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The lady has "It" in spades. A gem.

Just a gorgeous, lovely, beautiful, exquisite, stunning body you have Lily! Thanks for being born!!!!

outdoor sets are easy to screw up, but this star team makes it look easy. Those Ukraine genes are awesome!

Lilly ia a totally magnificent,totally beautiful model. Mr. Helios has once again demonstrated that he is the master of sea side photography. he has done great sets by the sea,like his "Lavico "starring Indiana,or" Namisi "starring APF, but I can't remember if tha Czech REpublic has a coastline or not. Big bill Shakespear said it did,but geography wasn't his strong suit,probably because he had to dress up like Sir Francis Bacon to write his plays. Anyway, I gave Lilly a 10++++

No need to remember, we have maps these days.

and don't forget,as you can see on the close-ups Lilly waxes the undercarriagt,thus avoiding those nasty razor probltms.

Lily the magnificent! She is Mets premier athlete. She keeps that body perfectly tuned and toned. I love the way her muscles move and how they form one of the most feline bodies on here or any other site. Those abbs, those legs, her perfect breasts and awesome butt. You don't come by a body like that without a lot of work. You have to admire the work ethic she must have. But the most important secrete to her beauty is the azure of her playful and sexy sensuality. She is cute and at the same time there is a smoldering fire there that sets your imagination racing. This woman could keep a guy in constant arousal with just her looks and body movements and you know she has the stamina and physical credentials to wear any man out. Pure 100% seductress.

azure? sb Allure Damned spell checker!


Lily, you've become a very good, professional erotic model.

You understand how to project "sexiness" with your eyes, mouth, and facial muscle tone and you do it.

You're excellent at this job.

Well done.

Be happy.

old set but still she's lovely. (see Movie, "Deniz" 12-25-12)

Lovely fur patch!

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Long, lean, lovely legs; beguiling face (12); utterly rockin' abs; WO! (21); sigh (23); stunning (25+26); 34; !!49!!; 57; !58!; !!62!!; 69; 73 with my compliments!; 86; 91; 95; 97; !!105-114!!.

PERSONALLY, I'D PREFER: This is one of the most enjoyable sets I've seen in a long time, for my personal tastes. Spectacularly pleasing!!! My thanks to all involved. MOST enjoyable!!

Wet or dry, indoors or out, there is absolutely no limit to this girl's appeal! Magnificent!!

Looking at lily is definitely heaven.

Goodness gracious is she gorgeous! I do love this set.

Just look how far Lily has come since beginning to model with MA... she's gone from a cute, adorable young lady to a hot, bronzed, fully mature woman. And I do mean woman. Her sultry factor is at least 1,000....

Awesome.This veteran looks better than ever.Maybe Met art's flagship?

The seller

I really appreciate visits from this lovely young woman; now I'll just sit back and enjoy all the reasons why others appreciate her.

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