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Another Hungarian, please more beautiful girls from this beautiful part of Europe....Looking forward to seeing more of Lia.

Great job!! Would love a lot more of her delicious body!

Welcome Lia. So wonderful. You are at the top of the list. I hope to see many, many more appearances of you. Thank you, thank you.

I find it hard to believe that nobody has nominated Lia for the PP club. do I have a second for my nomination?

Consider that motion seconded, JB!
Fellow old farts, feel welcome to weigh in on this important matter!

Works for me!

I find it hard to believe that nobody has nominated Lia for the PP club. do I have a second for my nomination?

What a delightful young woman! she is Metart first class as far as I am concerned. I expect to see her in the top levels real soon. Every little detail is right up there with my favorites. Dare I say flawless? Fits my definition! Make room girls Lia is here, and I hope for a very long stay!

Awesome smile, Lia your whole body is superb. Take your time with your clothes, we have a lot to look at with your face, perfect hair, great looking legs. Come back...soon

Thanks for all the nice comments about our work. Very much appreciated. I know me and Dave are bad to come on these boards..but I always try to read feedback to see what you guys think about our shoots. The girl Lia has only made a few shoots before..so she is very new as a model...but she was a pleasure to work with. Hope u will like her.

I have to sat that Lia is totally beautiful, and has done a perfect job of modeling in her first set. If she stays on. I will be the first to applaud. I gave her 10++ and 10 to Mr. lee as well

Nice, more please!.

I love you Lia, you are drop dead gorgeous!

Lia is an awesome beauty. A great attitude and perfect body. Her face is among the world's most beautiful. I am grateful she has given us the gift of her beauty by posing as a nude model. I hope to see much more of her.

Nice set dave! Happy to see you here. Always liked your work.
Lia's a great looking girl. Looking forward to more.

She is hot. I only hope that we will see more of her. I have noticed many new models disappear after one debut set.

Tasty tantalizing teasing
Peeking poses positively perfect
Fear not fellows, full flowering follows (why the whining?)

Any model should be pleased with such treatment -we have far too little of this artist.

Fresh meat with large ski slope tits...a tip of the cap to Met Art "talent" scouts!

"Fresh MEAT"!? That's classy! :o|

I remember you...you're the one who buys Playboy for the articles.

Articles?? Playboy has articles!!?

Tip the hat and perhaps trade the butcher's smock for a painter's palette.

Fresh meat with large ski slope tits...a tip of the cap to Met Art "talent" scouts!

A tip of the hat to Dave Lee for finding and photographing her and a tip of the hat to K for choosing to publish her.

K would have been crazy not to accept this one. She hits the mark on just about every trait I look for in a top model.

Beautiful woman! Lovely body and pretty face:)

This is a wonderful debut of a beautiful new model. Lia Taylor is an absolutely beautiful young woman, with a perfectly gorgeous curvaceous body. She seems to be a little shy and modest. I am sure that will change with time and experience.

I rather liked that lovely little, tight looking pussy kept as a treat until the end, although I could definitely handle bottomless in a crop top and heels next time!.

Shy? really.

How anyone can look at 84, or any of several others, and say this girl is shy, is a mystery to me too...

a beautiful girl in a bad set. i need not wait till page 4/6 to see her full naked.

Perhaps a second look? (Or several?)

Change your settings to show 1000 thumbnails. She won't get naked any sooner, but at least all the photos will be on one page.

Gotta get to the nude pictures before the Viagra swears off!


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