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Hottest set I've seen. She will take you to Cream City!

Well, when I first saw this set I was shocked and disgusted. Okay, make-up is always a twisted tale, but the lingerie in my eyes is an example of distastefoolishness (hehe, mind my game of words) without equal. But a set of Lily C is nothing I can keep without watching it over and over and now, after several visits at Rosachaet I must admit: the set got me. Means: Lily got me. Her hair at the beginning is very interesting. I would like to see that again. But her mimical expressions, which I adore so much and sing songs about, work perfectly with the whoresome outfit and gives the photograph what he deserves: disrespect. This, in company with some very hot and explicit sites and poses, gives me reason enough to finally say yes to this set, painful for the eyes but still a refreshment for my adoration of this wonderful woman.

..sights, not sites. :D

This is, hands down, the best set I have ever seen on MET ART, and I've seen them all, from the Archives on up to this one. Lily & Leonardo knocked this one out of the park.

So fucking hot!


For TwistedTales and others who where offended by some of the comments. If read through them you will fined that they were all over the place but no one dissed Lily in any way. Some loved it others not so much. Everyone stated what they liked and didn't like and this is where the value comes in. We all are looking for different things and few sets will garner all positives. However the powers that be can sift through it and see the why of the comments and how the different types of shoots are received by the members and get some good input on the things that matter to the membership. I know for a fact that K reads these comments and she is the one choosing which sets come next and what to buy and not buy (a huge job) The comments have done a lot of good since they started and as long as we don't pick on the models themselves I think they are an excellent idea.

No one has to read them nor are you required to agree with any of them. They are 100% optional and you can simply turn them off and pretend they don't exist if you wish.

Hear hear, Hipshot. I totally disagree with your assessment of the set ~ but I TOTALLY agree with this comment.
You explain exactly why the comment section is such a good idea ~ it gives K (and whoever else is in charge of buying sets for MetArt) and the photographers a good source of ideas of what people like and don't like.
In my mind, it's kinda like voting ~ if you don't like what's going on, but you haven't put in the minimal effort to vote, then what right do you have to complain?
Likewise, if you don't like the sets on MetArt but don't bother to explain why, then how can MetArt learn what you like?

WOW!!! Hot hot HOT!!!! Lily is just magnificent!!

top ! so natural! here we can see a pussy with true colors ! thank you (i hate photoshop!!)

The stockings and bustier suit the lovely Lily C maginificently! More studies of this kind would be most welocme!

Lily is totally beautiful, but Leonardo has once again demonstrated he has no taste at all. he needs to go back to art school or something.

I have read my last Met-Art comment, period. What a bunch of whiny crybabies. Good-bye to your waste-of-time comments. I'm sticking with the pictures of the ladies. They never waste my time.

Superb photoset, the pussy up shots are perfect.

The purple is nice. It works well with the neutral background. It both complements and compliments her skin. It mirrors some of the coloration of her lips. Their is enough warmth from the wood of the floor and the window trim. It may look harsh depending on your color settings -much better on my tv screen than my laptop. We see a good variety of mostly whole body shots, which is refreshing. My eyes do not complain about the obvious exceptions. Our artist effectively shows us pretty much all with removing all, which is also refreshing. A couple of upshots accentuate her mons, something something done too rarely. No on all fours, ass up/face down, or crawling around, but we are spared two dimensional straight on butt shots that work as neither good butt shots nor good close-ups. Too much vertical portrait orientation for a 10.

Well said, Magwich.

I don't think there's another model that gives us more photos, in heels, with her lovely legs spread in a standing or squatting pose. Don't mind the lingerie at all, it doesn't obstruct any of her gorgeous goodies! Unfortunately, the only thing that continually comes to mind when I see her pose like this is how I wish my face was between those firm thighs; she has such a luscious pussy and sweet kissable butt, mouthwatering! Thanks Lily, you're a sweetheart! Good job Leonardo.

For shame! Lily is one of my favorite models but this set fell flat for me. I am in total agreement about the purple thing. It was ugly to start with and became even worse when she left it on through the entire set. This happens far to often in these met sets. I can kind of understand when it's a new model that needs it as a crutch but Lily is far from new and for sure doesn't need the clothes to cope. I really hope she hasn't gotten some huge hideous tattoo that they were attempting to hide. This set failed because it failed to accent her best features and covered that lovely body in a not very attractive way. This was more old fashioned vaudeville stripper than Metart sheik. I didn't think you could mess up a set with lily but they managed it here. Way too much repetition of all the wrong poses and angles and far to little of Lily's patented smile.

