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Fucking hot, hot, hot! She is a perfect pussy with perfect ass, calves,
legs and thighs!

a very beautiful young woman. Amazing body and the ability to change her look from the girl next door to femme fatale at will.

This set is sheer perfection; it's why I never have any reservations about handing over my CC number for another month. It would be nice if more of the girls "dressed up" like this for their whole shoot; it makes it more interesting, more exciting, and more memorable.

In my opinion, Lily C has become the hottest model on the site, surpassing Caprice, whose sets have been an unmitigated disaster lately and have become very boring. Keep up the good work.

Delightful Lily in high heels, black stockings, suspender belt, jacket and no knickers - very beautiful. Wonderful poses and fantastic photography.

Oh so sweet is this woman............ words are unable to express the honey dripping from the hand dipped into the sweetness of this woman.
She has a power display about her, she knows of where she comes from. There is a power presented, she presents it to us, can you pick up on it?
Lovely, yes, just lovely she is.........

I thoroughly enjoyed this set despite the cover pic.

Nothing else to say.

I feel sorry for the beautiful Lilly but this is one of the worst set of Leonardo.
Boring, repetitive, unimaginative.
Even Lilly looks tired and bored.

"Stockings and high heels" is a feticism from which I am immune.
The shoes worn by Lilly are to psychiatric hospital.

Excellent technical quality of the photos and the lighting..

You have got to be kidding or else you are one sorry sicko!

In the italian mental hospitals internees wears the shoes that wears Lilly.

I don't buy it.
A psychiatric institution would never allow shoes that could be turned into a weapon i.e. the heels on the stilettos.
On the other hand?
You WILL see shoes like this in an American strip club... ( :

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I guess they may be very therapeutic. That's where I want 'em to take me! :-)

I have been following Lily since she began, I cannot think of a single set I didn't give a 10. IMO if anything she has grown up and got better, she was never anything but good. Cute, Cute, girl....

A very enthusiastic +1 on that

Wow. 177 pics. Don't think Leonardo wanted this shoot to end. Some of my favorite pics 11, 38, 80, 119, 162 and 173. Lily and Leonardo both get a 10's.

Loved the garter belt throughout, sexy, sexy, sexy! Hot and seductive. Lily is awesome!

Legs all the way up to her ass!

Lily C is one of a kind within her unique ways she displays herself within all of her series ~ She looks simply stunning both wearing that lovely lightweight jacket and garter belt (sorry hipshot131 no panties at all )and those gorgeous black stockings and colorful heels from the very start with both striking sensual sexy poses and magnificent close ups of both her gorgeous face sexy green eyes her long brown wavy hair as well as those lovely curves of her body :)I loved the way Lily slowly peels of her jacket in a tantalizing strip tease revealing the gentle curves of her breasts erect nipples with both sensual looks within her eyes and the smooth contours of her gorgeous face :)and those magnificent rear end views of her cute tight derriere within images #32,#52 and #160 :) Lily C is simply both a remarkable model/woman with both a lovey body and personalty to go with it and i loved both her sensual serene poses to those explicit ones revealing all of her glory ;) As well as those beautiful close ups of her gorgeous facial expressions and those small firm breasts perky erect nipples and i for once would loved to see your lovely body with a nice pair of worn out cut off denim shorts and t-shirt you certainly have the body for it that's for sure :) not that i did not like the stockings and garter belt They suited her very well I personally think she has a spell over Leonardo well who would not as they do certainly click well together hope to see more of you in the near future and Leonardo you are one of Met-Art's best photographers film directors and i simply loved the outdoor setting to highlight LiLy C's lovely beautiful assets and do drop in more often i think we all miss you :) :) within Met-Art ....

Sorry my vision was clouded by her radiance ;) Panties, though a favorite fetish of mine, were not needed for Lily to make me dreamy eyed.

A nice warm hearted 10/10 for both of you as well too :) :)

Really? You covered those amazing legs with stockings for the entire set? That makes no sense. Not everyone likes stockings. Take them off at some point and everyone is happy. I am sad this did not happen.

When I first looked at this latest offering of Lily see from Leonardo, I was deeply disappointed by the way her beautiful body and superb proportions were masked by the superfluous shirt, garter belt and stockings. The saving grace however is the quality of the photography from Leonardo which has enabled me to crop the downloaded pictures to produce a personal gallery of wonderful head portraits of the divine Miss C. These highlight the wide range of quirky facial expressions of this exceedingly pretty and talented young woman. With hindsight, many thanks to both of them for a special treat!

Ever consider that it's not your job to edit and crop photos? There are people getting paid to do that. Apparently they are napping most of the time.

Bravo MET!!! Finally some sexy lingerie. Thank You for the Garter and the heels!!!

stryke, look up Ingret's sets... s/he (don't know if Ingret is a man or a woman) really loved shooting models in lingerie...

Lovely, lovely Lily... she turns being irresistible into an artform.
( :

Such a lot alluring poses without any repetitions!
That's Leonardo!
Simply perfect photoshooting of a perfect presenting model in sexy underwear.

Masterpiece! 10/10 for model & photographer.

I wish the garter belt had vanished, or better yet, not been there at all. i usually grade Leonardo 1/10

If Lily walked in the room right now wearing nothing but the garter and stockings, I supposed you'd tell her to remove them or go home.

As if.

You're clueless about eroticism aren't you?

Oh c'mon, uuusssee... we all have a different definition and experience of eroticism.
The whole nature of human sexuality is that we're humans ~ ergo, we're all different... one man's turn-on makes the next guy nauseous.

Lily is cuter than a room full of Facelle Royale kittens! I really like her beautiful hair, lovely derriere. and puffy outer labia.

