debut.

Catherine you have an eye for your models! Lenore seems bright and cooperative and it shows on the set, obviously she takes direction well. I liked the back lighting as well as it sets of the brick nicely and highlights the red cover on the couch. Now if I can only get you to get Catherine A and Katarina H back... ah there I go dreaming again. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much Tirronan. I first used this background. I liked him. If such a wall for me to meet again, I again use it. Thank you for the warm comment, I am very pleased)

Brains and Beauty are a wonderful combo and both Catherine and Lenore have produced a memorable first set. I'm amazed that Lenore carries a quiet confidence into her modeling. She comes accross as a seasoned pro and not a first timer. Catherine, thank you for increasing the number of close ups and wide angle shots. You've really outdone yourself and that's saying alot based on the prolific number of galleries that you have been a part of. Bravo to both you and Lenore!!!

Hi CzechMate1) Lenore very good material to work with. To me was very comfortable working with her. She has a beautiful and slender body, and this fact gives a lot of opportunities to work. Thanks for the praise, it is very nice to read your comment)

Catherine, in my opinion you are the most talented photographer on this site - even better than Rylsky, who has his own site on the Metart Network. The models you chose are in most cases nearly perfect and talented.
What I really like about your work is that you don't only have the standard shots like side shots of a sitting or laying model. No, in many galleries you're providing wonderful close-ups of the model (and I don't mean those with a vagina in focus!) and especially in your later works the settings are just amazing.
I would like to write some more about that, what I like about your works, but I'm not so used with the english language in active use, so I don't have the right words to describe.

Thank you for your great work!

Hi dream.walker) Thank you) You have excellent taste) I too do not very good at English. When I read the warm and sincere comments, I get inspiration and I want to work better and better.

What a wonderful set. Lenore is a stunning, pale skinned, full breasted blonde beauty.

Superb poses with some lovely explicit rear views. More of this gorgeous woman soon please...

Thank you bikeman4) Lenorу is a beautiful model. I liked it very much, it was very organic at the time of shooting

What a find! Absolutely perfect new addition to the site. More please!

I will try to do more)

Stunning from tip to toe, Leonore is a most welcome breath of freshness, expertly photographed.

Hi justagigolo) For this model, it was the first photoset. She has coped with the task. Thank you.

If this was her first time I am very impressed. She was very composed and very open for a first time. This shows that she is intelligent and confident. Two very good things indeed. I think she is one to be watched as she gains experience.

My, what large eyes you have, Lenore... large and beautiful... and an elfin face, and a cute little bottom. ( :
Catherine, I really admire the setting in this set, especially the color and lighting scheme which was very simple, but very effective. The orange splash of light on the wall behind the couch really tied the couch, the wall and the throw/blanket together very effectively. Great job!!

Hi fer_realz_) I am very pleased to read your praise about the light of this set) a red scarf behind her back, this is my scarf. I did not know how to make an attractive the look of this sofa. My gaze fell on a hanger with clothes and I saw a red scarf, in which two hours before walking on the street. I think chtosharf perfectly complement the picture. Lenore is very beautiful, I really like it.

There is a word in English, I hope it translates well in Russian:
It means having the gift of finding good fortune ~ but also knowing how and when to use your good fortune to best effect.
Using that scarf was a perfect example of serendipity, in my opinion. Bravo! ( :

From 1754 (Horace Walpole) "The Three Princes of Serendip" in which the main characters were forever stumbling on things (generally by accident) for which they weren't originally searching.

Cool, thanks for the explanation, arkie! ( :

Too bad she is all shaved. I love a Blonde with a bit of hair below... Anyway, I just switched to enjoying her boobs, which is; Perfect actually...!


Very nice indeed, Her beautiful face and wonderful smile are her best features. Not that there is any problem with the rest of her but it's the face that draws my eyes first.

Thank you very much hipshot131) Lenore has a very soft beautiful face with expressive eyes. I would like to add that she has a lovely gentle nature. She has a good education, I was very easy to work with her.

Intelligence and beauty together make a very alluring package. Beauty captures your gaze but the mind creates love.

Yes, Lenore is a combination of intelligence, good nature and beauty.)

Wow Catherine, what a beauty you have found. Great picture set.

Hi monkeryma) I am glad that my work is highly appreciated by you)

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