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I expect photos of a lovely girl and get a photo essay on macular degeneration. What gives?

Oh the Eastern European female buttocks! Lily is prime meat in this area! After three years living around and travelling there, I have to say this girl is really like many of them! She may not even go to gym, she may do a lot of walking as most people do there! The western ladies drive everywhere and have gotten flat or fat assed! Just sayin'!

This isn't the best photo shoot of Lily, but she is still without a doubt one of the sweetest models on Met Art. I just love the way she squats and looks back over her shoulder at the camera...it's enough to make a grown man cry.

I agree this isn't her best set (not her fault) but some of the poses here really show off those sexy muscular legs of hers.

You have it in one about the photography. Lily is a very good model and Leonardo has loused it up AGAIN. As you say very few close ups - and when she offers a very intimate pose he focuses on her face, twice. Why the effect of looking through a telescope I don't know, maybe it's artistic. A number of photographers have forgotten that MetArt members in effect pay their wages. I don't think Rylsky would have done this, he's got more sense!

well said!

Lily did not blame.
This set has not Met the Art.

No red banner today but Lily is still a top ten model. Good day when you have two top ten models on the same day. Lily has been shot by three different artist. Who do you all think did the best with her?

(As a side issue Jeff jumped to #1 over night! One set? Interesting...)

Lily has always been top ten for me. She is never very far out of that prestigious position and has been #1 on several occasions.

As for photographers I think Arkisi but Luca is not far behind.

AS for Jeff's meteoric rise, It was totally expected. She has been #1 on Rylsky art from day one also. The number of sets is not and shouldn't be a factor. It is the overall average of member votes that determine that

Lily is one of the reasons I joined MetArt. Her butt is out of this world.

Yes, her butt and everything else is great, but this photography is NOT!


Now this is what you call girl power. Lilly is totally hot and has a fabulous figure all over, and specially her butt. Girls have intrinsically better looking butts if they take care of themselves, but Lilly takes the prize. I gave her a 10++++ in my own mind (what's left of it at 74)and give a big thank you to Leonardo.

Interesting.. stylistically, this set reminds me very much of some of Tony Murano's sets. I wonder if Murano inspired Leonardo... or vice-versa?

So good to see this delectable young lady back again. The set concentrates on her fabulous bottom and even shows a hint of girl juice! Fantastic.

Lily is a petite powerhouse. I wonder why Leonardo chose to restrict her to such a small, confining space?

Lily is the best conditioned model on met art. She must live at the gym. Those legs and that butt are some of the most perfectly formed I have ever seen. Top that with the foxiest face and knowing smile and you have the formula for irresistible! If her personality is anything like she shows here and in all of her sets she would be an amazing woman to know. I too am not a large labia fan but when it comes in a package like this it is of no importance at all.

Lily is and always has been a 10 for me.

The irresistible Lily is back once again to expose my longstanding aversion to large labia for what it is: a silly prejudice. That compact little body is so delectable I'd be insane not to dive right in. (I should have such luck.) Bless you, Lily. xoxo

As I am sure you have noticed, labia vary as much from woman to woman as do faces. I guarantee you if they were all the same it would be very boring.

My aversion is purely psychological. It has to do with one of my ex-wives. I have experienced — happily — pussies of every description in my life (I'm no kid). I'm just put off in recent years by anything resembling my ex's cunt. As I said, psychological.

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