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Lily's sets are among those that I keep coming back to. Not because she is a Glamour Puss or F*** Bunny but because she is totally pleasing to look at. It's been a while since her last appearance, does that mean she has ended her stint at Met Art? Or have you got a surprise package in store for us.

Sand is very unpleasant on the lips and tongue not to mention it is gritty and really doesn't taste very good.

Sand in the crack is NOT a turn on!! Even THIS gorgeous crack!! YUMMY!! Hose 'er off!!!

A sandy pussy is not glamorous and a long way short of erotic. 3 sets in sea and sand?? This beauty belongs indoors in sexy lingerie.

I like this new comment section because in the past i have not wanted to leave low ratings for beautiful models who through no falult of their own were photographed badly. Lily is a beauty but i feel the photos do not do her justice. Lily 10 Koenart 5 on this set.

You were way too generous with Koenart. I have always trusted his work in the past. I can't explain why, but I browsed these sets first, and I'm glad I did. Sand and sea do not a Glamor model make!! I'll wait until Lily is posed sensually indoors.


Again I will say: Bring this beautiful lady and her beautiful breasts and nipples indoors. Preferably into a bedroom, on the bed, and start out with sexy lingerie. Oh, and open up that labia please.

Let's try with more picturesque settings...!

I'm a paying customer just like you and so I'm not stating what I like for your benefit. I'm stating it for my benefit and hoping others even if maybe a few share it so that the site features more girls with armpit stubble. If that's a problem with you then go complain to the owners and they can decide which of us get blocked from the site. As to what my secret is it's none of your fucking business. That's why it's my secret. I could assume that "rockhard" comes from your viagra but then again thats your business.
Thank you
Now for the benefit of other like minded people with open minds, I'll state this. The reason that I'm a member of this site is because the women are shown as they are, not airbrushed, or somehow distorted to fit the stereotypical ideals of the mass media which is big fake boobs like so many celebrities(Kendra from the so called Girl Next Door), smooth completely hairless body such as on the armpits, lips, ass, ect, ect, ect.. I'm a member here because these are all gorgeous women who are photographed like they just came out of the shower which is as it should be, not under a ton of make up, airbrushing, waxing, and lasering. Armpit stubble, or light armpit hair wakes me up to the fact that I'm looking at woman in her prime., and not a manequin, or a two dimensional picture. There are certain things in nature that turn us on, and maybe some things like armpit stubble for me comes from some collective unconscious, but it's all a play on the mind to make us want to reproduce as a species. If a lot of of us on here are married think about why we're not just satisfied with looking at and doing it with our wives.

Blah blah blah... "It's the pussy, not the pits!" You like these girls cuz they look like they just came out of the shower, but with armpit hair intact?? And you don't expect comments such as mine? Best you look and not comment...for the sake of your dignity.

Koenart,You´ve really done it now! Difficult to choose the worst set between the last two.This last one really...

Obstructed views with the tall grass in the way. It distracts the focus away from her natural beauty. :-(

The sand is dirty and obstructs the views also.

Pale skin against pale sand,not good.Black hair takes over the shots

You're the first to mention it, and you're right. Her body melds with the sand making her hair the only point of focus. Same goes for the previous sets.

Such a sweet face! Such exciting curly pussy lips! Smoking hot. Thanks, angel.

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