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Leonie is amazing. Flora - great set, and as always , great shots of the model's asshole. I really like seeing the closeup pics as she spreads her ass to reveal her very beautiful and tight asshole !

WOW, can't believe all the harping going on when this is one of the best sets I've seen in a while. Beautiful lady and beautiful photography. After making love to her I'd be out of focus too! I was glad to see Leonie in todays set of 2013-01-24.

Wonderful and beautiful she is but the photographs not. the colours of her skin is flat ( maybe slightly over exposured ) and is almost same to of walls or chamber inside.It is not happy to see her being part of the scenery.

She is a perfect angel

love it

Beautiful girl but unfortunately many of the photos are out of focus--as others have noted.

Her face is adorable. So cute.

I really loved those 13 pics at the end. A trend that could continue. Just to remind everybody that those girls are really human beings and not just meat on display.

I also like to see the girls in their ordinary clothes, it does as you say bring a little reality to the picture set, which makes it all the more fun.

I'll never understand why they would photograph a girl with pale skin on a light background. She's still beautiful but ... I don't get it.

Hi Lancelot1! thanks for your feedback;)It's just the daylight. For me, there is nothing better than natural light from windows and natural girl.

The lighter the background, the darker her skin looks. If the background was dark, she'd look like a ghost! But I dunno...maybe that's appealing to some...

Leonie is a beautiful girl with lickable asshole and pussy. Great job of showing them off.

YUMMY!! Such an adorable girl with a gorgeous body who loves to show it to us. And don't we love to see it! With the exception of a few muffed shots, this is a very good set. A very good mix of close-ups and full-body shots, showing just how gorgeous this 'hardbody' is! Excellent! More like this!

Wow - Leonie is a stunning babe with a beautiful slim body and pale skin.

A lot of these shots are so hot especially the rear view close ups...love to see Leonie start off in a tiny white g string in the next set...please

Very good model, very good poses, not very good photography (unless of course you like plenty of out of focus pictures of the bits we pay to see).

you'd think with plenty of closeups of her pussy people like you should be satisfied.

I like those 'out of focus' pics, because sometimes I want to see her face. Yes, indeed, women have interessting parts above the navel. And a girl looking at you while presenting her privates is a big turn on for some. So.. why remove that, just for ANOTHER bunch of pussy closeups?

You sir don't make any sense.

Re V Man Ger remarks. Firstly, regarding the last line of your remarks - it is rather odd that in addition to others making the same remark as me, about the bad focus in their comments, it is also of note to see my view is also reflected by others in the positive score on my comment. For the avoidance of doubt I will add that I also like to see the face, the pussy and everything else in focus separately and at the same time. Getting the face and pussy in focus in the same shot is not difficult, after all some photographers on this site have no difficulty with this issue whatsoever whilst some other photographers seem to find it near on impossible to get the face and pussy in focus at the same time (even when the model is sitting up). As far as I am concerned (and evidently others too by the comments score) any out of focus pussy shot is completely pointless and actually rather unnecessary to start with. If you like out of focus pussy shots then you are welcome to them. I will go futher still and say that if out of focus pussy shots are all that a photographer can achieve then I do not really want to see them, so the model might just as well keep her panties on.

Depht of Field.

just saying. And sometimes you use it to put the focus on some aspect. Like her facial expression.

as an amature photographer myself I just don't understand how these photographers can so often take grainy pictures like in this set...they have decent lighting rigs..a better camera (megapixel wise).. and often highkey sets like in this shoot that enables using a good low film speed and yet the pics are still grainy..

I myself shot one of girls that dances at one of our local strip clubs last weekend with improvised lights (a bounced shop light with a 150 w ge reveal bulb) and a nikon speedlight flash with an amber color gel in the hotshoe...and then put my Nikon d5100 on my cheap tripod and got 4 meg plus pictures that were sharp enough to reveal the girls skin texture and the detail of the lace on her corset...if "I" can do this...why cant they?

thanks for your feedback;) It's just the daylight. For me, there is nothing better than natural light from windows and natural girl. I have lights, use them sometimes. But still I prefer naturalness. I'll take your feedback into consideration.

maybe because they do a lot higher resolution shots and the downscaling+jpeg compression fucks it up?

I would like to see some jpeg2000 or png pics...

Very good set but poor focussing in some photos takes it down a bit.
Good work flora.

Wonderful! You deserve the bun after showing us your buns in so many luscious rear spreads. Just gorgeous!

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