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Your photographers suck! They have no idea what a man wants to see with a photographed woman. They must not be heterosexual. Most of them should be fired!

Lily is always smiling and it is like she was reading our words and compliments.
Lily just make us a big favor ...................be always so special and " unique " and as far I am concerned I will be always your best fan , and of course I will value always your beauty

Stunningly, profoundly beautiful woman...
The shot where she's laughing was a nice treat.

almost perfect....but kind of boring against the top 10.

Lily has such wonderful muscular legs. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Lily C is a luscious woman, lickable from head to toe. BUT I can't warm up to her pussy. It's not her fault; it's mine. Large, protruding labia like hers remind me of my ex-wife, whose labia were virtually identical. As our relationship worsened, that pussy went from beautiful to disgusting, like a malignant tumor. Entirely psychological.

I envy you guys who find Lily's pussy beautiful. I can't—yet. But I'm working on the problem, and it seems to be getting better. Do you think Lily would would be open to some one-on-one therapy?

Lily therapy! What an awesome concept. You would need o be very careful though. I am sure it could be extremely addictive.

Sometimes extreme measures are the only cure. It's risky, but I'll just have to take my chances.

Damn I'd love to come home and see Lily waiting for me in that white half dress. But then she'd look just as sweet in a burlap sack! Great photo set. Can never have too many of Lily. She's so sweet and sexy. Lily you're always a 10 in my eyes.

"Nothing feels better to a man than a woman's good humor." - E. Hemingway

There are many, many beautiful things on Met-Art...

but none is more beautiful than Lily's smile.

We're so very lucky to share that.

Thank you, Lily.

Thanks, Met-Art.

Ah, Lily. She has an absolute lock on cute and feisty and Lily has one of the most fantastically conditioned bodies anywhere. Seeing the way those muscles flex beneath that flawless skin is so damn sexy. Those rear views of that magnificent butt and those calf muscles bulging drives me crazy. I don't know what she does to maintain that well toned body but what ever it is, it works! I never tire of looking at this fine woman. I love the shots with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. It certainly is long and lovely. It takes allot of effort to maintain that hair and that awesome body but Lily makes it look so natural and fun.

You just gotta love this girl. I bet she is fantastic girl to know. Wish I did.

Leonardo --

Thanx for the 343-MB.

I much appreciate the "higher def" images -- especially on your best model!

Aaaaah -- Lily ---

Gets my "10" -- always. I was wondering when a new set would pop up.

Long hair needs to be controlled. This is a nude modeling site, not a hair style site.

You were looking at her hair! Okay, I guess everyone has their fetish :-)

Lily C is probably my favorite girl in MetArt. Her ass is definitely the best one here. What other girls bums' do you guys think matches Lily's?

Altea B... and only Altea B

Leonardo - nice pics, but have you never heard of close-ups??????



Now, this set was one of the reasons I was a Leonardo fan. If someone was to write Lily C is the one of the best looking models on MetArt, I could never find a reason to disagree.

Lily C is always beautiful to me no matter what series she poses in or in her movies ie "Asset" it's a shame it was'nt made into a photo shoot would have been a really sexy set ;)

I'm always 'up' for a new set of Lily! This is pretty nice, but I'm "Yearning" for the close-up he missed at 120... Such a fantastic body and cute as she can be!!

Lily is gorgeous and super hot!!! Some more rear view poses would have made the set even hotter!!!

She does look great on all fours.

As pretty as Lily is, I found it strange she's always on tip-toes ... or is she wearing invisible heels?

It's not just a "habit", it's done for the same reason women wear high heels. Makes the legs look "better".

Yes, bibblefuss --

That's exactly why the pro-photographers have them stand that way.

Lots of the models are wearing "invisible heels"...it's a 'requirement' of the powers that be...sadly. I think it's pretty silly too.

No argument here, "rockhard" --

But that's all the more reason to actually wear the heels.

I guess heels are a fetish for me. I grew up back in the 60's when all the really sexy and sophisticated women wore heels. Girls couldn't wait to get old enough to get their first pair of "grown-up" heels and a Prom dress. I guess I never out-grew that. But then the Hippies came along and bras, stockings, and shoes in general went in the dust bin.

lol I was into the 'go-go boots' myself...;o) But even those were 'spiked'! And I think the "hippie look" has faded...at least with MY friends...lol Stockings especially are very popular again with most women, and men for that matter.

Yo, rockhard --

Fortunately, for both of us, along with the Hippies came the "Carnaby Street Look". Thank the Gods for go-go-boots and miniskirts!!!!

More than likely it is a habit some people tend to walk on their tip-toes for example my younger sister she always walked around on her tip-toes and still does and her daughter has the exact same habit.

Also many of these Russian and Ukrainian models have had at least some training in ballet and it probably is a natural progression for them one form of posing to another more or less.

Photo #86: Please more of this posing!

You are so, so lovely.

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