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Leonie's hair is awesome in this set. Please do more braided hairstyles such as dutch and fishtails.

Blinded by beauty, blinded by bright.


We see a cute kitty, now off with the lights.

Leonie has such a beautiful and sexy ass!

I love Leonie! Such a beautiful and lovely lady. Flora, don't stop taking photos of her, you really bring out her beauty both from the inside and out!

Beautiful set of a dynamic model Flora! VERY nice!! Lots of kisses for this one!! XXXXXXXXX

Really? Jeez

What the heck is THAT comment supposed to mean?

One of my favorite models to ever appear on Met

Feet lovers like me will love this set!

Coy Smile-Check, nice!))

Why would you put a light skinned blonde with no makeup in an all white over lit solarium with little if any color contrasts? You couldn't ask for a less complementary environment for this model. The only shots with any color are the intimate closeups.

Poor choice!

Just for the record -- I'm with you, "hipshot".

For the same record -- "I may not know much about art -- but I know what I like."

I liked the set. Hipshot131 is concerned with how to present a model, considered as a set of visual traits, and that's one possible approach. The approach I think you're taking is more oriented towards what it's like to be in that room, in that city, with that particular woman.

For me, this works very well. It makes me think of how the light and the air change when you go from one place to another, along with the way of being of the people who live there. And it makes Leonie more actual, and the pictures more sensuous and intimate. Since there isn't the sense of a model and some supporting props, the bathrobe, for example, becomes something that's real in an everyday way, and you naturally think of what it would be like to touch it while she's wearing it, what the scent of her warm skin would be. It's a lot easier to relate to than hot lights and a toothpaste smile.

Hi Hipshot131! Thanks for the tip! In fact, on a dark background, it would have looked worse because would be a strong contrast - white on dark. Like a ghost) And I love bright colors, lots of natural light and natural beauty of the girl)

Color? What color? Was that blue under bright?

For relief, no flower, no fruit.

Exactly, What color? That was my point. There is no color and that is the problem. The only color in the whole set is her pink fingernails and the purple rubber band on her braid, white walls, White robe, grey stool, grey and white carpet, grey window frames. No pictures on the walls, no flowers, no accent items. Just washed out over exposed photos. It's like I am looking at this room through a dirty window.

We all have our likes and dislikes. I like rich full colors with nice contrast and sharp focus. I like to see the model stand out with rich natural skin tones. I we will have to agree to disagree on this set

It works great Flora! Beautiful set!!

Lets see... Clothed-Check, Headshot-Check, Nippleshot-Check, Lots of Explicit-Check, Footshot-Check, Frontal-Check, Assshot-Check, Coy Smile-Check, & Sweet Smile-Check. Did I miss anything? Think that pretty well covers it. Cute girl....

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