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a beautiful girl and a good photographer. congratulations to both

excellent work Flora

In my eyes, one of the most beautiful models to ever appear at Met

Beautiful pussy and ass.

I almost didn't even look at this set because I've been very disappointed with "bathtub" sets lately. Well I'm sure glad I took a peek! 'Best' bathtub set in a LONG time! Leonie looks great and the pics are solid gold! Great job Flora...don't change a thing about your style!
And Leonie, you are a prize worthy of vigorous pursuit! Exquisite pics!

Thank you very much, is very pleasant:)

And Thank You very much Flora for such a pleasant set of pictures.
And please convey my admiration to the beautiful Leonie...:o)

RockHard, I will tell her ;)

:o) Thank you...

Quelques gros plans bien jolis et bien roses, serie de photos arrosée ( en tout cas d' eau)

Weak series of a fine looking model by a photographer capable of much better.

It is sad, but I have to agree. I have given Flora some rave reviews at E-A, but unfortunately, she hasn't been able to transpose her work there to here.

The attraction to submersing a model in water, also staggers me. Every shooter who does this, and I mean, EVERY shooter, tries to make a story from a half-submerged wet, bedraggled model. You can't.

Felines don't like water. They drink it in extreme heat, will enter it for prey, and get the hell out real quick!! They seldom, if ever, frolic in water, because it is an unnatural sensation to their fur and skin. (Notice how dogs are different??? But dogs aren't felines:-)

You had this girl at your mercy. Then you immersed her in water. You can see the steam rising from the water, as the fire is doused!!!!

I'd like to see you working with Leonie on a set of sheets. You'd KILL it:-) Both of you;-)

Thank you very much for your feedback! I will try to do better)

Nothing wrong with this set at all!! In fact is the best "bathtub" set in quite a while. Nice work...

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! Focus was a bit soft in some of the pics, but nice set overall. Thanks for the suds-free bathtub/spa set!!!

Thank you)

Oh!Very nice!In the next set don´t forget to include a photo of the model
sweeping the floor.


He's being an ass Flora...don't encourage him...

Fantastic set, Leonie. Thanks for the wealth of rear shots. Two pretty green eyes and one luscious browneye! How gorgeous you are. Thanks to Flora, too.

"Thanks to Flora, TOO"!!?? That "wealth of rear shots" that 'we' like so much is to Flora's credit and hers alone! "Presenting" a great shot by the model is only the beginning. The photographer has to take advantage of such opportunities, and too many photographers here let those opportunities slide right on by... Here, Flora was obviously taking her cues from the model and took the shots we all love to see when they presented themselves.... So..."fantastic set Flora" and "great job Leonie of looking beautiful and presenting yourself in great poses for the viewers pleasure". (imho!)


Thank you)

And Fauna

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