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I have almost missed this set, which would have been a pity for two reasons. First, it was shot in my former hometown, where at one time I lived in the building overlooking the very spot where the pictures were taken next to the Opera theater and the monument. The city of Lviv has a unique character that stays with you long after you have left it, as most people familiar with it will tell you. The second, of course, being stunningly beautiful Lily, expertly photographed in all her glory. I don't know if either Lily or Arkisi live in Lviv or were just passing through, but the combination of deliciously gorgeous Lily and familiar surroundings is hard to beat.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

This set stands in stark contrast to the preceding one -- mostly a good thing. We get to see the real Lily, sans makeup, even, it looks like. Just the young woman movin' around her city. Totally unglamorous, but also kinda cute. And perhaps looking her age. The lonely life of an erotic model! :-)
Then we see her doing her thing, and she is definitely a pro. I would prefer less waxed, shaved-off body hair -- I like the real stuff on her forearms -- but I have to admit that even this way she is magnetic. She knows how to show what she's got :-)
Then it's like the lonely lady waiting for Prince Charming in her boudoir. Intimate portraits, concluding with one I found especially touching.
A word about the photography -- not always perfect, but it looks like somebody for a change is doing his high-rez camera justice. With some moody lighting as well.

Prince Charming- hey, that would be me! Too bad her boudoir is so far away :(

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Keep on truckin' :-)

Totally unglamorous??? Never happen. Totally natural, yes but she is still amazing. The outfit is perfect for her and I bet there were lots of guys sneaking a look at her and probably more than one married guy getting a sharp poke in the ribs from the wife for staring. I certainly would.

She is a pro for sure and she has the key to lighting my fuze. That cute, all knowing smile and those sparkling eyes so full of mischief are undeniably seductive. There is no doubt in my mind that this perfectly conditioned little lady has the ability and the equipment to send almost any guy on the trip of a lifetime.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Well, I guess glamor is in the eye of the beholder :-) I'm amazed by how unglamorous she is in say #3. Amazing, yes, though not in the way you mean :-)
But I'm not meaning to put Lily down or saying she's not likeable or even sexy. Just not glamorous when she's an ordinary-looking civilian in these shots :-)
Now, when it's time for the modeling stuff, it is indeed another story... :-)

Killer round Ass, Pink Anal, Deep Anal, Delicious Clit, Edible Clit, edible PUSSY, Tongue her Ass, Great Curves, Perky Breasts, Pretty Eyes, Pretty Girl, Amazing Body.

It is good to see Lily back, even more so with Arkisi behind the lens. I do so admire Lily's terrific athletic legs, the only wish is that there were more shots of them in this set. Not to say I am anything less than happy. I also like the clothed public shots to start it off. Nice set, a keeper for sure.

As usual Lily is " impeccable " and it is a true example how the simplicity - take a look at her photos in the street as she was a common girl - can be the real essence of beauty.
Lily , you are a very beautiful and rare flower that needs to be treated as one of the most precious thing a man could ever have.

Agreed, A good woman completes a man and they are a treasure to cherish and love.

so you own a woman?

you might want to rethink what you wrote.

Excellent work Arkisi, you are The Man! Lily is to die for; I should be so lucky. Keep up the good work, brilliant photography.

Lilly has a perfectly lovely butt and I'm very glad Arkisi included a number of shots featuring her butt. Also, she is, in my opinion, grooming in the the method I prefer, wax the undercarriage and trim the pelvic area. It lets the model preserve photographic values while looking like an adult.

I have to agree that her grooming from head to toe is perfection. Especially her pubic area. Neatly trimmed above the clit and clean below. The best of both worlds. Full on woman and fully exposed to view and for ones culinary pleasure ;)

I'm also a fan of her grooming choice. I love the way her perfectly trimmed bush seems to accentuate her beautiful clean pussy. I must also add Lily's butt is amazing. Her butt is second to none! Met is on a roll these past two days. Yesterday they give us the newcomer Victoriya and today they follow her up with one of my all time favorites in Lily. Well done Met!

High heels would have been nice on my favorite model.

Young, fresh and very very beautiful Lily.
Each of his return is very welcome.
Smiling and uninhibited with the viewer.
Arkisi creates around her a sophisticated and elegant environment that highlights his young beauty.
Evocative and natural lighting.

Nothing more


Very beautiful, also, the pictures outdoors with bundled up Lily
between the Christmas decorations.
It is very desirable that there is not a break between outdoor photos and indoor photos.
It is very desirable that the model,inside, get undressed of the outdoor clothes.

How delightful – Lilly is back to her cutest and very best.

I love Lily, I am so glad to see her working with Arkisi. Her beauty deserves Metart's best and she found it here. The street shots were delightful. even in a heavy coat she looks hot! Not sure what that that she was pretending to eat but it sure looked good. Once inside we are treated to the Lily I love so much. firm, athletic and cute as can be. I just love that smile and her fun look and feel. She won my heart long ago and I am very happy she is here once again and with Arkisi so we know her sets will be delightful.

Thank you for saving this day on Metart.

Perfect Lily, the hottest of the hot.

Great pictures of the lovely Lily. I like the first few shots of Lily clothed, clothed or unclothed Lily is a stunner.

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