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So, i have now seen perfect. Thank you...

She's definitely one of my VERY favorites on the site. Super cute face, incredible body, and oh that ass!!! WOW!

Not as hot as Rosachaet, but I still gotta give it a 10.

Lily is as cute as charming. Extremely cute and extraordinary charming !

Aaahh -- !

Absolutely delicious -- gets my first "10" in days !!!

Think I'll make her my new "Number One Girl".


The young woman was adorable!! beautiful young body; charm galore. Regarding this guy that has all these comments and says he hasn't looked at the set, shouldn't the webmaster delete all that babble? Write a blog and see if someone will read it.

A rare ten to Leonardo... Fantastic set! Lily has never looked better... It's probly an old set lol

A certain Italian, who some of you may recognize, tells me there is a single word to describe our contrarian. Stolido from now on that will the only reply he gets from me.

Oh, goodness:

I´m always gonna love you,if loving means forever!!! Sorry If I sound corny, but Lily always bring that kind of thoughts to me...

Not corny, Lily has that effect on a lot of us. I am sure that she knows the lust she generates. In fact I think it's one of her best attributes. I see that look in every picture and that's what makes her irresistible. That touch of naughtiness and the knowledge of what she does to men makes her so desirable. There is no doubt in my mind that she could devastate any guy she decides is worthy of her attention.

Amazing round ass, killer booty, killer CLITORIS, Perfect Breasts, BEAUTIFUL, Perfect 10, suckable Pussy, suckable ass, Meaty Clitoris, Yummy Ass, Yummy Clitoris, Great smile, Beautiful face, Supper Sexy, Supper HOT.

I think this should go in the tags, not the comments. BTW, there were no shots anyway near close enough to see her clitoris. Do you mean labia?

I suspect he means labia, or perhaps his eyesight is far keener than ours. ( :

LillyC is looking splendid, and even Leonardo is acting like a photog for once.Lilly is definitely an expert on how to wear a bikini, and is even more of an expert on how to wear a birthday suit.

I forgot to add thet Lilly gets a 10++++

Lily has a beautiful firm, muscular body yet remains extremely feminine and sexy...

Her round buttocks & strong shapely legs are always a real turn on

I always first look for what I consider Lily's signature poses, #54 and #90. Then all the deep squats, from the front and back; she's going to give me a heart attack one of these days...I'll be smiling thou.

Imagine talking to your doc about what gave you the heart attack.... :D

I have said it before, and likely will repeat it every time that Lily, K, and Leonardo collaborate to deliver a visit like today; Lily is magnificent!

Anytime Lily shows up on the menu, she is my "model de jour".

Other than Yani A, perhaps no other model in the MAverse does the combination of cute/adorable and stunningly sexy that Lily C does.
And that butt? ...fuhgeddaboudit, she should be required to register that thing as a weapon of mass discombobulation. The way she throws it around is a marvel of nature...

Good day fer, kilroy, & hip. I don't really NEED to say anything about Lily today you all have made the same point I was thinking. How can a rather short, it says 5'3", girl project such stunning rear and leg shots. She may be the best ever from those angles.

I would say something about our new narcissistic contrarian but it would just allow him the post 5 more useless comments. But I will say this in response to his jab... "Or do you think and speak for everyone? " at hip. Well as far as I am concern hip 90% of the time does speak for all of us long time members. We are more often than not in total agreement with his views and when we are not his opinion IS always respected. I have been a member for going on 9 years and hip may senior to me. I guess it does not bother him, the contrarian, that he is making a fool of himself and has lost all credability he may have had. So I guess we will just have to suffer through his drivel, until he bores himself as much as he does us. By the way anyone knows what happened to sailor.

SW, I find that I agree with hip more than 90% of the time. There are others, yourself and fer_realz included, that also seem to get my thumbs up the vast majority of the time.

That said, nobody has been elected as the spokesperson, and in my observations, nobody has assumed that role, through tenure or otherwise. There is no seniority, in this "room" we are all equal peers. What gets my respect, more than anything, are those who in turn respect the models in their comments and are civil with the photogs.

As for Sailor, I went back and looked and it seems that his comments ended sometime in January. Whatever happened, I hope that he is okay. I also miss rags, and likewise hope that she is doing well.

Yep, I miss Sailor and Rags too....

@ kilroy and fer_realz:

I don't remember much about Sailor beyond that I enjoyed her / his comments.

rags25 said that she has a lifetime membership. I hope she didn't have another tire changing incident in back of beyond.

Both Lily and her photographers, whomever they are, know that she has a first class butt and know that's one of the things the viewers want to see ... and Lily knows it too - just look at the way she shows it off. It's almost like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

I like that, MAverse. Unlike the Underverse, the MAverse cherishes female beauty and presents it to its admirers in superior fashion. Threshold... take us to the threshold! Lily does that.

Lily C is dynamite and I appreciate her athletic legs as much as anything. I always look forward to her sets.

Unfortunately a pure routine photo shooting. I'm used to see more inspiration of both Lily & Leonardo.

Gorgeous, super hot girl! I know there are some who prefer all nude sets, but I love a sexy strip tease! Lily looks so hot getting out of her bra and panty!

Ah, Lily my lady! This is her 35th set here on met and I have downloaded each and every one! This is my dream girl. There are dozens of lovely ladies on Metart, all of which I would be thrilled to date and who fill my fantasies but there is only one lily. This is my original Ukrainian goddess and my heart still pounds each and every time I see a new set posted. Her face is enchanting and her eyes and that knowing smile could melt me like hot butter. That alone would be sufficient but it is only part of the story. Lily has the most fantastic body on the planet! she is so buff and supremely conditioned that I can hardly pull my eyes away from those exquisite calf's and magnificent thighs, that awesome but, flat tummy and those magnificent girl parts. She is the total package, compact and rock hard yet as perfectly feminine as any woman here. Want a girl that makes heels look fantastic call Lily. This woman knows her effect on men and just how to work it. Shots like 65 put almost any model in Lily's wake. That is the most perfect backside anywhere.

I love you Lily! Always!

Agree on all points. If you are a leg/butt man, Lily certainly has them, but that is not all. She really is the total package.

This is Lily and her sparkling best. I don't think I've ever seen her smile so much and she is obviously enjoying herself.

Hear Hear! I couldn't have said it better.

Excellent set of Lily pictures.

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