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Lily is such a delight...so lovely.

good set for Lily

She is one of the hottest models on metart, but the photographer got lazy. The lighting sucked..

Hate to say it Dreadnought, guess I must be a pervert as well!

lily a most beautiful woman, such great poses arkisi great job your a great artist if someones unhappy with this then nothing can make them happy

Lily is beauty personified and she has a whole new look here from her other sets and I love her. When I saw Lily with Arkisi instead of Leonardo I thought at last we will get the full impact of Lily's beauty but sadly I am disappointed. For me putting Lily in a brightly lit window and then adding soft focus is not lovely at all. A few shots with that dreamlike look might have been OK but a whole set? Never! Lily has a powerful personality and a magnificent body both of which were lost here. When working with a spectacular woman like this you feature these qualities not play them down.

Arkisi seldom disappoints but this set let me down. The combination of these two working together should have been spectacular but it was mediocre at best. :(

Check my other works at Erro's site with that model. May be you will cope with your disappointment. And forget about soft focus - nobody applies it.

Lily's gorgeous vulva is especially flush with strawberry red color in this set.

Amazing privilege for share that... and all of her beauty.

Thanks, Lily.

A long time favorite... Always a thrill to see Lily. Nice set.

Bewitching, dazzling, and simply yummy -- as always.

When this girl retires, I will go into a monastery and take the vows.

My "10" for today -- and the first one in about a week.

You didn't think that 'Taini' and 'Katie' yesterday were 10's? Maybe I pass out too many of them....(?)

P.S. --

Doesn't she ever wear high heels??

That would beat the crap out of fantasizing about Harry Potter's girlfriend!


Great set of pictures, my favorite is the last one, her ass looks amazing

Lily is a beautiful girl with an exceptional pussy.

I agree with all that has been written about Lily, however, I do not prefer the photo not being in focus when enlarged to full size.

“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”

Henri Cartier-Bresson


HCB wasn't shooting softcore porn.

Taking an artistic approach to your photography for Met-Art is expected. But if the primary focal point of a photo is the model's face and it's not close to tack-sharp, you're doing it wrong.

Arkisi, your feminine erotic photography is extraordinary.

Well done, Sir!

Bourgeois -- smourgeois -- !

"Badda boom -- badda bing --!"

I like to see krinkled nipples.

Call me a bourgeois peasant -- or -- better yet -- call me a pervert.

Sounds like something a frog would say....;o)

Got that right, rock.

Gorgeous girl!!! Great set!!!

Never has a gallery been so erotic, never has lily been so beautiful ! I go on my knees to extol the fantastic beauties of this encounter !


This is an incredibly delicious set .Great work maestro.

Lily is absolutely enchanting in this set—beautiful, sexy, playful, adorable and tasty. 10s all around.

I just love Lily. She is so charming and adorable. I think this set represents that really well. Thanks Arkisi.
Can we see more of Lily please? Maybe 2 sets per month (more if possible), 1 at Met and 1 at Eternal Desire?

erotica-archives...'raisa' for more of 'lily'. Many girls here, are also there and on eroticbeauty. Some same name and others different name... The search will bring many pleasant discoveries.

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