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I have to say that 1)Layla has blown my mind playing with that garter belt, and 2) layla is horribly underrated and 3)Layla and Matiss get 10+ infinity

Leyla I love your bubbles. You definitely kept my attention through out the set and I wish there was more!

OMG. Feminine heaven.

Great set of erotic photographs.

You're beautiful and stunningly feminine, Leyla!

Thank YOU for sharing your feminine babe self.

I seem to have detected a theme here....
( ;

Damn sexy! great set!

"Holey areola Batman, my retinas are burning."

Leyla is seriously scorchin in this set.

Leyla is such an elegant lady... the pics where she adjusts her lingerie, particularly the stockings, are quite bracing. ( :

Rachsback will probably be happy, fer_realz might be too (stockings and garter belt), but Doug....not so much.

IMO, Leyla looks pretty damn good....but Matiss was unable to avoid the "gosh, golly, jeepers, Batman!".....weird 45° angle photos he/she is so infamous for.

You are "half" correct sir!! ;o) I'm ALWAYS happy with Leyla, but seldom happy with Matiss... This time....not so bad...lol

You pretty much called it, Browning! LOL

"BOING!" might be appropriate. :)

Good point, mincer... of course, that one didn't appear very often in the comics, but then again, it was a quite different subject matter, was it not. LOL

The Dynamic Duo may have been thinking it when encountering Catwoman, but then again, it wouldn't be the same if we knew everything that went on in their minds. : )

Ha ha! I forgot about Catwoman!!!
(Come to think of it, Michelle Pfeiffer was a pretty good choice to play her in the movie!)

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