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A wonderful, unbeatable, lovely, beautiful, adorable, everything else Lily C - again. With very nice minimalistic clothing. Thank you for the less-is-more idea. With make-up that finally sends to hell whomever we have to thank for it. But still a beautiful set.

Lily is WAY off the charts CUTE! Legs all the way up to her ass, stubble trim, stylish smile. ❤ HER!!!

A woman whom excites to the extreme desire, but she is a Lady whom I would take home to show the parents. Is this woman the one you wish me to marry? I hope so much she is!!!!!!

Lily has those killer legs, delicious ass, lovely breasts, yummy pussy, which is pretty much a beautiful, flawless body. But her secret is her gorgeous face and I do mean gorgeous! Love those eyes...

Lily C has several good photo sets but this last one is again leaves much to be desired when it comes to picture resolution. For people who don't understand what I'm bitching about; take a close look at the depth of color of her skin in the pictures. Aside from her face, the skin on her legs for example you will see a lot of grainy surfaces. You see even when the photographer claims pictures were taken with 21 Megapixel setting then they should have been flawless but they are not. My guess is that down at MetArt processing plant :) they are constantly trying to conserve disk space, so they might be resorting to aggressive jpg reduction techniques which only the sharpest eyes can pick! Well fortunately or not I happen to have a pair of them ;)


Sad for you, if it ruins this set for you... ) :
"If ignorance is bliss...."

Lily C, That's really all you need to say to anyone who knows Metart! I could empty the dictionary and all the superlatives would be applicable but one only needs to look at one of her sets to fall in love with Lily.

For a leg man shots #19 and 140 are heart stopping! Don't know what her secrete is but it sure works.

she is always one of the best here due to many reasons, but, as far i am concerned she is the typical example of a perfect mixture between class, charm and a pure natural and young beauty.
I am always looking FWD to watch her new stuff and, to be honest, I never feel disappointed.
Thanks Lily and keep going with your way !

No color enhanced pussies please.

Quite possibly the most toned, athletic body on MA. Feminine muscle... YUM!

Tantalizing!! Electrifying even!! Best set of Lily in a looong time...maybe ever!! She gets more beautiful all the time!!
Lily,, please accept these symbols of my affection for you..XOXOXO

Dreadnought nailed it. This is a classically simple set. Only someone in Lily's class could have taken it to such heights. It helps, of course, to have a perfect pair of legs, glorious legs, mouthwatering legs, beautiful le… (Got sidetracked for a second there, sorry.) It helps, too, if you have an incomparable tush, a pussy of vast nutritional promise, and the most kissable face in town. Finally, it helps to have a great photographer and to be Ukrainian. If you have all of those things, you are Lily. Incomparable. Yummy forever.

Sailor, you nailed it about Lily's great legs, but when I read about the "pussy of vast nutritional promise" I just about pissed myself! I may have to use that phrase in the future, giving you full credit for it of course.

Thanks. kilroy, no credit necessary. Use it with my blessing. : )

A truly beautiful woman in a classicaly simple set. The heels and the blouse raise it far above the mundane.

My compliments --

Lily always gets my "10".

Heels... droooooollllll...

P.S. --

Thank you, Leonardo, for the 307mb size --

There can NEVER be enough "beautiful" -- only too little.

Lily C is incredibly cute in her blouse and shoes. I take it she is on the was to a no pants party (very popular among young people, or so I've heard) I know she will be an instant hit, being a perfect 10.

I meant Way.

Lily C certainly has'nt lost her sensuality within this latest adorable series of hers - Those gorgeous green eyes long brown hair sexy inviting smile and body of hers we all leanrt to love :) This set is no exception either !!! I simply adored Lily C from start to finsish wearing nothing but a short sexy dress high heel shoes standing on the steps in some very tantalizing pose's ;) slowly revealing one of her lovely breast perky nipples her firm sexy legs thighs images #7-#8 with some lovely images and close ups of her sexy derrier under her short dress and her strikingly pose's and close ups of Lily as she slowly strips off her dress releaving her gorgeous firm body breasts nipples facial features in some very sexy sensual close up images and angles of her lovely body from leaning against the railing of the steps to standing upon the steps with her short but firm legs spread open revealing her lovely shaved pussy in images #47-#48 as well as the lovely gorgeous pose of her leaning back her body fully strechted back against the railing her gorgeous breasts erect nipples long brown hair flowing down her back and shoulders per image #49 :) until totaly naked.I simply adored all of Lily C's lovely photo's within this series from her sensually leaning naked against the stone pillar at the end of the steps railing showing her gorgeous well toned tanned body curvaceous ass and magnificent rear end views of Lily's ass bending over from images #72-#83 to her both sitting in secerne poses to Lily sitting on the steps to her with her legs wide open in Images #84-#92 and images #113-#115 :) and the lovely close ups of Lily c's gorgeous face lovely green eyes long brown hair firm breasts perky nipples in images #143-#114 to mention few favourites of mine !! Leonardo chose a lovely setting to show all of her magnificent assets with these awesome flawless 148 images of Lily C's beautiful body !!! Lily C is simply a stunning model/wonan and one of my most favourite models within Metart :) :)

Well said. I really don't need to add anything except that Lily has been on my preferred list from her first set. This lady is pure class!

Wow! - Simply beautiful in every aspect.

Sheer perfection, Lily has it all!

After extensive analysis and research, I can confidently report that Lily is absolutely adorable in every picture.
And you can take that to the bank.
( :

I also have to agree fer_realz. This is my favorite set of Lily....Leonardo nailed it!....and I love the setting too (outdoor sets rock!)

Well that's great! I had to go to the bank today anyway! Thanks! ;o)

Oh good, I'm running a little low on folding cash. You'll pick me up some, won't you, old friend?
( ;

Absolutely! Look for the check in the mail...;o)

Way to go out on a limb, old sock! Such courage is rate in these conformist times. : )

I gotta be honest and intrepid, no matter the risks!
My public demands it of me!

We know....you meant "rare"...;o) She's got your head spinning!! LOL ("And your heart in a bind"....)

There are so many girls that look just like her – Guerlain, Natalie E, Raisa, Violetta, Anastasia, etc. that it gets confusing. But they’re all equally delightful, so I guess it doesn’t really make any difference – unless you have to call her out of a crowd.

I get it now!... Those are ALL her...LOL ;o) D'OH!!

If you look real close, you'll discover that Lily and Raisa are in fact the same girl... "Raisa" is the one I fell in love with on a sister site, before meeting "Lily" here.

Lily is set apart by her nice overall figure, particularly her great legs. As a leg man, I appreciate this set and Lily, too!

Yo, Kilroy --

As a life-long leg-man I compliment you on your refined taste. Lily has wonderful legs.

I would agree that there are so many beautiful women on Met-Art, however, up close I can tell them apart. Each has a special level of beauty. But what separates them is how they present themselves in a certain way to the camera such as a: smile, a look as if they see you, a pose with certain confidence, or just being an individual goddess they are. Man, I love them all!

I have to agree, it's presentation that counts. Lily has a sunny disposition that is impossible to resist. No pouting or fake seduction here. A smile beats a frown any day.

Lovely, lovely Lily! More utterly adorable than ever.

I am in awe of Lily. She always gives so much to the camera - perfect poses and lovely expressions. She is so beautiful, and she seems so sweet and fun.

You nailed it! Lily is pure sunshine and magnificently sculpted feminine muscle.

Insanely hot photo set.



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