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This series is really dumb!

How about a shower scene now-vid?

the flour makes the difference between 'boring standard meat display' and 'exciting different setting'.

I liked it.

A lot.

  • Sten
  • 7 months ago:

I like it too.

Well, it could have been sand, or one of those water dungeons...
Compared to those - maybe not as bad as my first strongly negative impression. Regardless, Lila trumps all of the curious mess. I think he just ran out of ideas.

This is (Met)Art. Liked it a lot.


Stupid photographer.

I fail to find the eroticism of covering a beautiful woman with flower. Unique, yes. Erotic, no. I'd rather see the model, not a big mess with flour. Messy is not my thing. Sorry Goncharov, this set doesn't do it for me.

The flower ruined this set. Very stupid. Hate sets with the models covered with milk, oil, sand, flower, etc.

Wow, Lila looks amazingly like the actress Diana Lane.


Yes, perhaps before the flour.

Regardless of the flower, she's still hot.

Terrible set. Good model wasted.

forget the damn flour.
sand, mud, oil, water, etc. all ruin nice photos.


bullshit set. stupid photographer.

Would have loved to have seen these poses without all the crap all over her.

Enough with covering beautiful naked models with flour, sand or water.

Doctor, Doctor, please help me. I keep getting the urge to cover my penis in flour ! ( DOCTOR ) Dont worry its perfectly normal, just make sure its self raising !!!!

Well... I did not see that coming and at first I hated it... but pretty soon Lila's mischievous smile sucked me right into the fun she and Goncharov obviously had while shooting this set.
I can't say I'm a fan of the "model wearing something edible" genre of erotic photography (who really wants to watch a beautiful model break an egg all over her body?)... but this set is an exception.
Lila's fresh, clean, girl-next-door appeal, her amazing smile, and the tangible sense of fun in these photos totally won me over.

Lila, you sweet and adorable lass, you have made my morning! I for one found this set to be a lot of fun as well as a turn-on because your poses are deliciously sexy. You are a very beautiful young woman and I hope to see you in many more sets!

Would have been straight 10 without flour . sand, flour or mud so not needed .

I agree. Or at least give us more than 22 pictures before smearing her with substances.

Lila is simply stunning once again, those floured baps and buns are a delight and I don't have much difficulty imagining a filling for that beautiful pie........

I certainly hope she is going to prove a prolific model going forward, I can't get enough

Even that @#$% flour can't obscure this incredible woman's beauty. She is delicious, edible, lickable, adorable and positively yummy. Other than that I'm not very impressed.

Reminds me of the joke: How do you make love to a fat girl....

Roll her around in flour and find the wet spot.

Funny, not heard that one in a while.

Yes, but her "spot" didn't get too wet, yet! );

I fail to understand how you could possible have thought of this while viewing this set. So sad for you. Disgraceful comment!!

Apologies, I did not mean to imply Lila is fat. She is beautiful!! Was just the flour all over her that's all. Thanks Byron for getting it.

I don't think anyone thought that; except literal-minded Byron. At least I've found something else to have apart from sand and bloody fruit... flour! What a shame with such a pretty girl.

It's a joke, come-on lighten up! (;

Yup. Lighten up. Too many here are stuffy and sensitive. And yes, this set sucks. A model covered in food or any other crap is just not sexy at all.

What a beautiful flower)). Interesting set. Lila, you are looking hot.

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