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Beautiful ass, beautiful pussy,.........beautiful girl!!!!!

I do like the shots of her on her knees spreading her arse cheeks to show off her perfect Anus.

This set hasn't come together, Leonie is beautiful girl and Flora has done some great work here, but this is more home pics of your girl friend set than MetArt, Close the curtains!

My girlfriend threw out my purple drapery. No more home pics like this for me.

underrated set .

OK. I reevaluated and bumped it up 3. 5,60,33, 61,51,118 are too good to ignore. And 24 -even with the unfortunate white curtains - the look in that face is a marvel.

Close the curtains!
Pretty please?

An absolute masterpiece Flora! Leonie is just magnificent!
This girl right here, if I were to have such a list, would be VERY high on MY "PP" list! Very high indeed...

Leonie is beautiful! Her vulva is beautiful! She appears to have hair that is long enough to treat me to a view(s) of said hair tickling her bum when she is either sitting or standing.

Thank you very much ladies for this pleasant gallery and visit.

I agree with fur__realz on this one. Leonie Is too pale for posing against white curtans. For the same reason she shouldn't wear pink nail polish.On the other hand, she looks fabulous against the purples and against the blue carpet , she offers such a beautiful contrast. I gave Flora and Leonie a 10+

All secrets cannot be kept from the eyes of wisdom; and you're even more beautiful than before and ever Leonie! Excellent shoot!

She is so beautiful, and I sure do like all the pictures of her beautiful bottom

My sole complaint about this set is that Leonie's hair and lovely skin are so pale that when she posed in front of the white curtain the details and features tended to blend into the background.
However, when Flora posed her against the purple curtain, every delicious feature was plainly visible. Leonie is touchingly appealing.

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