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back when met started, there was this big, tall freckle faced beauty with the best tits ever seen on met. what was her name and where is she now?

Bernadette and she's in Vegas...;o)


Absolutely amazing to get two outdoor sets in one day that are both well done! Lily....what can be said of her beauty that hasn't been said over and over, yet 'words' fall far short of describing her 'essence'...
'female perfection'...

Series avg is under 9 how is that possible?

Not because of Lily but because to many people want to play photo critic and knock down her ratings because of "tilted horizons"

It is sad they do not have a separate rating for photography so it doesn't effect the models rating.

There are a lot of girls that don't rate where they should because of this

They DO have a 'separate rating' for the model however, and giving one of her sets a low rating doesn't effect it. Only the votes on her homepage for 'her' effect her model rating. I tend to think that the 'set' ratings effect the 'photographers' rating, or at least should...

Correct, or that is how I score it anyway i.e models score on models home page and photographers and models combined effort on the sets page.

By people casting their vote...;o)

Somewhere, some lucky guy gets to spend breakfast with her after a night of making love to her.

Lucky, lucky guy.

I heart Lily.

Or maybe she is a lesbian and has no interest in men.

Either or if it makes Lily happy and healthy.

If I were a girl, I would DEFINITELY be a lesbian.

A lesbian with a Met-Art account.

That certainly leaves pleasant images in my mind.

Very pretty model, one of my favourites. This set however does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. The skyline points at every angle except north, is completely distracting, unnecessary and pointless. Moreover, after a while, you end up focusing more on the rubbish skyline than the model, and thats enough to make anyone ill.

Funny, I didn't even see the horizon. ;)

What a girl !!!

Great set of pictures except for the tilted camera syndrome, why does a photographer even do that, idiotic in my opinion

beautiful girl, she gets prettier every time I see her.

Lily is absolutely gorgeous!!! I luv shoots done by the sea, but I really do not like the tilted horizon photos in this set!!! A few wouldn't have been bad at all, but having most of the photos that way almost ruins this set for me.

No need for the red banner! There is no doubt that is one of the finest women in the world. She must live at the gym. That body is so perfectly toned and magnificent that it would be a sin to look away. She is like a carved work of art and the amazing thing is she is real and here for us to view.

Thank you Lily for making my day brighter and thank you Luca for capturing this goddess for us.

cute, innocent and sexy is the way I like her too and one of the reasons I fell for her early on. She has such a lovely face and when she smiles there is a sparkle in her eyes that says FUN!

She lives in my bed, getting lots of "workouts". This is why she looks so good ;)

Lily is awesome. Not the best set she's been in, but refreshing to see her again. I still like her cute, innocent sexy look to this later more serious image.

Ooo she's back. Been in love with this angel since she first appeared. Gorgeous as always. So amazingly sexy!

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