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loved the cover shot. I'll pay for that trip around the world Lia, if I may come with. :-)

I can't be the only one wondering why shots 60 through 66 weren't taken a step further to depict what is clearly being suggested: Lia peeing in the basin.

It wouldn't go beyond what has been shown here before (see image #56 of "Presenting Layla"). Even a competing site whose name starts with "Fem" and ends with "Joy" has ventured into those waters (with Met's own Janelle B under another name) without even a single negative comment (a rare occurrence in itself). A five-year wait for another such photo does seem a bit excessive.

And before someone directs me to ALS, the style there is a far cry from the elegance and artistry with which the subject could be handled at Met.

I'm not normally one to comment, but you're definitely not alone. It really would have been a special treat to imagine sharing that intimate moment with her.

I gotta agree, A.B., that would have been a nice little bonus. And by "little" I mean "big." ( :

Regarding your opening comment...I didn't get that at all!! But then my mind doesn't head in that direction... Regarding your closing comment, I couldn't agree more. I was at ALS a few years back and Met is a much more intimate and enjoyable experience "for me"...;o) (And apparently for you...)

Love the girl, the outfit and the "color" of the set, but can someone tell me what is so damn erotic about a bathroom as the "canvas" of an "erotic photo shoot"!!?? These are very nice photos, but they could have been much nicer in different surroundings.

A babe with ski slope tits scores again!


Love the tank and panties combo. Prefer to have the woman look at the camera. Not bad. Not a huge fan of bathroom sets.

Beautiful idea of using the mirror to reflect Lia's gorgeous body and face.

An overflow of beautiful black hairs - and below nothing. The
trend of the always blanc shaved models nowadays is in one way slightly
unsatisfactory. There is a lack of optical, visual Balance. Cf. #54-60.

Another super hot brunette with an asonishing figure - clearly one of my new favourites so hope to see much more in the future.

Many thanks to Lia and to Lee for starting Lia in the kind of undies we can imagine real women wear every day, not "get all fancy for my boyfriend" lacy glamor lingerie they would wear on a fancy date.
It starts the set on a particularly warm, intimate feeling, like we are seeing a beautiful young woman getting ready for work, or getting ready for bed after a long exhausting day.
And Lia's beauty is more than enough to hold our interest through this concept. Indeed, I was somewhat disappointed that the set is fairly short, by prevailing MA standards.

A "fancy date" is exactly what I have in mind when I visit...;o)
And I got the same feeling at the 'too soon' end!

If she raised that lovely eyebrow at me she could lead me anywhere! Lovely skin, great legs, Awesome smile, and a PP too. :)

Great photography, very nice color rendering, fantastic closeups and nice composition. 10+++ for both

PS, great outfit too. Doesn't get much sexier from my point of view.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi hipshot,

I am also a personal fan of the attire. I love that it is natural and probably something she brought with her from home. LOVE it :)

100% agree, my favorite sets are the ones where the models start off rather naturally attired.

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