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A very lovely young model with a fresh and natural beauty reminiscent of a young Demi Moore (before she got into the bodybuilding and big hair). I agree however that the sand is unnecessary – as are the sunglasses which partially cover her gorgeous face.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Lilian gets dirty in this technically ragged but steamy set. I guess sloppily-shaven pussies are sexy :-) She's got a great figure, too, as can be seen in the clothed shots. There's something about the way her fresh face contrasts with the messiness...

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I should say about the sand on the tender bits - it suggests their moisture as well as their tenderness. And interesting choice, to let this happen...

Good points, Doug. Thanks for giving me another perspective.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

You are welcome. I have to say I found Lilian hot, in particular her contrasting, very real-looking pussy. It just seems to go with her.
As you suggest, this set, for all its flaws, has some real sensuality.

Lilian A, wonderful girl.
Shaved or not shaved, please, trimmed it 's never nice

Lilian A, wonderful girl.
Shaved or not shaved, please, trimmed it 's never nice

Lillian: two thumbs up.
"Casual" cute shots fully clothed, both thumbs up because it gives us a better "feel" of how the model is in real life, and besides, she's just so damn cute!
"Bringing the indoors outside" by using a lacy teddy rather than a bathing suit on a beach shoot, two thumbs up because it's fresh and novel, the photog is obviously changing it up a bit and though I'm no big fan of outdoors shoots, I like the originality.
And besides, the teddy's so damn sexy on Lillian.
Sand on the strategic bits?
Two thumbs emphatically down.
I'm sure it happens all the time in beach shoots, but I don't want to see it -- the thought of the feel just jars me out of my pleasant reverie and makes me physically wince.
Just one more reason to dislike outdoor shoots, IMHO.
(This is no negative reflection on Lillian, just on this particular aspect of the shoot.)

It would seem that no one at Metart is listening to comments about sand and they are made every time a model is portrayed anywhere near the damned stuff. For Gods sake, LOSE THE SAND!

Well with the sand and her stubble we know there was no photoshopping. One of the problems I had when I was doing this type of photography was that with a darker haired model who's collar and cuffs matched, any stubble was obvious. That is one reason waxing has become derigor. And the closer you get to gyno shots the more obvious it becomes. Sometimes the camera sees more than the naked eye observes. And in most cases the lens is closer than my eye ever was. On one hand we bitch if the photo's are enhanced, on the other hand we bitch if any perceived flaw is exposed. I personally had my makeup, in my case, woman check and have the model re-shave, if she thought it was a distraction. Believe me thos shots aren't as easy as you would think/or fantasize.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Hey, what's wrong with a little stubble :-?
Or even a lot :-) It looks quite intentional here.

  • ToLo
  • 11 months ago:

It's unfair to the model to subtract points from a rating due to choices made by the photographer. If you don't like something, you can say so. But the ratings only tend to reflect on the model's overall rank in these pages.

I give Lilian A high marks for her beauty.

Sandy labia has to be mentioned, though: please don't mix sand and tender bits...

I would love for Alex to give us his opinion on this.

I rate the set on a variety of things with how well the model is portrayed, not really with her beauty. Much of that is due to photog decisions with location, background, lighting, poses, and even sand in vulva. I'll admit that general appeal of a set is an influence, but I try to keep separate my opinion of the set from my opinion of the model. The model's expressions and general state are things that the photog may not have much control over and vary from set to set, should be considered here as well.

The model has her own area to rate, when you click on her name above it takes you to the model's page with a separate scoring.

That said, I do enjoy Lilian, but don't think that this is her best set. And the sand in her vulva is only one reason why.

Ok Kilroy I am wondering this. We are a one member-one vote site on both the model overall and any set. I would assume most members give an overall Model rating either after the first published set or at least early on in a career. Do you ever change your overall after your reaction to the newer sets. To give an example the "presenting" set gets say an 8 from you. Her next three sets are fabulous and you give each set a 10. Do you then go back and change the overall vote to a 9 or 10.

I have done that before, yes, but not often. Some models have had a slow start (IMO), some just start hot right off the bat. It may sound weird, but sometimes a model's standing with me can improve ever so slightly with a different photog.

BTW, thank you for your comments under Catherine's Nastya set the other day. I added to it if you wish to go back.

Did as requested, Good addition. Thanks

Scored lower due to outdoor setting.

Some nice poses and perspectives in this set. I like the interplay of sunlight and shadows when Lilian is lying on her back in the sand with her legs wide open and her knees up and no sand on her moist labia! Nice!

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Check out a shot like 111 too. Would do Edward Weston proud :-)

A lovely lady but please don't cover that delicious pussy with sand.

  • eff4
  • 11 months ago:


  • a2m2
  • 11 months ago:


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