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please post the movie of this set.

What an incredible beauty. Perfect face, breasts and just an incredibly
beautiful pussy. WOW!!!

I decided that this set would be the 1st of the day. It might turn out to be a mistake. I'm stuck on the 8th photo...those eyes, those lips, what a beautiful face. I don't know if I can take this kind of treatment two days in a row. I think it's time to invest in one of those first alert bracelets.

Time to make friends at the 911 dispatch office... ( :

Lilian has very hot tits - she should display them proudly instead of slouching and hiding them. Also her hair needs to be managed. It is nice but in the way.

The thumbnail of 105 had me wondering what on earth I was looking at ... some wicked tricks with the light there and in 103 Arkisi :-)

An elegant and classic Beauty who always raises the tone. I love the shots at her standing up showing her beautiful figure.

A stunning array of poses for the beautiful Lilian and a nod to
Arkisi for breaking the "all close up" trend. There is enough to
tantalize while not dominating the set. I just seem to enjoy that more
personally. Thank you both!

This set was shoot for EternalDesire including plenty of close-ups where she was fingering herself, which were removed by K to be up to Met-Art rules. But finally I decided to put it here to remedy her low rating she got with other photogs.

Well she was the "remedy" for my morning blues... Very nice set of a gorgeous model! Kudos!! More of her please...

Lillian melts my core with her eyes. The rest of her firms things up. A fine set that finally does justice to the quality of the model.

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