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Lily makes me wish I could double up on her rating. 20 at least.

if I could go back in time I think I might do serious injury to my high school guidance councillor. Photography was clearly the way to go

Bliss-out ... total bliss-out! :)

Lily is a very very pretty girl. I wish Leonardo had moved this shoot indoors,he just doesn't do well with sinlighe(like image 3,for example. Lily is lovely, and knows how to really pose,she just needs a photographer as good as she is. I gave Lily a 10+++

Lily has the overall finest body on Met. She also has the overall most athletic body on Met. Those two things are not a coincidence. Feminine muscle -- YUM!

She also has the best legs on Met. Other models come close, but where they all come in second to Lily is the knees. To have great legs, you have to have great knees, and Lily's got them in spades.

Yes to all the above. Lily has it all!

Totally yum!

I'd like to check out Lily at her pad.

ribbit. Maybe she will kiss me and turn me into a handsome prince.

...by default, any man she kissed we would have to consider a handsome prince. ( :

Mmm-gaping goodness

Panty perfect!

OH yeh!

Now that's what I call a yummy breakfast!

Too much light. If this should be an outdoor setting, where are the schadows, where is the feeling. I am sorry to say: This is a unemotional documentation of anatomic details. Not art.

Anatomic detail not art is why we come to these sites.

My main concern was if she were to slide off the table, in those WTF angled pics, I wouldn't be there to catch her!

It is always good to run anti malware from time to time to prevent a redirected url. Being misdirected might prevent notice of eye anatomy in #83.

Also, none of us would want to let malware keep us from enjoying the oh so sexy fruit bowl.

Where there is a fruit bowl, there is art. Known fact.


Time to leave Met-Art. When the camera operators (can't personally call them photographers) take essentially three identical pictures and can't get one that is in focus on Lily's face. Very disappointing. The same comments for the set by the person snapping shots of Kristel. BOOOO!

I just don't agree with you AT ALL. With a respectable 8.71 rating of this set currently, you are apparently in the minority. You are entitled to your opinion, but booing? really? Doesn't add much credibility to your statements.

You are not usually going to get glamour face shots in an outdoor setting. I don't always like outdoor settings, but I do always like Lily.

If you want something that wasn't in those two sets you should indeed leave because you are obviously looking in the wrong place for what ever it is you want. It would be pretty hard to come up with 123 totally unique photos in one set. As for 3 photos without a face focus? Please don't complain. With Leo it is usually the opposite, everyone focused on the face and not where I want to see!

I am not here for statistics I am here for feminine beauty and there are few that could surpass Lily for shear anatomical perfection.

I really hated accepting my eye doctor's recommendation of bifocals. Acceptance has benefits -I stopped counting groups of poses when I got to 12.

Ahh Lily, a flower to die for!

See, this is an example of a perfect set. The poses, lighting, the focus . . . I could never say enough about this set. It is the reason I am a Met-Art member. I just wish they were more like this one!

Good heavens, this girl is incredible! The thong and high heels both being satin was a really nice touch.

From the waist up she is merely awesome but from the waist down she is the most fantastically perfect woman ever. 8^))))

Satin panties are god's gift to man! And Lily is his image of perfection!

..."merely" ! LOL
( :

Damn! there are few women in the world who can compete with Lily's legs and butt! Absolutely amazing! photos 15 through 18 and 28, 29, and 30 illustrate that perfectly. How many models can pose in spiked heels on the toes with the heels clear of the ground? Magnificent! Her face is a dream come true and her amazing smile and seductive personality makes me sigh repeatedly through this set. This set is classic Lily. One of the best sets Leo has done with her in a long time!

This set get a 8.6 on my Richter scale which means it rocked me to the core!

On the met scale it's a 16 at least!

amen brother!

P.S. the outfit is awesome especially the panties. Those are the kind of spiked heels I can go for. Nothing gross or overdone there.

Beautiful Lily in white panties, mmm, mmm, mmm!

When she takes them off is great too.

Not to be overly pedantic, but because I have a panty fetish, I feel it important to point out that properly speaking this is a thong, not panties. Panties cover the butt. ( :
That being said, this is the prettiest thong I've witnessed in a long time... ALMOST as good as panties in the same material would have been.

fer_realz, you mean to tell me you have a panty fetish? Nahhhh! LOL

I figure there's no point in pretending that I don't... ( ;

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