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WOW!! LOVE strokin' it to a good PP & asshole show! LOVE seeing a pretty girl coppin' a squat from the front but ESPECIALLY from the behind!! This sweetie is coppin' squats for half the set! LOVE looking at that pretty PP of hers in that position!

Lilly, you are the most attractive lady I have seen in years. I will need to go back and look at your body as I could only look at your beautiful face.


God is great and Lily has the best ass ever...

sadly magwich, the world popka Olympiad was cancelled after site difficulties caused the judges to demand their deposits back. Great set! I had already ranked Lily a 10, so not much work to do. :-)

It looks like I need to provide another pro-tip. When photographing a model as lovely as Lily C, the only thing she should have on is the radio.

I'm still recovering after falling over in my chair over Lily!!! Those views from behind are just killer. Lily has the most superb athletic figure and awesome legs. She is beyond my winner's circle and in the very elite ultra-faves.

I am absolutely giving this a 10+ infinity as Seadog would say.

OMG you're gonna rack up some trips to the ER if you're not careful in your MA perusal, kilroy! Taking a lesson from old time ship's captains that used to lash themselves to the steering wheel when entering a strong storm, perhaps you could tie yourself to the chair prior to opening MA from now on? ( ;

These are a bit small.... Let's go for 160M!!!!

Always nice to see Lily... and her gorgeous butt... and a face that could launch a thousand starships!

This sweet faced woman personifies feminine PERFECTION, there is no better ass on this site, what a spectacular body and adorable face!!!

Lily, you are so SEXY and FEMININE.

And, DAMN good at this job !

Friggin' benchmark erotic model.

You've got it all, girl.

An absolute benchmark of MA modeldom. An immortal...

I ❤ Lily's pad!

Absolutely adore the braided hair. While I do love the free-flowing look, sometimes hair gets in the way of being able to admire a model's finer features suchbas her neck or back. I would love to see more sets that follow this example of giving the model a nice style for her hair.

If Astrud has one of the hottest bodies on met, Lily has the other. A perfectly athletic look with amazing legs is the ideal body type for me. I am in heaven today, of that there is no doubt.


I agree about the braid, and other hairstyles that pull the hair back.
It always strikes me as ironic that, as little as a century ago, it was customary for women to go around with their hair worn up everyday, and only let it down for their husbands. Now the trend has almost completely reversed, making tied-back hair a treat where once it was the norm.

Agreed and add Tracy's fantastic tush for a perfectly matched trifecta. Pretty hard to beat any one of the three when it comes to perfectly formed perfectly conditioned femininity. No excess on any one of these three!

I have always liked Lily and have to say that this set is outstanding. Lily looks so beautiful. Great set L&L.

#16 - Okay, time to take these panties off...
#17 - What's that, you say want me to leave them on?
#18 - Then let's continue teasing.

#20: Still looking?

Nice job Leo!!! ♥Lily♥ is simply amazing from Head to Toes:-) Her stunning Body deserves to be kissed from Head to Toes (not Legs and Ass only...), Miau... But really all over:-) I hope that ♥Lily♥ comes back soon ♥


Our tasteful taggers have granted certain permissions for the activity you suggest.

Angelic from Head to Toes is Lily Goddess:-)

Lily just keeps getting better. I love this set and think the team Leo/lily was made in heaven! Lily has the most supremely conditioned body on Met or anywhere else! #48 is the quintessential Lily shot. I can't see how any man could look at that and not be rendered speechless. That IMO is the butt and legs that should be immortalized in marble as the best of the best! She is great all over especially that cute face but 48 is the shot in this set that blows me away and there are several shot following that showing that magnificent form!

Wonderful job! 10+++++

Lily look nice in a nice background with the hearts and the guardrails.Her body is of course terrific.

I am so tired, but her face made me look at the whole set.

Back to bed, until the boss calls. *yawn*

along with Katie Lily has the best bum in met art.Lily is magnificent top five.not keen on these long shoots.

When the woman is as sexy and feminine as Lily, no shoot is long enough in my mind.

Not keen of more shots of Lily in various positions???)) I agree that Lily has a lovely bottom.

Magical perfection. What amazing beauty!

Good, sweet lord, that is one prodigiously fine bottom. ( :
And the rest of her is every bit as prodigiously fine. I really like the braid and the makeup job. I'm not in love with the ceiling lights, but they are not enough of a distraction to complain about. I am simply quite delighted that Lily has shared her beauty with us yet again.

Great set of this toned athletic beauty....Lily has such a hot body!

Love the sexy panty shots and the sight of them unveiling those tight buttocks & descending those muscular legs was a real joy..

More of this awesome woman please & always in panties..(for a few frames anyway)

More than a few! Especially, if they are actual panties and not just thongs. Thongs are OK, but panties are SEXY.

Our Respected Pantifex has spoken.

I agree panties are sexy.

"Panties are nice, but thongs add spice"...;o)

I can see my old lady running around in panties!!! Bring on the thongs!!!

I'll be honest, Rock, when thongs first started being a thing back about a decade and a half ago, I was delighted... esp. when the girl who sat in front of me in my Poli Sci class habitually wore a high rise thong under low rise jeans. Made my semester considerably more interesting... ( ;
But... as far as erotica is considered... thongs have been way overdone to the point they no longer (in MOST cases... there are exceptions, see Eliav's wonderful latest set for one example) do a whole lot for me.
Rule of thumb, given a choice with any particular model, I would always choose panties over a thong, hands down. I guess it's that little air of mystery one of our members was talking about regarding clothing that covers just a little more, leaving it to the imagination... momentarily.
Also, panties just make butts look that much better. Thongs don't add anything at all visually, IMO.

Definitely more panty shots!

A triumphant set from Lily and Leonardo. Image 51 induces complete paralysis. Do we have a rear end hall of fame?

Agree that shot 51 is very nice but shot 53 gave me an instant hard-on! Stickin' that ass out & in the camera w/ that beautiful ponytail runnin' down her gorgeous bare back! And shots 82 & especially 83 had me emptying my nut sacks! What a fabulous ass & that pretty PP & asshole peeking out between those gorgeous ass cheeks! And she's looking right at us w/ that ponytail!! Who wouldn't LOVE to pull that ponytail doin' her just like that until finishing off all over that pretty sweaty smiling face and hair! This girl knows how to entertain! Very good little girl!

There is the PP (perfect pussy) club, maybe there should be a PA (perfect ass) club??

How 'bout PL for Perfect Legs club? They are attached to that PA.

How about the PP&A Club? Perfect PP & Asshole Club?

Hey. Y'all are hurtin' my feelings. Yer talkin like I didn't address foggy's query. See? Down there at the bottom? first? Norespectatall. I must be Mr Cellophane.

lol Join the club...;o)

Ask Magwich about "The Association," foggy. ( :

OORP has a broadly circular mandate compared to the more precisely focused Assosciation.

I like to call it the "PPAA" club --perfect pussy and ass...

Of course "PAAP" works as well ...

"PAAP"?!! No. Smear that.

Organization for the Recognition of Popka Perfection

I had a feeling that "popka" would be showing up again!! LOL

I think it means "People Of Planet Krytonite, Arise!"... ;o)

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