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Lily is just like a glass of prestigious champagne : it is perfect in every situation

Each new set of Lily is an absolute joy to see! Her beautiful body and her gorgeous smile and face always give me so much pleasure!

Great set!!! I luv hot babes in and out of bikinis!!! Lily is just delicious!!!

Just when I decide that I'm tired of these swimming pool sets, Leonardo goes and throws something like this at me. I couldn't see anything to complain about, and in fact was amazed at how much I liked it. Of course...it's Lily. Since discovering her on E.B. last year, she's been at or near the top of my list. She's just adorable in every way, shape and form! Thanks Leo! Ya sucked me in again! Good job!

Hubba fucking hubba!
Lily's a hottie.

Lily is one of my favourites as well. I know many will disagree with me but I do not think this is one of her better sets. We had at least twenty shots of either that beautiful backside sticking out of the water or nothing below the waist at all! You can do much better than this please Lily.

Hope to see Lily on Sex-Art some day.

Incredibly hot breasts, gorgeous face and great attitude.

MMMmmmmm she's got one of the sweetest rear ends in the business, looks so tight and inviting, love the way she bends over and sticks her ass out like that, very hot, great set

How can you generate any words less than something that is poetic to describe her beauty, however, I would have preferred the same poses almost any where other than in the pool.

Lily is as cute as a Royale kitten! She has a great butt, and many wonderful physical attributes. She is so special I save her sets under 'its all good'.

Lily has been on my top 10 since Presenting Lily back in 2010. There is something special about her that is far more than face or body though both are perfect. What makes her an almost constant top 10 model is personality. that smile and the way the eyes tell you how beautiful she is inside is what makes her so very special. Everything about her says you want to know this girl.

You're naturally cute Lily...and your teenie meaty labias should be licked, stretched and caressed with daily pleasure...so enjoy your youth Lily :)

Lily you're naturally beautiful...and those teenie meaty labias should be licked, stretched and caressed with pure pleasure...so enjoy your youth Lily :)

So gorgeous in every possible way. # 73 must be one of the most perfect ass shots on MA. Lily you are completely adorable.

#121 is another example of how perfect Lily's ass is... makes me just want to crawl right on...

Oh boy, have a closer look at pic # 137. Is it just me, or is Lily just telling us with her facial expression ... "Jump on my boy, I'm ready for a ride, are you?"

It's not just you. I heard her say it too!!

Lily is such a sweetheart. You just want to kiss her all over and lick that beautiful ass, right between the cheeks!


Perhaps if you agree to stop using capslock constantly we can broker a deal where Lilly has a new set once a week.

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