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I want to fuck this babe so hard from behind. She's so hot showing off her hot ASS.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

6: it's easy to smile on an outdoorsy day :-)
7: love this kind of side shot.
9: modest maiden. 10: lovely. 11: ditto. 12 too.
16: nice portrait. 17: nice in the shade.
24: good balance! 25: classic.
I bet she liked these pics!
32: another terrific shot.
38: responding well to Rylsky's adoring camera :-)
39: does she ever go with this setting!
41: super-duper. 85mm?
You make her the picture of grace.
45: the obligatory "she needs a bush" comment :-) Very nice use of light, though.
A Garden of Eden-like setting.
54 -- thrilling. 66: translucent brown eyes. 67 -- whip out the 35?
A distinctive-looking girl with a great profile.
72 -- a 10.
87: about as pretty as you're gonna get at this angle...
93: interesting! 98: the wheat goddess.
100: want her healthy bush to go with this wavy field of grain...
102: higher ISO but nice color.
105: very striking. 108 -- great wide.
113: welcome to the breadbasket :-)

Lina D is a beautiful woman who really takes her looks seriously. Not an ounce of fat and such well sculpted features. Wow!

Thank you Lina for allowing the world to see your beauty in the nude. You are in fantastic shape and it shows.

This little lady is amazingly perfect! So shy and girl next door looking but willing to share every inch of that perfect body. I am in awe of her physical perfection. Every inch of that lovely skin is perfect and blemish free! no scares, no moles, no beauty marks. Just rich creamy smooth perfection. As for the body it covers,,,, Equally perfect by my measure. Just enough of everything and nothing in excess. Perfectly in balance from head to toe. and perfectly lovely and almost virginal. The word goddess keeps pushing it's way into my thoughts and with her gentle demeanor and exquisite form it would be a perfect fit. Looking at her is like looking at a classic piece of art though no artist could create such beauty.

Kudos to Rylski for finding this lovely flower and presenting her to us in such a perfect setting.

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