This is the first time I have been disappointed with a Lily set. :(

In the last set it was shoes. In this one it's clothes. Where it will stop, nobody knows.

This is a gorgeous set, and is far more erotic than most. Have you not actually looked at It?

I have indeed looked at it as I have every set Lily has ever done. She is one of my all time favorite models. I have almost every set she has ever done on my computer. This is why this set failed for me. It has nothing to do with Lily. It is simply that this set is not esthetically pleasing to me due to the attire and choices made during the shoot. As I said this is the first time I have ever been disappointed with one of her sets. In case you are unaware that is 28 sets done by 3 different artists the bulk of which have been by Leonardo. So yes I am VERY aware of all of this set and how it compares with her others. I indeed went into it having already marked it as a 10 but reduced it only after I had examined the entire set. In fact the last page had a great deal to do with it. 11 of the 20 shots were the same basic pose from mostly the same angle just cropped differently. However like all comments this is merely my own personal take on "This" set and not of Lily who I think is an absolute goddess.

Beautiful! Some of the last shots, looking up from between her legs, highlight what a perfect ass she has.

I also love her huge labia. Gorgeous in my opinion.

Finally -- !

Lingerie, stockings, HEELS -- AND LILY !!!

Agreed -- the "purple thingie" is monsterously ugly. But -- the set simply confirms the fact that her legs are at their best in a pair of heels.

The shame of the whole thing is that we'll be damned lucky to get shoes back on her in the next 6 months! It's much like throwing your dog a bone a couple times a year.

In such nice lingerie - please one, at least one picture standing up and non-spread, I repeat non-spread ...

Some of her most explicit and arousing poses ever

Few others than Lily could make this "clothing" selection look that good. Like fer_realz, I would have liked to seen the purple thing discarded much earlier and left the stockings on. And what is it with these clunky shoes today? At least Lily wears them standing and not in bed! Those muscular legs of hers are amazing, and this set does showcase them quite well. I'd have to say that this is a very sexy set of Lily, one of her best.

I agree that the bustier needed to go away sooner rather than later. Or at all, would have been nice.

Some sets just don't serve my tummy fetish at all...

I agree that the bustier needed to go away sooner rather than later. Or at all, would have been nice.

Some sets just don't serve my tummy fetish at all...

Personally -- I like her taste in shoes.

Agreed ~ quite sexy.

Come on guys, she's still a top 10!!!!

Another masterpiece - of Leonardo of course!

Lily is breathtaking! Probably her best performance.

Jessica Rabbit, watch your back: there's a new bombshell in town and her name is Lily!
Va-va voom and hubba hubba... my tongue's still on the floor, I gotta be careful 'cos I'm gonna trip on it.
( :

I have previously described Lily as cuter than a room full of Facelle Royale kittens.

Today I would say she is gob smacking, take my breath away, sultry. Either way, Lily is beautiful.

Lily, this has to be one of your best sets ever. I loved the hose/suspenders/heels aspect. I think the look you give us in the last photo says it all. Damn you look good today.... Of course that is all IMHO...

My heart sank when I saw Lily's costume for this shoot. Then I figured she would overcome it and I'd be delighted as usual with her. Wrong. She doesn't start to remove the purple thing until image 72, and it never really comes off. She is still Lily—still beautiful, with the best legs and derrière on the block. But she's been presented a whole lot better in the past—last month and the month before for example.

I'm sorry to say I have to agree with Sailor. This wasn't her best shoot. I found the lighting distracting and her best feature - her legs - were never presented well. Such a pity because Lily is one of my all-time favorites. Her previous shoot, MEJORAR, was stunning.

What about shot 132 do you not like?

Sailor, my initial reaction was identical to yours. The conclusion was different.
This set is sexy as HELL. Lily works it magnificently and totally overcomes the handicap that the "miniskirt as garter belt" would have been for damn near any other model.
My cavil is that she took off the stockings and then put the heels back on, while leaving that purple thing around her midsection. Had I been the director for the set, she would have removed the purple monstrosity and left the stockings and heels on.
But when she took her hair down... man oh man how glorious.
What a magnificently gorgeously sultrily sexy woman. The superlatives just don't do her justice...

Agreed on all points!

Come on Sailor, patience is a virtue and her tease was perfect and I loved her hair back at the beginning. We have seen her totally bare enough, before so this set worked for me. Besides the "costume" really didn't get in the way of any important parts.

Totally agree. This is a brilliant set, and highly erotic. There are many totally naked ladies on MA with less impact.

PS: I just wish L. would have given us an isolation shot of her ankle and foot with those shoes on her. Would now be my wallpaper if he had.

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