Thanks to Lily and Leonardo.

Great set.

It's a shame to cover Lily's phenomenal legs with anything. She is still gorgeous, of course, but the stockings and garter belt aren't sexy, they're a distraction. Not much of one, of course, because Lily's beauty and sexuality blast right through such camouflage. She is tasty from start to finish. Love her!

Variety is good! I personally love a lovely pussy and bum framed with stockings and suspender belt.

fully agree

Lily turns me to mush! The first thing I did when I saw her name was to download the set and mark it a 10. No need to question or look first. Lily could be no less than 10 in my book! even though she sticks with Leonardo it doesn't matter because she seems to have a spell over him or maybe it's me. Anyway his work seems to take a step up when Lily is involved.

I loved this set. Starting off with Lily in a blouse, garter belt and pantiles got me with the first shot! #71 is Lily personified! Lily is the feminine form perfected. She is made for this type of shoot. Her body is like a symphony. Everything is perfectly formed and conditioned to present total music for the eyes as well as the mind and she just seems to keep getting better.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Hipshot, you illustrate why the ratings have no real validity, when you mark a set a 10 without even looking at it.

Some things one does not need to question. ;)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

In my opinion, everything needs to be questioned :-)

I agree with hipshot31...when you have a favorite model, you can´t go wrong...If the set contains only pictures of Lily reading the newspaper, it stll a 10 to me..

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Well, then I would say Lily rates a 10 with you, though not necessarily the set.
I have a favorite model and I've been quite critical of some of her sets. Think I even gave one a 5 :-)
In any case, I would like to see more "critical thinking" evidenced on this site. Otherwise, a whole lot of mediocrity is given a pass, and is encouraged to propagate :-)

Doug, I was discussing this with someone in the comments forum last week I think.
The problem with a ratings system is that we all have our own individual "strategies" as far as rating or not rating models and/or sets.
Some of us think that there ought to be hard and fast rules, or a certain procedure to it. Some of us don't...
The ratings per se aren't gonna mean a whole lot until a consensus develops and everyone uses them the same way.
For what it's worth...
I don't see that happening anytime soon.
Directing MetArt members?
Kinda like herding cats.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

fer_realz, that's why I suggested last week a new category: each member gets one vote for one model. Then MetArt finds out how many first-place or "best" votes each model gets, and ranks them accordingly.
It would be another dimension to the model ratings/rankings, if they must have them (I think they should get rid of them totally, and find a less contentious and offensive way to feature their models) -- a no-BS, put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is test of who's really held in high regard.
I'd have no problem casting my vote, even if they make her shave... :-)

The ratings system sucks. Always has. The overall quality of the models and the photography make it just plain silly. They need to have a separate rating that allows use to vote for the model AND the photographer/set separately or do away with it totally. It is not fair that we have to down grade a beautiful model in order to express our dislike for the set. And last but not least we all have ideals that we measure a set by and they are as varied as faces. We will all never agree on much of anything because we all have different standards and concepts of how it SHOULD be.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

People are using different displays at different resolutions -- some flip through sets in a hurry, some like me might take days to study a set. And that's to say nothing about how the models are rated and ranked. How do you think any one of them feels about the girls who "outrank" them? Hopefully not as disgusted as me when I look at that page.
As I've said before, a high rating can make me like a girl less.
It's a totally uncalled-for competition judged by blind people, in my oh-so-humble opinion :-)

Oh, just because someone sees differently or has different standards than yours doesn't make him/her blind, Doug. ( :

As for the "pick your one all-time favorite model" idea... I would either abstain entirely, or I'd be changing it constantly. I don't see any way that I could ever pick one favorite model of all the models here.

To me, what would make more sense would be to tally how many 10s models get on their personal pages. Which isn't very far from what they currently do.

However, once again, those 10s are all extremely subjective and we all have different reasons for awarding whatever rank we award. The ratings system is never going to make coherent sense, because of that subjective element to it... and that subjectivity is a HUGE element.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Of course they're blind, fer_realz, if they don't see what I see :-)))

I bet a lot of people would abstain from casting a single vote, if they were honest. Few are here like me for one model only. Since I got hauled in by her and Rylsky (thanks to another site :-) I've found several others I rather like, but they're not in the same league. It would be fine for people to abstain -- it would make the point of the exercise all the clearer. I would say that those who get the most votes would be the true top MetArt models.
Unless of course my fave wasn't among them :-)
To be sure it's all subjective. And we're all here for different reasons. I just don't like the damned rating system. We'd be better served by alphabetical order, or perhaps date of first set.

Thanks for the clarification and the admission of your own subjectivity, Doug, I feel much better now, now that I know I'm not talking to a pedant, but to a person with a sense of humor! ( : LOL
As for alphabetical order or date of set, I believe you can opt to have sets presented to you in those fashions...
Just go to the "options" button, I believe.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

As far as who and what I like, absolutely subjective -- my favorite subject, in fact :-)
I hadn't really looked at the options -- didn't see that you could hide ratings there. They'd pop up someplace, anyhow -- there's no escaping them, it seems. They're proudly displayed, like a black eye :-)
The other thing I note on that page is the emphasis on the "browsing experience." That's what they want you to do, browse, quantity over quality, run slide shows, without stopping to inspect an image. Look what happens when somebody does. Criticism! :-)
I give 'em credit for letting it stand and not censoring it. If they want a better site, that's a good idea.

For me sweet Lily defines perfection. Happy new year sweetheart! That said, I wish the garter belt had vanished, or better yet, not been there at all. Never mind. It pales in the glow of this amazing beauty xxxx.

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