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Not a criticism, but kinda looks like she just finished shooting the Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" video. Love it!!

Lilu....Supreme Being...Fifth Element...Love...Goddess...

Shaved or not shaved, but not trimmed.
Some people call that kind of pubic scarring "landing strip."
But with a girl is better "to fly" that "to land".


I have read and agree with the criticism.
But Lilu is cute, Lilu is beautiful, Lilu is very very nice.
Sweet face, big eyes and expressive, sensual lips.
A body to watch for hours in silence.
Lilu is not a child?
Lilu has the charm that witch of a lady of class.

To all photographers: Simplicity is divine!
Forget OpArt sets, sofa zebra, leopard panties.
Look at some set of Antonio Clemens, a white wall, a white sofa,
colored lights and the golden skin of the naked model. Nothing more.

This is here first set in 6 years. Her other set was a debut. Ivan has done some good work, Especially with Indiana, but I can't tell if Lilu is try to give us sultry or what. Seems a little cold. One of the few, I think, that admits to being over 30, but still a firm bod. Would have liked some isolation close ups, but it is what it is.

Cold?!? ROFL - I think U know very less about a real Lady - and to young for her.

Fazer, you must be new. swplf was the founder of the old fart farternity!

Welcome back .You deserve more than just 2 sets . xx

The model is lovely, but the set is weirdly out of sequence. The setting leaves much to be desired. I understand the intent of positioning the model in front of geometrically diverse background (red and white stripes, black and white squares), but I find it distracting, and the dingy floor is a turn-off. Lilu's first and only other set was published in 2007, and, I think, does her a better justice. This set looks like leftovers from several different sets thrown together, which is a pity, because the model deserves better.

You're right about it being an old set. Look at the size of the photo files. I do love Lilu though and it would be nice to see some updated sets of her.

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